Welcome to my first legacy for the Sims 3! I have been reading the many legacies that are floating around the internet for a while, and finally decided to start my own! Being an avid Sims fan since TS2, I am excited to see how my first legacy will pan out, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I love reading them!

 Current Generation: 4                                                                                                  Current Heir: Electra Belgravia

The story starts with Lily Belgravia, who left the trailers of Twinbrook as soon as she was old enough and changed her name from plain old Lily Bell to Lily Belgravia in order to exude old Bridgeport glamour. Will her dreams come true or will she fall flat on her face? Click HERE to start the legacy from the beginning and find out!

The second generation is led by Arielle Belgravia. After the many dramas that racked her parents life she was left with no discernible role model. Being brought up by the maid took it’s toll on Lily and Chace’s daughter, who grew up to have an extremely inflated sense of self importance. Will she be able to overcome the personality she has grown up with, or will she remain a conceited, self-centred bitch for the rest of her life? Click HERE to start reading from Generation 2.

Olive Belgravia leads the third Generation of the Belgravia’s. Not knowing her place in the world took its toll on Olive, while her siblings flourished in their chosen career paths and their love lives, Olive was left behind, with only her fashion magazines to entertain her. The only thing she could control was her eating, which quickly developed into bulimia. Running away to Miami and entering into the world of drink, drugs, and boys, Olive is quickly getting caught up in the darker side of life. Will she be able to work her way out of it? Click HERE to find out.

The fourth generation of the Belgravia’s is led by Electra. Growing up under the snobbery of her mother, who never had time for her wayward daughter, Electra yearned to break out on her own into a career in music. With a boyfriend, her brother (and best friend) Sebastian, and her guitar at her side she has everything she needs. Or does she? Will Electra be able to forge a successful career in music while her mother does everything in her power to stand in her way? Click HERE to find out.

38 responses to “Welcome

  1. Wow! I just started reading your legacy, and it’s amazing! Great job! 😀 I can’t wait for upcoming chapters!
    And, hehe, I hope you don’t mind me commenting here….

    • Of course I don’t mind, I love getting comments! I’m so glad you like my legacy, the people who take the time to comment make writing worthwhile!
      Should have another update sometime this weekend or next week x

  2. Hi, I’m new to your legacy and I have to say that it’s very good!
    Your storylines are amazing and you have pretty sims!
    I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to add you to my blogroll!
    Check out my blog, too! http://halliwellfamilylegacy.wordpress.com

    Thanks! 😀

  3. Both of your sims are gorgeous!! I love Arielle in her uniform, a glimpse into boarding school?? 😉

  4. wow amazing legacy i check for updates per day, please could you read mine and tell me what you think? 🙂

  5. I have an question about their home! Did you decorated it yourself or it can be in Bridgeport town? Thanks! 🙂

    Lily is pretty, and Arielle too! They’re very beautiful!


  6. hi! i lovee your legacy, and it’s one of the legacies that inspired me to start my own! i’ve linked yours to mine, and would LOVE for you to do the same!

  7. I love, love, love the Belgravias (they have this high-art, adorable, soap opera drama that is so good) and I’ve just started a Sims 3 story of my own.

    I was wondering if you’d check us out? I’m gonna link to the Belgravias on mine.

    rathnaitaniketos @ blogspot . com

  8. Yay, you linked me! Thanks.

    I voted for Olive, BTW. I can’t wait to see another generation of bad-apple Belgravias!

    • I didn’t know what to call your legacy, I hope Nait/The Aniketos Legacy is okay. Also I’m glad you voted for Olive, I love writing less than perfect characters and I’m glad Olive won, although it was close between her and Tommy!

      • It’s technically a story, but I plan on doing a handful of generations.

        Mm, me too. Nait has some interesting demons, and I already have a plot device planned for her and, well, let’s just call /him/ Rowan. Hehehe.

  9. I e-mailed you Scott!! 😀 Enjoy 😉

  10. Just a friendly reminder that Chapter Six of Nait is up today. xD And, and, and, I think Rowan’s hotter too. xD

  11. A wild Nait appears!

    xD I felt like a Pokemon thing today. Don’t give me that look. >.<

    Anyways, new chapter of Nait. Au revoir!

    • Also, Rowan, Nait and co. are up on the Exchange!

    • I love pokemon 😛
      And Nait!

      • GOTTA CATCH ‘EM — all.

        -is sick, only has energy for three words-

      • And chapter nine.

        Do you have Pets yet? Did it fry your game? It took me all of yesterday to salvage mine.

        Also, are you planning all-female heirs for the Belgravias? If so, marry one to Rowan. PLEASE. XD Haha.

      • My game’s fried but not from pets! I haven’t got around to buying it yet, and I’m not going too until I can work out how to fix my damn game!

        I’m not planning on all female heirs but it seems to be going that way so far aha. Might get Rowan in the story so that can happen 😉

        Also I’m so behind on the blogs, I have to have a huge catch up later!

      • Try cutting out some mods, I eliminated everything but my CC eyes (and I’m going to re-get MasterController) and it fixed my game.

        Marry someone to Rowan! Please please please! xD Haha. /creeper

  12. Hey Marissa! I just wanted to let you know I have a chapter up, just in case you missed it 🙂 I’m about to start writing another one, and I don’t want you to miss it ^_^ ❤

    Oh and I know you have one too 😀 I'm going to read it later on today<3

  13. Aaaaand chapter eleven, after a very embarrassing two-week pause.

  14. I discovered your legacy a few days ago and finally finished catching up. Quite the roller coaster, I must say. Hehe.

    I really love the houses. They are like a character all unto themselves. I have house-envy. 🙂 I wish I had the ability to pull it off like you do.

    AMAZING job! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  15. I love your Legacy thingy called The Belgravia Legacy! I have been following it from the very beginning and I have recently been inspired to start my own legacy! On my page I have added you to my blog roll and i was wondering if you could return the favour??? XD Thanks!

  16. Hey there!
    I need to ask you a favor. I am starting my first legacy and I need opinions, if it’s any good and so on, and I would thank you so much if you’d take a look when you have the time: http://blackdraughtlegacy.wordpress.com/
    If you like it enough, maybe you will add my link on your blog and I’ll add yours?
    Let me know.
    Your fellow Simmer.

  17. Hey there- I just wanted to comment to tell you that I have a new chapter. I don’t mean to bother you, I just thought that I’d let you know since it’s been sooo long and I saw that you had commented on my last one ❤ I hope that you have an amazing summer 🙂 Love,

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