Olive’s Sunset Valley House: Part 1

With all of her children and grandchildren now residing in Sunset Valley, Olive decided to build herself a home for when she was in town, so she didn’t have to stay at what she deigned ‘any of those low rent establishments’. Five hundred builders, seven architects, multiple contractor firms, an army of plumbers, electricians, and high tech security firms, as well as sixteen interior designers were thrown onto the empty lot at 15 Summer Hill Court to erect Olive’s mammoth summer home.

The first part has detailed most of the downstairs rooms, although there are still a few more to be photographed. Bedrooms and the upstairs in part 2!

3 responses to “Olive’s Sunset Valley House: Part 1

  1. Lilith Kawanami

    Your computer must go a heck of a lot faster than mine…
    If I had anything even close to that awesome in my neighborhood, my whole game would crash…
    I tip my imaginary hat to you!

  2. This is gorgeous ❤ I feel really jealous of your simmies 😉

  3. Ooh lovely! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house in part 2! Will a new post be up soon? I hope so! 🙂 x

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