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Generation 3 – Chapter 5

Admiring my body in the dressing room mirror I wailed that it would soon be bloated out with another child growing inside of me. Since the night me and Max had sex I had felt a little better about myself, he actually wanted to be with me, he liked the way I looked. He didn’t want to rape me and defile my body, he wanted to be with me. I was throwing up less and less lately, preparing myself for another pregnancy, I was also happier with my weight, I couldn’t really get much skinnier.

“Olivia?! What on earth are you doing in there?” I heard the shrill, clipped tones of Elizabeth from outside the dressing room and groaned. She was so infuriating, insisting on coming with me on my first major shopping trip, probably to make sure I didn’t buy anything too brash which would taint the ultra-conservative Elphinstone name. Tucking the $400 Calvin Klien t-shirt into the white Halston skirt and finishing it off with a $2500 Chanel jacket I went outside to see what she thought.

“Perfect darling. It seems I’ve still, as so many people say, ‘got it’.” She pursed her lips in a grotesque smile, clearly pleased with her modern terminology.

“It’s very conservative Elizabeth, isn’t it a little old for me?” I asked, tugging on the jacket and smoothing down the skirt.

“No, no, no. Now I know you’re young but you must understand this is the perfect outfit for a woman of the class which you now are. You cannot be seen in hot pants and an electric blue vest top, or something of that sort. Quelle horror!” I stared at her for a long while, trying to figure out if she was genuinely being kind or if she was just making sure I didn’t embarrass the family, probably the latter.

I felt older than my years through many of the outfits I chose over the next 3 hours. I flew through the stores buying everything from tights to sunglasses, from jackets to shoes, with a trip to Bulgari to finish it off, picking out several exquisite diamond pieces. The joy of credit cards eh? Elizabeth had looked disapproving as I bought so much, but surely she knew the price of looking good, she may not look like it now, but one day she must have spent money on decent clothes, and judging by the rocks on her ears she certainly still knew how to spend.

Max and I had fallen into an uneasy routine, still finding our feet, not 100% sure of the way the other worked yet, which was fine by me. We lived our lives pretty much separately. I spent the day at the spa, in the limousine taking in the sights, or out shopping. Max spent the morning in the home office, the afternoon in the work office (Elphinstone Diamond spanned much farther than I originally thought) and the two of us would meet up for dinner or a party in the evenings.

“You okay?” I asked as I padded into the bathroom one day, as we both got ready to go to a party at the cliffside mansion of one of his close friends.

Are you okay.” He said. What? Seeing the confused expression on my face he elaborated, “It’s are you okay. Not ‘you okay’. I don’t mean to criticize….” He continued rambling but I’d stopped listening to him, hurrying over to the small radio I cranked the dial up. ’23 year old Riley Sampson was found dead in suspicious circumstances yesterday at his uncles home in Miami, the family are asking to be left alone during this sad time.”

“Max! That’s him, he’s the one!” I shouted across the room.

“I know. If you ask me he deserves it. Good riddance.” He continued brushing his teeth as if nothing had happened. Riley was dead! What had happened to him, could it have been…? No!

“Max? Did you… did you do this?” I asked slowly, wrapping my arms around myself.

“Olivia! Don’t be stupid, I would never do such a thing and for you to even think that is… well frankly it is both ridiculous and offensive!” He glared at me, willing me to argue back.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” I said, extending a hand of apology.

“Come. We shouldn’t keep the driver waiting.” He hurried me along out into the passageway and into the waiting car. I vowed then and there to stop thinking of Riley. It was over now.

*    *    *

The year of my pregnancy was a whirlwind introduction to the European social scene. Max and I jetted from Saint-Sébastien to Paris, from Rome to Berlin, London to Vienna, Amsterdam to Prague. The private jet that I managed to persuade Max to buy was a godsend, I couldn’t have bared all those trips mixing with the commoners in first class, they let in anyone these days. Max’s friends were an eclectic bunch of socialites, celebrities, businessmen, artists and club hoppers, and they fascinated me. I loved being part of their scene, being photographed for major European magazines and being on the front page of the tabloids, having artists asking to photograph me for galleries or paint me for an upcoming show. For 6 months I was introduced to everyone that mattered. I kept off the drink for the sake of the child, as well as trying to stop my bulimia. I slipped up once, after a roast dinner at a traditional pub in London where we were dining with a new business associate, but otherwise I was doing well. The pregnancy slowed me down a little, in the last few months I went back to the house in Saint-Sébastien alone, Max had flown back home for business, but France had basically became our permanent residence. I couldn’t go back home, not yet. (N.B – There are no pictures of the pregnancy apart from this one due to my games strange choice of attire for her during pregnancy – naked from the waist down and a vest top with bright red heels.)

Another difficult birth produced Sebastian Belgravia, (who definitely inherited the family cheekbones – have you ever seen a child with such a defined face?!) named after his birthplace. The heir to the Elpinstone fortune, and a sure means of me getting as much money as I want if we ever divorce.

*   *   *

“Marie, keep up.” I barked at the au pair carrying Sebastian as I entered the house. “I definitely need a spa break, flying so much is taking it’s toll on me.” I remarked to her as we walked into main living area.

“Just set Sebastian down here if you will, and then go and check on Electra. I told Renee to have her in her crib by the time we got here, but you know what part time nannies are like, they don’t care about the children as long as they get their pay check. I trust you much more.” Marie now worked for me full time, with her own quarters in the house, and I couldn’t have done without her. Quite a cushy job I would say, jet setting around Europe with me. I sometimes even took her out to restraunts and such if I wanted people to meet the children. As she put him down I noticed how he grabbed for her, as if begging her not to leave. He’d never done that to me.

“Come to Mommy!” I scooped him into my arms and swung him round the room, at first he screamed in fright, Marie wasn’t allowed to do such things in case she dropped the children, so he wasn’t used to it, but he soon the screams became screams of joy. I loved both of my children, but I had to keep up a particular schedule now that I was a fixture on the European social scene, and I didn’t have as much time with them as I would have liked.

“Do you want to do some reading? We haven’t done that for a while.” I said as I set him down on the rug and pulled a childrens book from the shelf before joining him.

“Wead. Mama wead!” He shouted, slamming his little hands on the floor.

“Okay, okay, I’ll read and you can tell me about the pictures, okay? Come here, sit closer to me.” I smiled down at my little son, reaching my arm across his shoulders so he could see the book.

“..and the whale swam faster and faster, looking for his friend.” I watched him smile as I read him the story, which was about whales looking for friendship, as well as doubling up as a maths book, helping with counting. “How many whales can you see on this page Sebastian?” He looked at the page, clearly confused.


“How many whales?” I asked, pointing to one of the pictures.

“No! Next!” He yelled, trying to turn the page and giggling.

“Mrs. Elphinstone?” I heard from behind me as I giggled along with Sebastian.

“Yes?” I asked, turning around to face the two women who were framed in the doorway, cameras and notepads at the ready.

“We’re here for the photoshoot. So nice to see you here with your son, such a candid moment.” She smiled down at us, she would probably write about how she found me reading with my son, still making time for my children even with such a busy schedule, which would increase public opinion of me. The photographer behind her snapped a few pictures before I stood up, might as well put a face to the story.

“It’s so kind of you to travel all the way to the house for me.” I said graciously as I stood up and a team of makeup artists and hairstylists made me camera ready. A quick fluff piece followed, questions about my fashion, children, and my charity. I evaded all questions about my childhood and the family wealth, which Elizabeth had told me I was to under no means discuss.

“Thank you for the interview. Can you just turn your head, we want to get a few shots of you. We’re putting you on the cover you’ll be pleased to know. Oh that’s perfect!” She clapped her hands in delight as I turned my head and stared at the camera, showing off my profile.

“Well that’s a wrap. Thanks for your time. Magazine should be out next month.” She slipped me a card as she left, telling me how much she hoped for another interview someday. I probably wouldn’t give another one, there were many more magazines to be conquered. As the day began to wind down, the sun not yet casting its orange glow across the world I settled down to enjoy a book I had just recently purchased when Max came barging into the house.

“Olivia!” He exclaimed, clearly surprised to see me. “What are you doing here, I thought you were in Geneva until Tuesday?”

“I had a photoshoot.” I mumbled, barely looking up from the book. He didn’t approve of all the publicity I was doing, he preferred to keep a low profile, only being known to the elite of Europe, not the commoners who devoured the magazines his friends owned. I knew he was glaring at me, he did every time I did publicity.

“Olivia.” His voice was so commanding I put the book down. “You know I don’t approve of all your publicity, and neither does mother.” I didn’t give a rats ass what his mother thought of me, I had secured my place in the family by having Sebastian, there was nothing she could do now. “And frankly you’re spending too much money. The bank showed me a bill for three hundred thousand euros a few weeks back. How did you spend all that in one weekend?”

“Oh Max just leave it, it’s only money.” Why he was so angry I didn’t know, it was only three hundred thousand.

“I know how you can make it up to me.” He whispered as he came over to the sofa and attempted to put his arm around me.

“Max!” I shouted, shrugging his arm off of my shoulders.

“Why Olivia?! We are man and wife, and sex is part of it!”

“You know why!” I shouted, giving him my sad eyes. I would have been quite happy to go to bed with him in reality, but that wasn’t part of the plan. “Just stop.”

“Okay, okay.” He replied, throwing his arm up in defeat.

“Can’t you understand that I can’t do it?”

“Olivia, we haven’t had sex since the night we conceived Sebastian. You have to break down those walls of defense again. Or,” He added, raising his voice, “I’ll find it somewhere else.”

I knew he had meant to hurt me with those words, but what he didn’t know is the exact thing that I wanted was for him to find someone else.

*   *   *

“Olive Belgravia?” The raspy voice asked as I picked up my cell a few weeks later.

“This is she.”

“I have some information, will you come in?” The voice was impassive, showing no emotion, giving nothing away. Ten minutes later I raced from the house in my car, speeding much to fast to the shabby offices downtown. Entering his office gave me the feeling of being in an old movie, the smell of smoke was overpowering, the dark blinds filtered out the light, making the never ending dust which floated around glint in the strips of sunlight that managed to get inside the room. Books and folders were crammed on every available surface, and a side table groaned with half empty bottles of various spirits.

The investigator stood up and moved to the window, strips of sunlight falling on his lackluster skin as he lit up his forty fifth cigarette of the day. “Take a look at that.” He took a drag on his cigarette and nodded to a pile of tightly bound dossiers.

“It seems your suspicions were right.” He said blankly, taking another drag. “You might wanna have a listen to the tape too. More evidence.” He looked out of the window again, turning his back on me. As I opened the dossier a sly smile spread across my face. These files contained everything I needed to finally be free, to finally be independent. And I intended to use them for just that purpose.

Generation 2 – Chapter 12

Olive –

“Come on Kitty, get yourself on one of these machines!” I said as I punched the ‘high terrain’ button on the alarmingly modern treadmill.

“I’m really more of an indoors kind of girl.” She said, not looking up from her newspaper.

“We are indoors doofus! This is so exhilarating, I feel so awake right now!”

“Uh huh, well you have exercise and I have coffee.”

“Come on Kit, it will be good for you!” Tommy managed to get out between his loud grunts as he trained his legs on the weight machine.

“Are you saying I’m fat?! Oh my God have you guys ever heard of Tom Wilde? He just died after being struck by lightning 34 times! 34 times!” She lowered her newspaper for a second to stare at us in shock.

“Never heard of him. Poor guy.” I panted out as I increased the terrain once more.

“You see these are the issues the government should be focusing on, that’s why people don’t trust them.” She lowered her newspaper as she took a sip of coffee.

“No Kitty, I don’t think you’re fat. And what about that guy? It’s the governments fault that he was struck by lightning?” Tommy questioned.

“No it’s the governments fault for not having adequate weather control in place. The forecast that day said sunny!” She replied testily.

“Kitty why do you care about this stuff, do it when you’re old, now now.” He shot back at her, clearly bored by her politics.

“Shut up Tommy, I can be interested in this all I want. Ha! The Betatown Bronco’s beat the Llamas 6 to 5 last night, I’m sure that will make you happy.” She said sarcastically, she knew the Llamas were Tommy’s favourite team, he wanted to play for them someday.

“Come on. You two better go shower, we have to be at school in an hour. I’ll drive?” Kitty asked, finally folding away the paper and finishing her coffee in one huge gulp.

“Sure.” I hopped off the treadmill, wiping away the sweat from my brow. I was glad to get to school, this weekend had been hell, nursing a hangover all day at school on Friday from the party we threw had not put me in the best mood to be grounded for the entire weekend. No phone, no PC, no TV, no nothing! Luckily we weren’t banned from the new gym mom had built, so the three of us had spent most of our days in here, Tommy and I working out while Kitty relaxed on the chair talking to us. Forty five minutes later the three of us were walking out of the house for the first time all weekend.

Kitty –

“…and that is why I, Kitty Belgravia, hope to be elected your class president. Thank you.” My large group of friends who were all clustered together screamed, standing up and cheering, the die hard political students clapped vigorously after my speech, the guys who found me hot wolf whistled, and everyone else clapped half heartedly. Jeez, versatile crowd. I smiled down at them from the podium for a few minutes before the clapping died down, I was desperately hoping to win this election, and if my smile could help then I was sure as hell going to use it.

“You were great!” Rosy told me as she embraced me in a friendly hug. She was my biggest supporter, I was so glad she was here for me!

“You don’t think the eco-policy was too long?” I asked her nervously.

“No, no. It was fine, people like the environment, it’s a sure vote clincher.” I sure hoped so, I really wanted to win, I felt like I could make a lot of positive changes to the school.

“Okay I’ll see you later.” I gave her another hug before I walked out to the parking lot and hopped into my Mini Cooper, a present from mom and dad for my birthday. I thought they might not have given it to me, my birthday was only 2 weeks after the disastrous party, but thankfully they seemed to let go of it after that weekend.

Pulling up outside the Little Corsican Bistro I fumbled in the back seat trying to get out of the suit I had worn for my speech and into my normal clothes, I didn’t have time to go home and change before my date with Jake. Yes, Jake! He asked me out again after the major flirting we did at the party, and I couldn’t walk in there in a suit, he’d think I was a weirdo! I could see him already sat there as I walked towards the restaurant (after a long struggle) jeez he was so handsome!

“Hey Kitty!” He waved over to me, I smiled back as if I hadn’t been searching the tables for him. Play it cool Kitty.

“Hi! Sorry I’m so late I just gave my speech for President at my school.”

“Oh yeah, you go to West Marino right?” He went to Tommy’s school, but his quality of education definitely didn’t make a difference to how smart he was, he was apparently one of the top students in the class.

“Yeah, but don’t worry I’m not as snobby as most of the people there!” I didn’t actually know if I was snobby, I mean I didn’t look down on him because he went to that school, but I did love designer clothes and expensive products and heels… whatever.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were. You seemed really cool at the party, Tommy always told me you were like, the geek of the family.” Did he now?

“Well I guess I’ll have to just smack him down or… something.” I replied awkwardly, watching the date go downhill before my very eyes. Why was I so nervous?! Pull it together Kitty!

“Would you two like to order?” The pretty waitress asked, handing us both menus. From there the date got a lot better, we basically just got to know each other, talking about everything from our families to our favourite TV shows to our politics. This was going so well, he was really easy to talk to, and after the slightly awkward start (on my part) we hit it off big time, I always thought I’d have to act a certain way on a date, but I was just myself and he seemed to love it, I was so happy!

Tommy –

The three of us were crowded at one end of the dining room table, all working on our homework. Kitty was breezing through it, Olive was struggling a little with some equations, and I was simply baffled. I didn’t understand a word of this, and I didn’t even want to think about the English essay that was due in three days time.

“Kitty, have you done that English essay?” I asked, due more to stop working than actually being interested.

“Um, for Carlton? Yeah.”

“How?!” I was shocked, I’d expected her to say no, but what could I have really expected if I thought about it. She was taking all the same subjects as me as well as more of her own, and even though she was technically younger she’d been bumped up the school system quite a few times, so we had some overlapping classes. Obviously she was still in the right gym class, probably because she never did anything in it, it was always ‘that time of the month’ when it came to gym. “Please tell me how you could possibly have finished that essay. You have your study group every morning, then the actual school work, then you go to that newspaper club, then you go to that job you got at the grocery store, then you come home and do your regular homework. You’re telling me you did an English essay on top of all that?!” I was practically screaming at her. “Sorry Kit. I didn’t mean to shout, I just – I can’t do it!”

“It’s a lot of work, everything I do.” She replied, playing with her pencil nervously, I had clearly upset her a little by shouting. “Tommy, I’ll do the essay for you. Here.” She reached over, snatching my pad away before I had a chance to object and instantly began scribbling down notes, I felt bad letting her do it again but… I had to keep my grades up, or I’d be kicked off the team! I thought making it onto the team was the hard part, turns out staying on it was even harder.

Oliver –

Tommy, Kitty, and Olive were so uncool, it was like they were their own little group and I couldn’t be in it because I was too young! So unfair! I wanted Cora to grow faster so I could play with her properly, but for now I’d play little games with her and help her out with the blocks, stuff like that.

I didn’t have any games to play around the house, everything had already been done by the older kids. The playground that had been built when Tommy and Kitty were young was so boring, everything had been used so it didn’t feel as special, there were little princess stickers Kitty had stuck to the rides, and Tommy and Austin’s names carved on the inside of the treehouse. I wanted something of my own!

It was kind of like no one really noticed me, they knew I was there but they just weren’t interested in me, even mom. I had no idea what was going on with her, I had walked in on her crying a few weeks ago. She told me it was just the onions she was cutting but I wasn’t stupid, I knew she was sad! All I wanted to do was help her but she wouldn’t talk to me. I wasn’t as big as the others so my voice wasn’t heard as much, dinner was just Tommy going on and on about sports, Kitty talking about these weird people that I’d seen on the news and stuff, and Olive on her BlackBerry.

I was so glad for painting. There was an easel in the sun room, and the day I discovered it was the best day of my life. Hours went by in seconds while I painted these amazing things from my mind, I could make my ideas come to life, then mom would come and tell me how great it was. But however great she said it was I knew it could be better. And I would be the best in the world some day.

Olive –

“Uhh I know, it’s going to be amazing!!” I screamed down the phone. Me and Marie were planning the best party of the year. I had to do one like Kitty and Tommy did, and this time not get wasted and end up passed out in the front hallway.

“Marie I gotta go Kitty just walked in. Yeah, I will. Okay, bye!” Marie wanted me to invite Kitty and Tommy, which I had no problem with, the three of us fought but we were best friends underneath it all, especially seen as I had grown up a little now, not just in chronological age – I felt more mature from hanging out with them so much.

“Who was that?” Kitty asked as she ripped open a letter.

“Marie. What’s that? A love letter from your boyfriend!?” I teased.

“No!” she laughed, “It’s just from the bank, about my article payments.” I wish it was a love letter for me. At least she had a boyfriend, and after 3 dates! I hadn’t even been on one date!

“Oh yeah, my big shot sister published in a magazine!” I was genuinely happy for her, she’d worked long and hard to finally get something published. I suspected that under her tough exterior she was quite insecure, and this was a way of cementing all her hard work as worth it.

“What are we doing today?” She asked, shoving the letter into her pocket.

“We?” I didn’t really have any idea. “Shall we do online shopping and cakes? Not too many though, I’m on a diet.” She laughed at my weight crack and agreed. “Laptops in the kitchen in 5!” We both scrambled off upstairs to grab our stuff and moms credit card, I hoped we could find a really great sale, we both loved shopping, and we loved bargains even more.

“Shall I buy this bag?” She asked, I kind of liked it when she asked for my opinion, we were a few years apart, and it was nice having a big sister, but sometimes I liked being the one who she came to for help, even if it was with a bag.

“It’s Marc Jacobs and it’s on sale,” I observed as I peered at the gorgeous bag on the screen. “of course you should buy it!”

“I dunno… I’ll add it to the basket for later.” We had found an amazing sale, good job we picked today to do our online shopping and cake ritual, although we didn’t actually have the latter part of the ritual, neither of us knew where mom (the master of cake) was, she was always oddly absent lately.

“Oh no! It’s gone!”

“Oh yeah, that happens sometimes. You’ve just gotta go for it and click buy. Bad luck Kit.” The next four hours were dedicated to shopping, after all, I needed options for my party.

Tommy –

I was back in that place, that safe place that I loved. The dream world. Everything was so quiet. I hadn’t gotten to bed until 6am last night, desperately trying to finish a social studies assignment. I’d finished, but now I was so tired I think I’d already slept through most of Saturday.

Then there was a voice, no! Leave me alone, I had to get my rest for when Austin came over to practice football with me.

“TOMMY! Wake up man!” Someone was shaking me? Austin?!

“What time is it?” I mumbled through sleep filled eyes.

“Dude, it’s 6 in the afternoon, you’ve been asleep all day! Get up, we gotta practice.”

“Hey man… I gotta take a shower.” I laughed half heartedly, I was too tired to function, an ice cold shower would wake me right up.

“Sure, sure, I’ll just hang here.” He plonked himself down on the sofa, grabbing the remote and flicking aimlessly through the channels. The shower was so invigorating, it woke me right up, after a few minutes under the icy jets I turned it to warm, the cold woke me up but really, the warm was so much more relaxing. I couldn’t see my towel anywhere… my bathroom was nothing like Kitty’s, it hardly had anything in it. It was a bathroom, not a bloody cosmetics shop like Kitty’s.

“Hey dude can you just pull the curtain across I need to grab a tiss- Woahhhh!” Austin’s face dropped in shock as he saw me stood naked before him, reaching down to grab an old towel.

“Um – I, um, I’m sorry I didn’t know you were out. I’ll – um…” What the hell was wrong with him?

“Dude what’s up?” It couldn’t be the fact I was naked, he must have seen tonnes of naked guys in the locker room before and after games, the guys were pretty much naked all the time. I don’t think I’d ever been naked in front of him before but that couldn’t be it. I guess he just felt a bit awkward seen as it was in my house or something.

“I’m gonna let you get dressed…” He said slowly, still staring at me in shock.

“Well my clothes are in my room so d’ya wanna move from the doorway? Come on.”

“Actually I’ll stay here till you’re ready.”

“Why?” I asked, puzzled.

“Well because um, well I need to – use the …sink.” He was acting totally weird, I hope he hadn’t started taking those performance pills that some of the guys had been known to take before the game, if he got caught he’d be in serious trouble.

“Okay, whatever.” I left the room, leaving him to use the sink. Whatever that meant.

“Come on you wimp, you can throw better than that!” Austin teased me as he easily caught the ball I threw at him.

“You want a hard throw, you got it!” I put as much force into it as possible, making myself look like kind of an idiot at the same time, but hey at least he almost dropped it.

“Try and catch… this!” He threw it as hard as he could, good job I had been practising or I might have dropped it, damn he was good!

We  kept playing for about an hour, by the end I was exhausted, and so was he. We threw the ball onto the grassy verge and I was about to suggest a quick break before we started again, but he spoke first.

“Let’s do something fun. We haven’t done anything in ages!” Something fun?

“Like what?” I asked, it had definitely been a while since we had done anything.

“I dunno. Got any beers?”

“Um, I think my dad might have a few in the fridge. Where would we go with them, we can’t just sit here where they can see us.” That would be the worst thing to happen, especially after Olive’s little incident.

“I’m thinking right there.” He gestured towards the two statues flanking the entrance to the overgrown hedge maze.

“Dude, it’s like a real maze, I mean you can’t climb out or anything, and it’s really hard!”

“Fine, fine… wimp.” He muttered under his breath. I knew he was joking, he was smiling as he said it, and he would never actually call me a wimp. But I still fell for it.

“Okay, okay fine. You’re on. I’ll go get the beers.” We both got a 6pack each, there were quite a few in the fridge. Mom was sure to notice they were missing but I didn’t care, I wanted to have some fun and forget about sports and school and all of that crap. The maze was exactly how I described it – a nightmare. We trudged through, both drinking 3 beers each on the way and getting a little drunk, especially as I had no food in my stomach. It must have taken us about an hour to reach the floodlit centre of the maze, and by that time we were both a little tipsy, nothing bad, but a few more and we would definitely be drunk.

A Few Beers Later…

“I know! No I love the sports, but I just want a break!” I ranted, the alcohol slurring my speech a little.

“Sooo… did anything happen with you and Mindy after I left the party?” Austin asked.

“Mindy? Austin I already told you…I’m not into her!” I had a feeling we had already had this conversation, but I couldn’t really remember. I had only been drunk about three times in my life, yeah, I’m a lightweight. “Why you asking?”

“Oh… just wondering!”

“Come on Austin, do you like her, is that it?” I teased, jabbing him in the ribs. “It’s okay to like her, I don’t even like her!” Who was the last person Austin went out with… hmm.

“Nah, nothing like that. She’s not the one that I like.”

“So there’s a one!” He was looking more and more uncomfortable, any other time and I would have just dropped it, but I was pretty drunk so I didn’t realise the level of discomfort I was causing him, and like an idiot I kept pestering him. “Is it Kirsty Allaham? She’s cute…”

“Nooo, she’s not my type. At all.”

“What’s your type then??” I smiled at him, willing him to continue. I didn’t even know why I cared, the alcohol had made me feel like Austin’s love life was the most important thing in the world.

“Come on Tommy, you must have guessed.” He let out a drunken hiccup as he stared at me, um – what was he getting at?

That was the moment I realised he liked me. It all added up, jeez I was so dumb, I hadn’t understood it before. That must have been what he wanted to talk to me about at the party, and why he was so awkward when he saw me naked. What was I meant to do now? We sat there in silence, it wasn’t really awkward, I knew he was just giving me time to digest that my best friend was gay, and he liked me! This was weird…

“Tommy I’m sorry I never told you.” The words were still a little slurred, but it seemed like this news had sobered us up slightly.

“How could you lie to me all these years?!” I jumped up from the bench, extremely angry at him. It was as if the foundation of our friendship was a lie!

“Tommy I’m sorry! I thought you might not want to be my friend if I told you…”

“Do you really think I’m that much of a douche?! You should have told me!” The alcohol was heightening all my feelings, I felt a tear fall down my cheek. My best friend had lied to me, for years!

“Tommy, Tommy! I’m sorry!” He came over and put his and on my shoulder to comfort me. Shouldn’t I be the one comforting him?! He’d just came out, and to the guy he liked, that must have been hard.

We stood together as I calmed down, his hand still firmly on my shoulder. I wasn’t looking at him as I rubbed my eyes, I couldn’t cry in front of him! I could feel his hand moving up, finally resting on the back of my neck. Neither of us looked at the other one, this was so awkward, but his hand just felt so nice being there, why should I move it just because he was a guy? My eyes flicked up and looked into his. It was a split second before our mouths met in a clumsy, rushed kiss. It was one of those horny teenager kisses, but it was with Austin! I was kissing Austin, I didn’t know what to think. The guys on the team always said kissing a guy was disgusting, but it felt fine. Good even. Great. I was so confused, I had always looked up to Austin, but I had never thought of him in a sexual way. Was I gay? I didn’t feel gay, I checked out girls all the time, but I suppose Austin was a good looking guy, I’d just never thought of him that way. I couldn’t be feeling this! It was weird!

My life is a mess… But it felt so good.

*      *      *

This was meant to be a 2 part chapter, part 2 dealing with Arielle’s cancer, but as I started writing it look on a life of its own and became far too long to be a part 2!

Should be coming up soon. I was also wondering who your guys favourite child is so far?! I’m personally torn between Kitty and Tommy, but I do love them all!

– Marissa xx

Generation 2 – Chapter 5 Pt. 2

“Well hello Arielle. You’re looking better than ever. A few hours in bed before we go our separate ways?” Ugh, I hated him. He was leaning against the doorway, just like he used to back at school. He was so arrogant, so… so… I don’t know, he was just disgusting! I still couldn’t believe he was doing this to me.

“I still don’t understand why I have to pay this. Why didn’t you take this to my mom?” I new it was bad to wish something like this on her, but why should I have to deal with it?! All I did was sleep with a teacher, I didn’t expect to be dragged into an extortion scandal.

“Arielle, Arielle.” He was laughing as he replied, really, what was funny? “You don’t get it do you? Your mother would never pay me. She may be having an affair” I noticed his eyes darted to the ground for a second around before he came back to me, “but she has morals. She would never condone extortion, I’m quite positive she would rather have herself exposed than cave to someone like me. You on the other hand, have very questionable morals, and were therefore the perfect target.” What a bastard! We were basically in this situation because I was a slut. This was all my fault, my moms career and family life was hanging on the line because I had sex with my teacher. If I’d just been good in the first place, I would never have even been in this situation!

“So, do you have the money?” Money, of course. I had my cheque book ready, but I couldn’t bring myself to get it. I was about to give away 10 million simoleans… how could I do it? Mom and dad had worked themselves to the bone to have this money available to me so I would never have to worry about anything, they had encouraged me to work, but of course they’d never let me go without. I realise the other half of my inheritance, which I would still have, was more than enough to live on. But I’d rather give 10 million to like, the Cats Rescue Shelter or something than to this sleaze bag.

I wrote the cheque with shaking hands… I was about to sign it,

“Arielle, can you come in here?” Howland looked visibly panicked. What was Leo doing? He convinced me to let him stay for my safety, but we agreed he would not speak!

“Someone else is here? I better not be getting set up, I have a contact ready to release the pictures as we speak.”

“You’re not. Just wait here.” I crossed the suite into the bedroom, quite glad of the little break from Howland, I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as him, I felt sick to my stomach, as if I was about to throw up, but anger was the main emotion I was feeling.

“Arielle, are you completely sure you want to do this? You realise he could still release the pictures? We’re not lawyers, we don’t have a confidentiality contract.”

“He promised to give me all the photos, why would he need them if he has the money?”

“Arielle, he’s extorting you, which just proves how bad he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he released them just to spite you.” Leo was totally right, of course. He could release them anyway, maybe I should have called mom from the beginning… No, Howland was right, she’d never condone an extortionist.

“That’s a risk I’m just going to have to take.”

“Listen, I can get him out of here, I’ll kick him out right now, just say the word.”

Gosh he was so great, but I had to do this for my mothers sake. “Okay, where was I?” I asked Howland as I re-entered the sitting room. He was looking extremely nervous and irritated, and was acting jumpy. Not surprising really, I could have like, 50 FBI lined up ready to take his sorry ass to prison. I wish. 

“You were about to write me a 10 million dollar cheque. Unless you want the evidence of your mothers infidelity to go to press.” Geez, what an absolute asshole! I had lost the last, unsigned cheque, so I began writing a new one, when the phone rang.

“Oh for God sake what is this?! Just write me the God damn cheque!!” Well I definitely wasn’t rushing now. I might want him out quickly, but it was kinda fun watching him totally squirm with nerves. Poor people, they could be such bastards.

“Hello, yeah, oh, hi.” It was my mom! Why would she decide to call now of all times? “Yeah, yeah, it’s going fine, I have some stuff to tell you actually. Yeah- yeah, yeah just about school.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch darling, I’ve been working on this new movie with Marlon and it’s just taken all my time and energy.” That must be how their romance rekindled, on location, long nights, late hours, lonely hearts away from their spouses… “There was one scene your father was cringing at when we watched the tape, his face was an absolute picture!”

“Oh- yeah, really what one?” I was barely listening, I was busy trying to think of her relationship with dad. Sure it had its rough patches, but they were closer than ever now….

“…And then me and Marlon were kissing and your father was acting so odd! He’s seen me in kissing scenes before, I honestly didn’t know what his problem was. Probably because I wanted to date Marlon when I was younger. Anyway darling I must go, I’ll speak to you lat-”

“- You kissed Marlon for this movie?!” She kissed Marlon? She kissed him… for the movie…

“Yes, I really have to go now. I love you.” She was gone. I rushed over to where I’d thrown down the envelope. The pictures definitely didn’t look like they had been taken by some sort of creeper from miles away, and why was my mom totally dressed up in diamonds? Why was there more than 1 angle? What was this writing about the top? KSCENE? … I’d been set up!

“YOU!!” I rounded on Howland, furious. He had clearly heard the whole conversation, and was now looking a lot less sinister. “How dare you try and set me up like that, the pictures are for a movie!”


“No, you know what I don’t even want to know. Leave now and never come back, and I won’t take this to court!” I was getting closer to him, and he was getting closer and closer to the door, “You’re clearly just an old man who can’t do anything, why don’t you try getting a job,” I gathered all the strength I could muster and pushed him straight through the doors onto the hard floor of the hallway,  “and not one where you screw the students!”

Generation 2 – Chapter 2

Was in at a school or a concentration camp? It was miles and miles of walls before the limo dropped me off outside these like, huge gates and a like, 106 year old man let me onto this long driveway. The school at the end was definitely not a concentration camp, but didn’t look like much of a school either. More like Louis XI’s country retreat.

I was actually quite impressed with it, though of course I’d never voice it, I’d tell mom and dad it was the fugliest place going. I knew the way I was at home was not quite what my parents had hoped for, and for a second thoughts of me winning honours from my school, graduating as the class valedictorian, and being one of those girls who buys their teachers presents when they leave flashed across my mind. But like I said, it was just for a second. I deserved a good life, full of parties, friends, men, money, clothes and fun! Maybe I should just turn away from this school and run away, I could probably get an advance on my trust-fund…

The entrance was a little more old money penthouse than prep school, but this school didn’t seem to fit any of the stereotypes of boarding school… at least not yet. Hopefully all the girls inside would be pretty, skinny, and perky with manicures, Paris coture for their uniform and perfectly styled hair. But I was barely hopeful, they were probably going to be total trolls. The first taste of the school did not impress. The woman who was their to greet me was actually quite pretty, but the drab bun (which can, when done right, look extremely chic) and the harsh expression just made me dread meeting her.

As she came closer I critiqued. She could definitely do with a nose job, how would she get a boyfriend with that beast? She was wearing quite a bit of eye make up for a teacher though… maybe she wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Oh. The dress! Who was this woman? She was in a freaking pilgrim dress, hunny this is 2011 not 1620. Had she just sailed here on The Mayflower? Please. 

“Welcome to Howland, Arielle Belgravia. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.” Um, was this the débutante ball or something? What was with the formality? I hated her already.

“Yeah, it’s real sweet to meet you.” I threw her a weak smile.

“Well I am Miss. Brewster, the acting head mistresses of this fine school. Would you like the full tour?”

She turned around, clearly not waiting for an answer. I’d have been totally happy with a tour of the school but like, not now that this assuming bitch thought she could control me.

“Oh- Miss B. I’m actually like, totally tired from the really long journey and I’m just gonna crash out.” She seemed a little like, well, shocked at what I said. Good. Maybe it would slap some expression onto her face. Either this woman had been overdoing the botox or she was the most miserable person going, I thought the latter.

“Oh. I see. Are you completely sure?” Her eyebrows raised just a fraction of an inch as she asked me. I was not backing down. If this woman was looking for a subordinate she had another thing coming.

“Ohh totally Miss. I feel like I might just pass out right here, and I wouldn’t want to risk snagging your beautiful dress.”

“Now we have a few rules here which you don’t exactly adhere to in your current state,” She lifted her eyebrows as she looked over my tiny shorts hat showed off my amazing legs and my make-up which totally accentuated my beauty, ” but I’m sure your dorm-mates will fill you in on all of that. Your room is West Wing, top floor, I simply must go now.” Before I knew it she was off down the hallway. Who did she think she was? I’d probably get lost in an instant, oh well, maybe I’d explore the place on my own.

The hallways were nothing like the amazing façade of the building. OK, I suppose they were quite rich with the deep oak panelling, but it was so dark. I might as well have been in a 95 year old perverted lawyers office, there were probably two way mirrors that weirdo Miss. Brewster would spy on me through. After like, 15 years of roaming hallways I saw a toilet, might as well take a break and check I’m looking my best to meet these ‘dorm-mates’. Ew.

The toilet was totally harsh with awful florescent lighting and dirty white tiles covering every wall and floor, this was supposed to be an elite private school, not McDonald’s. I looked like 40 times worse than normal in this lighting, but of course I still looked beautiful.

I totally thought the place was empty, and then what do you now, some total creeper comes out of the stall directly behind me, ew, who was this tramp?

She came over and started talking to me, God knows why. But I did need some friends here, or at least some minions. I put on my biggest smile and started talking. After a while we got onto the subject of Miss Brewster.

“Don’t you think she’s like, a total tramp?” I asked the girl, who was starting to get overexcited, probably because I was talking to someone like her. She leaned close and whispered in my ear as if she was about to reveal some detrimental information about the tramp teacher…

“I don’t like her very much either!!”

OK. I was officially talking to the biggest dork ever. More inane conversation followed, and I learned she was in my dorm. Score! (not!).

“Come on, I’ll take you up there!” She squealed excitedly.

“Lets do it!!” I screamed back, both of us leaning over and laughing (fake on my part). God, this was the worst conversation of my life, I felt like I was in hell. If Lucifer himself walked past right now I wouldn’t have been surprised.

After a whole lot of twisting hallways full of black and white pictures of head girls from the bygone days and butch lesbians holding up lacrosse sticks with the butchest one of all holding the trophy in the middle we came to the last passage of the third floor, which led to ours of the fourth.

Oh. My. God. Now I literally was in hell. Why was our door straight from Dracula’s Castle and had a steel caged peep hole? Some nonce teachers would definitely be spying on us. I was totally going to either cover it up, or sue.

The place was my nightmare. 3 bunks in a drab old wooden room with a window also straight out of Dracula’s Castle. The girls had clearly tried to jazz it up with a stripy sofa and a few posters, but it still just looked like an awful space. I had no idea how many girls were in here, God I hoped the beds weren’t full. For now the room was empty except for the annoying girl who’d brought me in and a frumpy looking girl laid on her bunk reading, who barely even acknowledged me. Rude much?

I was totally bored after 5 minutes so I stripped off to my underwear and after glancing over my cases and deciding I was no way packing them away just yet, I grabbed a boring looking book and flung myself on the sofa.

One word. Ew. The two girls who walked in next definitely took the prize for the biggest trolls. Also for the biggest bitches. One was totally sick, with this disgusting mole thing, which the dorks call a ‘beauty spot’, please. The other had like, this awful straw hair, with a totally bland face which was in some sort of sneer, please, I might as well have shot myself there and then, the look she was giving me was something like ‘fresh-meat’ who did she think she was dealing with?

The looks they were giving me were awful, and I had no idea why they were doing it, I’d totally acted nice to the freaky happy girl, she probably thought we were B.F.F’s. So why would these girls hate me? They didn’t even say anything to me, and quickly all the girls were in bed, leaving me sat there like an idiot. It was 9PM for God sake. Climbing up to the bunk next to my stuff I relaxed on top of the sheet. I could feel my eyes closing…

…when a scream ran through the room.

“Get off my bed new girl!”

Who was this? Definitely my competition. Quite pretty I suppose, showing off an average body in her underwear, not an inch on me though. I jumped down from the bed, she wasn’t scaring me off.

“There’s a couple of empty ones, be nice to the new girl and give it to me.” I totally wasn’t backing down to this bitch, if she wanted this bed she should have claimed it, or she could blame the other girls for not telling me it was already taken.

“Did I just hear you right?! You’re the new girl, that means you’re basically our bitch. Now get out of my bed!” God she was dramatic. She was slurring her words a little, maybe she’d been drinking, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t allowed.

“Don’t tell me what to do! I can have whatever bed I like, blame these dorks for not telling me it was yours, and don’t you dare call me your bitch!” A few of the girls had gotten out of their beds now and were watching from the sidelines, they probably only had this much fun when they got an A on a test. Geeks.

“You are a little freak! Get out of my bed you white trash whore!” OK, even I had to admit this girl was a little over the top, ‘white trash whore’? That one couldn’t even offend me because it was so far from the truth. Still, I wasn’t above physical violence, though I had never actually come to blows with another girl, maybe this was my way of asserting my ascendancy over the school.

Baring my fists I prepared to go for her, but as she looked down and realised I might actually hit her she turned away.


I could see her angry face out of the corner of my eye as I climbed gleefully back onto the bed. First victory, check.

The next couple of weeks passed much the same, the girls barely spoke two words to me. The overly happy girl from my first day seemed to want to, but Natasha (bed-incident) must have told her not to or something, I didn’t really care anyway. Classes were pretty easy, and I was always late. Every day I’d wake up to the same rush, half the girls already left, a few on their way out, and one or two still rushing to get dressed.

The shrieks of ‘Arielle, you’re late!’ used to ring through the dingy room for the first few days, but now they expected it of me. My choice of uniform was what Miss Brewster called a ’cause for discussion’ because it was not the regular uniform, I’d totally got a cuter version, though I’d had to stick with the same blazer. I told her a replacement was being made and it would be here in a few weeks (yeah right). The entire boarding school experience was pretty much awful, apart from one thing.

Mr Howland was the deputy head, and after I was roaming the hallways lost on the first day he took me into his office and showed me a map of the place. Well, I’d had to get out of my lesson so I kept him talking for a few hours, with a little flirting thrown in. Perhaps he could like, make this place a little more fun for me.

He was the total opposite of Noah, old, bearded, intellectual, cultured. This was around my eighth trip to his office in the past two weeks, I could tell he was getting a little hot under the collar when I crossed my legs and my skirt rose up a few inches. I’d always give him a sultry side glance, or a little wink when I came and left, and I flirted, but it was hidden, although I thought he got my drift.

This particular day things had… progressed from where it first started. It wasn’t as if he was my teacher, so I suppose what we were doing was harmless, OK so maybe it wasn’t, but at least it wasn’t illegal. We were in his office, and I was stood up so I could show off my toned legs, while he leaned on the desk. He was talking about Romeo and Juliet, (I had mom FedEx the DVD over so I could watch it in the common room last night) and I was pretending I knew what he was talking about when I decided to make things more interesting. It was so boring round here. I moved close to him. Closer than we’d ever been before, and definitely closer than was healthy.

“Sir, I was just wondering what was your favourite thing about Romeo and Juliet?” I whispered, he was so close I could feel his breath against my cheek.

“Um- Arielle, I-“

“My favourite thing about it is that its a forbidden love.” I said, smiling up at him. God it was so cheesy but it had better work, how could it not? He smiled back, clearly taken with me. Well duh.

“Arielle- You realise that I could lose my job, you could be expelled…” He was clearly uneasy about what was obviously about to come.

“Oh… I understand the consequences perfectly.”

*  *  *

Sorry for the long absence, which was explained in my last update. I realise this chapter may seem a little rushed, but as I have had such a long break I really wanted to get things moving and get people involved in Arielle’s story once more. Hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. The character ‘Mr Howland’ is based on Mort from The Sterling Legacy. (Though he is not done as well as Alexandra’s x)

Generation 1 – Chapter 13

I was starting to go crazy, trapped in my underground prison. It was a luxurious prison, but a prison non the less. My room was opulent, with a huge four poster, antique furniture, and a private garden (fake sunlight of course). The constant presence of the guard, who would come in and check on me regularly was unnerving, he would come in at any time of the day or night (I had lost track of the days by now) and simply stare at me, making sure I wasn’t doing anything I shouldn’t be.

I hated him! As much as I tried to ignore him, I couldn’t help staring at him, how could he be so stoic and cold?

One particular day, he told me to follow him, The Queen wanted to see me. I had finally wrapped my head around the fact that Carmen was not the Queen, this vampire was. It was all very confusing, Carmen had called herself a Queen as she led a coven, but she wasn’t really, and it turns out the actual Queen, the one who was holding me here, wasn’t a Queen as I knew it, she only had power over vampires in Bridgeport, and she reported an even higher figure. As I walked through the passageways of the underground mansion I knew I had to escape, if only I could formulate some sort of plan, but escape seemed impossible, I closed my eyes in despair at my situation.

I put my head down as the Queen talked to me, laughing as she told me about her plans for me, how I would be forever in her debt once she made me a vampire.

“It will not be long, Chace, until I open you up to more than you could ever imagine. The greatest gift of all… eternal life.” Greatest gift of all? Was she delusional? What kind of life was it, watching everyone I care about die, having to answer to such a disgusting woman, and never seeing sunlight again?

“Will someone activate the windows? I want to see my city.” Activate the windows? Well it must be night, but how could they be ‘activated’? I was amazed as I watched a guard press a tiny button on the opposite side of the room. Suddenly windows appeared through the previously blank wall, and the city, in all its glory, was revealed. I ran over to take a look at the place I missed so such.

I didn’t know how long it had been since I saw the city, it felt like years. Just behind these two layers of glass was my wife, my children, my life. I had to get back to them, or I would die trying, I could never live as an undead, walking through the night, a ghost who kills for fun. Such a life couldn’t even be called a life.

After some more ramblings about my new life I was deposited back in my room. I sat out in the garden and began to think. There must be some way I could escape. How about during the day? No, there was always someone around, I had peeked out of my room several times in what I thought would be daylight to find a guard, always watchful.

I just needed an idea that I could maybe pull off. I knew I would never have a fool-proof plan, after all I was in the vampire Queen of Bridgeport’s huge mansion surrounded by vampiric guards who could suck the life out of me in the blink of an eye. I had no idea how long it would be before my next run in with the Queen, hopefully not for a while.

Unfortunately my hopes of not seeing her again for a while were shattered, as a few hours later I was interrupted from my scheming by the guard, ready to escort me upstairs. I didn’t move for a few minutes, as if I was trying to cram in the last few seconds of planning. Nope, still nothing.

Arriving upstairs I was faced with the Queen going mad at Carmen, the shrill cries were hurting my ears, but the guard behind them was as stoic as ever. Carmen had definitely done something wrong, again, who knew why the Queen hated her so much.

“Chace, are you ready to begin your new life?” She asked, smiling wickedly at me as she raised herself off the sofa. No!! I wanted to scream, but I knew it would do no good.

“I want to be the one to turn him, I found him!” Carmen shouted at the Queen, also jumping up from the sofa. Fighting over who made me a monster? Why did they care?

Then it hit me. This was my chance. I could escape, and I knew exactly how to do it. Quickly scanning the room I noticed a definite lack of guards. I had worked out roughly that it must be daytime by now, so many of them were probably sleeping.  Carmen and the Queen didn’t even notice as I began to run to the opposite side of the room.

I was aware that at any moment they could be next to me, thanks to their super-speed. But I couldn’t think like that, it was now or never, my heart was pounding in my chest, threatening to burst through. I could run out of the door, but they might come back for me, I had to be rid of these awful creatures once and for all.

And then it was all over. My hand touched the small button on the wall, and I felt the sunlight burst into the room. I had to shield my eyes for a second, and when the dust cleared I looked across the pool at the shocked, horrified faces of my captors. Even the guard, who I had never seen to have any emotion, looked surprised.

It all happened so quickly, one minute they were there, the next they were gone. A few seconds of ear-splitting, gut-wrenching screams riccochead around the room as they realised what I had done, but the pain they were in stopped them from coming for me.

I clasped my hands to my heart in shock, I didn’t know what I had been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. This was so much better, revenge is sweet.

Before I knew it the Queen herself was disintegrating, her body turning to ash before my very eyes.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done, I had came up with the best plan imaginable, killing my captors, and now I was free. I knew no guards would be at the gates, they would have to stay inside during the day unless they wanted to end up like the Queen, Carmen, and the guard. I couldn’t help looking nervously back at the house as I ran across the drive, vampires were still inside, asleep, and it was pretty much obvious who did it. Hopefully the death of their Queen might free them or something, I didn’t really know. I just knew I had to get home to Lily and the girls. I was free.

Generation 1 – Chapter 12

If only Chace was around, the twins birthday would have been perfect. I still hadn’t told everyone his actual whereabouts, even though I didn’t know them myself, I knew he wasn’t away on business. Inside I was dying, but I put on a brave face as I let Oriana blow out the candles.

The awards I was winning for the cop TV show were nothing compared to the joy of seeing my girls happy. Arielle had been acting out a little lately, but at least she was mostly a good girl, always in school, always studying. The excitement of a full day all about them was coming through loud and clear on Oriana and Alexandra’s faces, they looked so happy, I had never seen them smile so much!

As they entered the next stage of their lives they became closer than ever, but very different in style. Alexandra preferred a classic style, which she jazzed up with girly patterns, whereas Oriana was a rough and ready, jeans and a T-Shirt kind of girl, with her wild hair finishing the look.

Now that they were the same age as Arielle (for a short while) the three often played together, all racing up and down the apartment, screaming and shouting as they played.

I didn’t mind what they did, they deserved to have fun and do what they wanted, if Chace wasn’t found soon I might have to tell them what had happened, but I still needed to know what had happened to him myself. Where was he?!

*  *  *

The car in question took us high into the hills of Bridgeport. Movie star territory, I knew Lily’s friend Marlon lived nearby, perhaps if I played my cards right I could escape and take refuge at his house. As I was dragged out of the car I looked at my surroundings, I could see a large house in the distance, windowless, draped in bare bricks, definitely a vampiric residence. Huge fences stood between our party of three and the house. Huge fences that were guarded by dangerous looking men in suits and dark glasses, God help me. I had to wait by the road as The Queen talked to a guard, I could hear snippets of the conversation,

“She is expecting me,” The Queen said, pulling her hands close to her chest with a smile “and my entourage.”

The guard seemed sceptical, and not at all fazed that he was talking to vampire. Probably one himself, those evil eyes hidden behind the thick lenses.

“You sure about that?” The guard asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course! Why would I lie?” The Queen replied, she was being coy, playing sweet, how I hated her.

“Fine. Go on through.” He told her grudgingly. As we walked down a large, stone path towards a guarded gate I turned my head and looked behind, it was identical to the gate we were headed to, and was also guarded. Escape from this place would be impossible.

Little of the house could be seen over the high fences covered by equally high hedges, this place brought a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘private residence’.

I was nervous as we walked up a long marble pathway, through grounds surrounded by fountains. Mary’s antagonism could be felt from miles away, it was as if she was radiating hatred, The Queen on the other hand seemed quite calm, but who knew what she was really feeling. I hated being around vampires, I had to get back to my family.

As I walked through the large oak door surrounded by marble my face dropped in shock.

The room I was entering was large, bright, and had an airy feeling with windows that framed a plain blue scene, did these face onto the city? How could they? No, it was dark out… it was a confusing scenario, nothing like drab underground prison I had been in before I came here, it did not seem like a very vampiric residence. A vampire clad in a nude bikini was sat on a chaise lounge on the opposite side of a dark blue pool, sipping a Plasma carton with her flaming red hair framing a dangerously beautiful face. I was glad Mary had given me a pair of denim shorts to go over my briefs.

“Carmen, what a surprise.” She said emotionlessly, as if it was not a surprise at all to her. As she stood up, she motioned for Carmen to come towards her, and motioned Mary to stay away. I could hear their conversation from my position on a comfortable sofa, with Mary standing watch behind me.

“What are you doing here Carmen? Did I not tell you to leave, or you simply as dense as you appear?” She asked with scorn.

“Excuse me your majesty, but it’s none of your business what I do with my time.” The Queen replied with a large, artificial smile and a laugh, which clearly irritated this woman. I was wondering why was Carmen, who I knew as ‘The Queen’ addressing this vampire as a Queen? Were there other Queens?

“That just shows exactly how little you know. It is most certainly my business what you do here, due to the fact that while in Brideport, you answer to me.

“I don’t answer to anyone!” The Queen screamed back at her, which elicited an eye roll from the woman, and caused her to bare her fangs in anger.

“You will leave Carmen, or I’ll have your fangs. Goodbye now.” I was beginning to like this woman, she was giving The Queen exactly what she deserved, yet I was worried, if The Queen was banished from Bridgeport, would I have to go with her?

“I am a Queen! You can’t banish me, please your majesty!”

“You are not a Queen, and representing yourself as such is a disgrace, I am a Queen, not you. You may be at the head of a coven, but do not bestow royal titles upon yourself when they have not been earned in any way, shape, or form!” The woman was extremely angry not, gesticulating wildly with her arms, baring her fangs and snarling at Carmen.

Carmen definitely seemed afraid, I had never seen her face like it was right then, this woman must definitely have sway over vampires. If she could control Carmen, then she must be able to control Carmen’s subjects, of which there were 5, who knew how many more vampires she controlled.

“Go downstairs. I’ll deal with you later.” She spat at Carmen, who sloped off to the opposite end of the room and vanished through an archway. The woman was still ranting and raving, muttering to herself about ‘subject defection’ and ‘unworthy graces’ as she paced up and down.

“And who do we have here?” She asked, peering over at me, sat on the couch nervously, and Mary, who was stood behind me, and was both angry that her master had left her up here alone, and afraid that Carmen wasn’t all powerful.

“I- My names Chace Belgravia.” I told her, tripping over my words due to my nerves.

“And I’m Mary Win-” Mary was cut short as the woman pushed her out of her way, depositing Mary onto the floor in a heap.

“So Chace,” she began, sitting down next to me, “tell me exactly what you are doing in the company of such second-class vampires, and exactly why you are in my home.” My gulp was something straight out of a TV show, what if she didn’t like my answers? Would she kill me?

“Well it all started out when I went in search of my wife, who had been kidnapped by these vampires and-”

“Can you cut what seems to be a very long story short? I may be immortal but my patience for such mundane tales is zero.”

“Well I freed my wife from these vampires and they captured me instead. Now I’m here after my wife tried to free me and the vampires fled.” Condensing my struggle into such few words made me uneasy, and made me question the vampires that had held me in the underground prison. How could they have let Lily escape, then come back, leave again, and return with police officers? Compared to this place teeming with guards the underground cell was nothing.

“Such silly little vampires, I am curious as to why Carmen brought you to me… perhaps she thought I might appreciate a strapping young man.” she told me with a smirk, did she want me to sleep with her?! God no!

“Come Chace, I’ll take you downstairs and we can talk about my plans for you.” She told me as she walked towards the same archway Carmen had exited through.

As we entered the elevator I was nervous, what if I was stuck here forever? Were we going up or down? I couldn’t deal with being trapped in another underground prison, no way.

I couldn’t tell if we were upstairs or downstairs as I left the elevator. Everywhere had the same fake windows as the pool room, facing onto blank backgrounds, this passageway was particularly deceiving as I could barely see the blank wall through the thick curtains, so it gave a feeling of being inside a real home, with the sun shining outside.

I was even more taken aback as we entered an ornate sitting room, which, as I sat down and waited for the woman as she changed, I noticed had a garden! I could tell it wasn’t a backdrop, there was a fountain and everything, this place was like something from a movie, who lived like this?!

“Chace please, move closer.” She pulled over a chair as she sat on the large couch, and motioned for me to join her.

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked straight away. I had to get it over with, no more of this trailing through her beautiful mansion, quaking with fear on the inside. If she was going to kill me I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I waited, staring at her, I just needed an answer.

“Why do you even need to ask? I am going to kill you, of course.” No, no! There must be a way to escape, but how could I face off against this woman, who was apparently the actual Queen, and all her guards, in a mansion full of vampires? “But you will not die, I am going to open up a whole new life for you. The life of the undead.” I squinted at her, confused. Undead? What was that?

“What do you mean… undead?”

“Why Chace,” she laughed at my confusion, “you are going to become a vampire of course!”

*  *  *

Should Chace embrace a new life as a creature of the night in his own spin off, or attempt to escape and return to Lily?!

Generation 1 – Chapter 11

Mom was acting so weird lately. When she went missing for all those days, probably busy filming and didn’t want me to feel like she’d abandoned me, which she had. As for Dad well, he’s even worse than her. Gone away on business without so much as a goodbye, what a great father. Not. Mom was acting strange though, always walking around in a  daze, always in black.

She never seemed to notice me, and when I shouted out to her she’d act like she had seen a freaking ghost. I come from a family of freaks!

She would usually see me off before I went to school though, watching as I ran off to the elevator. That was probably the most maternalistic thing she could do, it would literally be the apocalypse if she gave me a hug.

I loved having an elevator in my house, it gave me plenty of time to call my friends as I rode down, sometimes I would press every single floor just to burn some time, not that our elevator would ever stop, it was private. Who knew why it even had all these buttons.

Mom must have been dropped on her head as a baby, or lost a few thousand brain cells from to much champagne, because any real mother would know what I was up to. I hadn’t been to school in weeks. The school tried calling, but I disconnected the phone and she didn’t even notice. Score for me I guess. I would run straight past the school bus every day, all the kids stared at me in awe, they all wished they were as bad ass as me, ha!

The subway was my new route of transportation, even though it was a bit smelly and had some funny men on there who asked if I wanted to see their ‘sticks’, whatever they were, but I just ignored them, poor freaks.

I didn’t know where I would get off on each particular day, me and my friends always just met wherever the wind took us. One day I ended up on the outskirts of the city, the view was amazing, although I preferred being in the city to being outside and having a nice view of it.

Michael had told me to meet him at this little beach place I had never heard of. Really, what was outside of the city that mattered? It had everything you needed. Nature? Ew. I was cheered up as I approached this secluded place, which probably had kidnappers and hicks lying in wait, and saw Michael and his sister Emily running around, it did look quite fun.

We ended up playing at the beach all day. It wasn’t as backward as I thought, it had a nice (I guess) playground area, and good space to run around in, we even tried a little fishing, which was so not my sort of thing, I could have got my clothes wet!

By the time school ended, which was the time we all went home to keep up the lie, I was completely worn out. I hoped the maid was home to make me something to eat, but unfortunately she wasn’t. Actually Mom wasn’t home, and I was kind of freaked out, she’d just left Oriana and Alex on the floor, luckily they were having fun, playing with each other but still, definitely not mother of the year material.

Making my own dinner was hard enough, but washing up was even harder. I didn’t have a clue how to cook so I just made some sort of pasta/salad thing I found pre packaged in the fridge, but washing was just… ew. I hated it. Never. Ever again. Wasn’t this meant to be Mom’s job? Or at least a maids.

Luckily Michael and Emily were coming over, so I wouldn’t have to be alone. We all went to my room and I let them play with my stuff, they were actually quite jealous of all the things I had, and seemed to know what everything was, as if they had it on a wish list or something. Who knew, I just got it given to me, it was all junk anyway. I still played with them though, after all, they were my friends.

They could get a little annoying though, with all the sound effects they did when they played, God, how childish could they be? I still loved art, though not as much as I used to, and I would sometimes let them play as I painted. I wanted to be a good painter, but my paintings all seemed very child-like, and who wanted to be a little kid, I was so over it.

“Come on, lets go explore my Moms room.” I told Michael and Emily with a giggle later in the night, I knew they were desperate to see my famous Moms bedroom, Michael even rubbed his hands in glee as we entered, her room was boring if you ask me.

“Why’s your Mom’s room got plants in? Aren’t those types for the outside?” Michael asked as he sat on one of my Mom’s plush sofas. Emily was on the bed, gazing around, taking everything in.

“I dunno, the decorator said it brings the outside in. Who cares.” I stared out the window as I answered him, God sometimes he could be dull.

“Let’s go” I said as I walked over and pulled Emily up off the bed. I didn’t want Mom to catch me, she would probably go ballistic.

“Quick, she could be home any minute.” I told them, even though she had probably left the country or something. Oh no, guess not.

*  *  *

I could not believe that Lily had came back for me, it took me a long time to say the words she had been yearning to here but I finally did it, and my life was now in perspective. I loved Lily, and she loved me. I had to escape this prison so I could be with my family, with those who I loved. She would be back any minute. Just as soon as the cops arrived.

I just had to sit tight until she came back, but unfortunately my captors had… other plans.

“I can’t believe this, how did she get through the door, how did she find us?!” The red haired vampire said to the darker one,

“She was held captive here Mary, pull yourself together. We must move to the safe-rooms.” The darker one was definitely in charge, I had realised that since the first time I saw her, when she drained me within an inch of death. How I hated her.

“I have sent the others to the east wing, come, we go to the north.” Were they just going to leave me here? Hopefully. My mouth widened into a smile at the thought, if only they would leave me to be rescued, leave me to go back with my family.

However much I wished it, they definitely were not leaving me. As the red haired vampire unlocked my cell door I thought they were about to drag me out, that is until they both stepped in and locked the gate behind them. What the hell?

“Make it snappy Mary.” The leader commanded, make what snappy?

“Do not fret human boy, you will be safe with us, we have our… uses for you.” She told me with a smile, God what had I gotten myself into?

I was taken aback as the red head started to push against the wall, revealing some sort of hidden doorway. Had that been there the entire time? It must be some sort of escape route, but didn’t they say a ‘safe-room’? Couldn’t these vampires just kill any cops with a snap of their fangs? Not that I wanted them to!

“Come. Now.” said the red head, stepping aside so I could follow her leader down a passageway. When I turned around I was shocked to find the wall back in place, making this seem like a dead end, how would Lily ever find me now?!

The passageway we were in was long and cold, I wish they hadn’t taken my clothes off me, I felt so stupid and vulnerable standing here in my drawers. Such was my own self absorbation I didn’t notice another wall had been pushed aside, and the red head was once again stepping aside to let me through, how many of these doors were they? Lily was definitely not going to reach me.

“Welcome, Chace. Make yourself comfortable, who knows how long we’re going to be down here.” The red head said with a smirk as she planted herself on a luxurious chaise lounge.

I didn’t know how long we had been in these safe rooms. Four rooms linked together by archways, most of them looking exactly the same. I didn’t get it.

“Why are these rooms all the same?” I asked the red head. It was the first thing I had ever asked her that wasn’t related to her setting me free. But she didn’t answer, she didn’t have to. I heard the dark one calling me from another room, entering through the arch I was worried, was she going to question me, harass me, anything?

“Sit down Chace” She told me, gesturing to one of many stuffy armchairs. “What did you ask?”

“Um- I was just wondering why all these rooms look much the same.” I told her nervously.

“Why not?” She replied, looking at me from under her long lashes, her eyes seeming to look straight into me, “Decadence is a very strong trait among us vampires.”

“But they’re all the same. There’s no point.” I argued back,

“Why does everything need to have a point. The fucking point is I like them now shut up before I rip your throat out.” Her words were chilling, and I knew when to shut up. I just hope Lily could find some way to help me, but in some respects I didn’t, I had risked my life to set her free, and she better still have one by the time this is over.

“Mary. Your dinner is ready.” The dark haired one shouted, oh God, I was going to be drank again. I had had my fair share since I’d been here, so it was no longer as bad as before, but it was still extremely painful.

“It is clear. The others have left, and we must do the same before they return.” The red head, who’s name I had gathered was Mary, told her leader, who was known as ‘The Queen’ or any other royal titles such as ‘Ma’am’ ‘Your Highness’ and ‘Your Majesty’. Was I face to face with a real monarch? Could vampires be Queens? It was all so fascinating.

“Come Chace.” the Queen ordered as she disappeared through the secret door. Where now? Back to my cell? No, they had said they had to leave. Did this mean we were going outside? Hopefully I would have a chance for escape.

A dark and dingy set of stairs soon put us out in the dark woods. I could see the hut where I had came through to find Lily in the distance, police cars parked outside. Now what?

“The car is waiting over here.” Mary informed us as she took the lead. Vampires used cars? I thought they might just turn into bats or something, maybe ride in a horse drawn carriage. What on earth was going to happen to me now, how would I ever get back to Lily?!