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Generation 3 – Chapter 8

“I’m so bored, aren’t you?” I asked my cousins Alexis and Arabella as we sat on my bed after doing our homework.

“Why can’t we play in the living room?” Alexis asked as she played with her hair.

“I’ll go and ask mama. She has a friend round and said we shouldn’t disturb her.” I didn’t even know these friends she had were, she always had women around having lunch and gossiping.

“Mom?” I shouted as I walked into the living room. Oh! What was this? Who was the man? Was that Dimitri, what a stupid name. I hid behind a column and watched them as they moved closer together, staring into each others eyes. His arm was on her shoulder and she was playing with his hair, gross!

I quickly snuck back to my bedroom, how could she do this to daddy? I hadn’t seen him in months and she wouldn’t tell me why, she just kept saying he was staying in France. But why?! I wanted to go back to France and see him, he’d never spent that much time with me but he was still my daddy! I had to get them to stop it, and luckily I had an idea.

Running back to my room I threw open the dressing up box and pulled a few costumes out. I was the Proper Periwinkle, and Alexis was the Lavish Lavender, it was just Arabella who wouldn’t dress up.

“You guys look dumb! I’m not wearing a princess costume, they don’t even dress like that! I went to dinner at Princess Anne’s house last week in London with mum, they wear normal clothes!” She shouted as me and Alexis paraded up and down acting like princesses. What did she know, she was the dumb one!

“Scaredy cat!” That always got people to do things on TV, maybe it would work.

“Ugh, fine!” She said, rooting around in the box and transforming herself into the Regal Rose princess.

“Let’s go show mama!” Hopefully they would be so distracted by how royal and cool we looked that they’d stop talking and mom would spend time with me instead.

“Look Mrs. Belgravia, we’re princesses!” Arabella told her proudly, taking center stage of course.

“It’s Ms. Elphinstone now Arabella.” Mama said as she finally pulled herself away from stupid Dimitri and looked at us. “You girls look great, but why don’t you go and play in the bedroom? I have a guest.” Her eyes widened a little as she looked at me before her face set into a hard line, it definitely meant ‘get out!’ ugh!

“Why does she have to be like that?!” I slammed the door as I went into my bedroom with Alexis and Arabella, who were looking down awkwardly at the ground.

“Um… What’s up with your mom?” Alexis muttered, she definitely felt weird about the situation. Mama spoiled everything! Luckily the awkward silence was broken by Marie coming through the door.

“Oh les filles! Vous l’air fantastique! Beautiful girls, you look so regal.” Marie gushed as she looked down on us.

“Merci Marie.” I smiled up at my nanny, she was so pretty. And so kind.

“Come girls. We go for a walk in park, yes?” Marie said as we quickly took off our princess costumes and followed her to the elevator, leaving mom and Dimitri behind, ugh!

*        *        *

“Oh they’re gone.” I said as I heard the ping of the elevator doors which signaled Marie, Electra and her cousins exit. “This has been lovely, really Dimitri. But you should go, I have a friend coming over for lunch soon.”

“Ah, you don’t know how sad that makes me. I wish to spend all day with you.” He smiled at me as he spoke, clearly meaning what he said.

“Well I’d like that too but I want to see my friend.” I didn’t really want to see my ‘friend’, to be honest I had never met the woman. But now that I was establishing myself on the social scene she had invited herself over for lunch, and if I wanted in I had to oblige.

“Come, you must have a few minutes before she arrives.” Before I could get up he’d draped his arm over me, I was about to move away but he was so invitingly warm and comfortable, I just couldn’t resist closing my eyes and feeling secure in his arms.

Although Dimitri was a rich and powerful man he gave me more than a feeling of financial security, he had such presence, which made him infinitely more attractive. I definitely wanted to see more of him. After a couple of minutes of laying together we were disturbed by his phone, why was something always bothering us?! It was either Electra, who couldn’t keep her nose out of my business, new social acquaintances, or cell phones!

“Yes, I understand. I’ll be on the next flight.” He said into his phone as he paced the room. “Olive, it is now me that had to cut this wonderful meeting short. Business problems in Athens, I’ll be flying out straight away.” He came and kissed my hand before pushing the elevator button, and with a final wave he was gone. I sighed loudly and put my head into my hands. Why couldn’t he just be here all the time?

Oh well, time to serve the tea. I definitely needed Marie here, she made the best tea, but I had to get Electra out of my hair for the timebeing, and with Sebastian staying with Arielle for a few days I could have a civillised meeting with my new friend, instead of screaming children running around.

“So nice to finally meet you Evelyn. I must say your picture in the style section last week did you no justice.” I poured her tea and joined her on the comfortable chairs which faced the fireplace. Now what on earth was I meant to talk about?

“Oh thank you, you’re a dear. I have to say what a beautiful apartment you have, and I love the work your mothers doing for cancer, such a good cause. I’m actually doing some charity work myself, save the whales it is.” She seemed a little fake and full of herself but I needed her on my side if I ever even hoped to throw another party.

“Oh how nice. I’m looking for a cause to support myself, charities so important.” I said as I took a sip before replacing my cup on the tray.

“I’m on a wonderful board at the Diamond Museum, I’ll see what I can do about getting you a seat. We don’t usually accept one so young and new to the scene, but for you I think an exception could be made.”

“Oh thank you!” Putting down my cup I clapped my hands together, getting quite a dirty look from Evelyn, clearly clapping with joy was a no-no.

“It’s my pleasure. I hear your party was quite the occasion, people have been talking about it all over town. You simply must throw another, I’ll invite a few of the girls and you can meet my husband.”

“You’re too kind, I actually have one planned. My brother’s daughter Constance just got engaged. I was thinking a family affair but my sister-in-law insisted on a big party, and of course you’re invited.” In the back of my mind I couldn’t help thinking Constance was a little young to be getting married, but it was her life.

“That’s so lovely of you.” She finished her tea before dabbing her lips with the napkin I’d provided. “I should go anyway, I have to interview new housekeepers. It’s so hard to find good help these days.” I showed her to the elevator with the required kiss on each cheek as she left, quite a good first meeting I thought, I was definitely getting myself on the radar, now I just had to plan a party.

*      *      *

“And make sure it’s baccarat, I can’t have the Countess drinking from a cheap glass. Yes, thank you.” Mama’s voice reached my ears as I stepped out of the elevator, back from my first day of my new school.

“Hi.” I said as she hung up the phone and started typing on her laptop.

“How was school?” She mumbled as she typed something and began making notes on a pad next to her.

“Well it was okay, my teachers are actually really nice and I made some friends. But I have homework already, look, its maths. So hard!” I hopped onto the big Missoni chair and pulled the footstool closer so I could lay out my work on it.

“Mom what’s 7×12?” I asked, scratching my head with the pencil. “Mom!” I shouted after she didn’t respond.

“What?! Electra what are you doing? Do that later, go and get your brother for now, and bring something for you two to play with, I’m going to get ready. Go, go.” Do my work later? Fine by me. And she wanted to spend time with us! I quickly ran to Sebastian’s nursery.


“What you up too?” I asked as I saw him playing with the blocks, well more chewing the blocks than playing with them

“Bwocks!” He giggled, drooling all over one.

“You’re so cute aren’t you. Mama wants to see us, would you like that?” I leaned down at the block table and looked at him. He seemed as shocked as me that mama wanted to play, but he soon forgot and put a block back in his mouth.

Taking Sebastians hand and picking up the light plastic block table with the other we settled down in the living room and began playing together. Soon mama joined us looking very glamorous, she’d even changed her hair. She looked so pretty, she was even prettier than Marie, and she was playing with us! She did love us after all.

*      *      *

Where was he? Hopefully I wasn’t being stood up, his secretary had told me he would be here at 6, he was in New York for a meeting on his way back from Athens and hadn’t been able to contact me but his secretary had told me his plans to take me to the opera. So exciting!

“Mama, bwocks! Pway mama!” Sebastian threw a block across the room, narrowly missing my face.

“Sebastian! Watch it!” I checked my face, thank god he had never hit me, I couldn’t look a mess for Dimitri.

“Anyone home?” I heard as the elevator doors opened and the deep voice of Dimitri echoed around the apartment.

“Oh Electra that’s a wonderful tower!” I yelled as he came around the corner. “Dimitri, you’re here. I was just spending some time with the kids.” I jumped up and hugged him as he came towards us.

“You’re such a caring mother, you never fail to impress me.” He smiled at me, looking down at the kids. “Let me look at you.” He stepped away from me looked me up and down. “Stunning Olive, perfection.” I should hope so, the dress and diamonds had cost me enough.

“You flatter me. Goodbye kids, I’ll see you later.” Waving to Electra and Sebastian I made my way to the elevator, I was so excited for the opera, and I planned on inviting Dimitri back afterwards. We had been seeing each other for a couple of months now, it was time to seal the deal.

“That was a wonderful evening.” I said as we walked back into the apartment a few hours later after the opera, it had been an amazing show, people had told me I’d fall asleep but I thought it was wonderful.

“It was. Thank you so much for coming with me.” He was such a gentleman, it was only the money that made him similar to Max. He was so different in every other respect, so confident, so sure of himself, so powerful, with influence and connections spanning continents.

“Why don’t you go and… wait upstairs?” I looked at him from under my lashes as I spoke, trying to seduce him.

“Are you sure?” He asked, I was sure. This is what I wanted, Dimitri could really make me happy.

“Definitely.” I moved in and planted my lips on his, the first kiss. It wasn’t like a movie, I had learnt long ago that the world didn’t melt away when you kissed someone, but it was nice.

As we held hands and walked upstairs to my bedroom I wondered if I was making a mistake, getting together with someone so soon after Max, it hadn’t even been a year. There could be a scandal, people talking… but then again he was so powerful it probably wouldn’t matter.

“I’ll see you in a minute, I’m just going to the bathroom.” I planted another kiss on his lips before walking into my en suite. Standing in front of the mirror I took a deep breath. It had been a long time since I’d had sex, what if I wasn’t good enough for him?

What was I thinking?! Of course I’d be good enough for him. I looked amazing, I was beautiful, thin, rich, and he’d seen me spending time with the kids, so in his eyes I was a caring mother. How could anyone resist?

“You are so beautiful.” He said from his position on the bed as I came into the room in my underwear, my hair let lose from it’s constraints. The lust in his eyes was almost tangible, I knew he wouldn’t have been able to resist me. It made me feel so good to be wanted, my insecurities melted away when he looked at me like he was now.

“You know Olive,” he took a deep breath as he wrapped his arms around me and closed his eyes, “we haven’t spent as much time together is as socially acceptable, and I don’t expect you to feel the same way, though I hope you d0…” he laughed sheepishly, “but I just want you to know… that I love you.”

“I -” this must be love, a feeling of being wanted, being secure in his arms, it had to be. “- I love you too.” It felt good to say it again, it felt more real than when I said it to Max. This had to be the real thing.

“Olive, I have to go to China for a meeting in a few hours, why don’t you come with me?” He said as we laid on the bed together in each others arms, his question jolting me out of the semi-nap I had fallen into. China? Could I really just pack everything up and go with him? The kids… but I’d never been before, and they’d be fine with Marie.

“Okay.” I told him. And a few hours later we were ensconced in his private jet en route to China.

Generation 3 – Chapter 1

The subway was so disgusting. How anyone could take it every day I didn’t know, it was so hot I thought I might explode, I mean I know this is Miami but please, it was like a volcano down there! Scarlet faced tourists in Hawaiian shirts with ill fitting Bermuda shorts dominated the cold, hard, steel benches, overly muscled men mingled with overweight losers jostling for a space on the hand rail, ugh, kill me!

Why Reena had insisted I take the subway was beyond me, I’d rather have waited in traffic for three hours than be down here, at least the limo had air conditioning. It better be worth it for my tattoo, which now that I was 18 I could have! I’d wanted one for years, ever since I saw celebrities looking hot with tattoos all over them in the tabloids, I was starting small though, just planning on a small skull on my arm. Thank god the subway ride didn’t take too long, and a few minutes after I got on I was walking into the shabby looking studio.

Coming out and examining my arm I jumped with joy, I loved it! I gave me that rock edge back that I’d lost when Reena dyed my hair blonde. Heading back to the house I was a little nervous, Riley had just got back from two weeks in Fiji, I hope he didn’t expect me to have sex with him again, if he asked the answer was gonna be a firm no. 

I’d been staying in his room while he was away, it wasn’t anything weird like I wanted to be closer to him, it was just that my room was tiny compared to this one, and this one had the best view. Quickly running upstairs I began throwing clothes and makeup into a huge black bag, I didn’t want to be here when he got home. Oh God someone was coming in, I could hear a car pulling up outside, and a few minutes later he was here, in the room, coming right towards me! Argh!

“Olive, how you doin’?” He slurred as he spoke, clearly the in flight bar had been doing a roaring trade.

“Fine, just getting my stuff out of here.” I kept shotting things into the bag, I didn’t want to have sex with him again, it hurt too much the first time, he was too rough.

“Don’t bother. you can stay here babe.”

“No thanks.” I rolled my eyes and shot him a filthy look.

“You don’t wanna stay with me?!” He said, moving over to me. I would have been a little frightened if a drunk hiccup hadn’t escaped his mouth after he spoke.

“We had a good time in here didn’t we? Little Riley’s lonely babe…” He grabbed his crotch, thrusting his pelvis at me. Little Riley? I had to stop myself laughing, why was this guy such a tool?

“I’m really busy, and you’re drunk.”

“Makes no differences to my skills in the bed baby, c’mon I know you wanna.” He was too persistent, couldn’t he get it into his head that I didn’t want to?

“Riley, I really don’t, come on, get off.” I slapped his big hand off my shoulder and pulled the straps of my dress back up.

I was starting to get nervous, everyone else had gone to the club, it was just me and Riley in the huge house, anything could happen.

“I’ve really gotta go now Riley, I’ll see you okay.” I began moving to the door, hoping he’d just give it up.

“Don’t walk away from me!” Shouted Riley, running towards me and discarding his t shirt, oh god what was he doing?!

“I know you want me babe, don’t fight it.” He said, pushing his tongue into my mouth, ew! I tried to slap him away but he was too strong, my petite frame was no match for his muscular body.

“Stop it! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!” I screamed as loud as I could as he grabbed me from behind, an evil grimace on his face.

“RILEY!” I screamed, becoming more panicked by the second, my dress was riding up as his hands groped in my skirt, I tired to pull it down but he simply ripped it off in one fell swoop. “That’s Gucci!” I screamed, forgetting what was happening for a second. As his hardness was freed from the tight Calvin Klein boxers I passed out, images of Rileys face swirled around in my head as I floated through the blackness. I didn’t know how long I was out for, but I woke up naked, cold, and sticky. Memories flashed through my head, tiny snippets of images, Riley on top of me, ramming into me, I blinked rapidly, my head throbbing. I felt like I was going to throw up, I could barely think straight, what on earth had I gotten myself into?

Generation 2 – Chapter 5 Pt. 2

“Well hello Arielle. You’re looking better than ever. A few hours in bed before we go our separate ways?” Ugh, I hated him. He was leaning against the doorway, just like he used to back at school. He was so arrogant, so… so… I don’t know, he was just disgusting! I still couldn’t believe he was doing this to me.

“I still don’t understand why I have to pay this. Why didn’t you take this to my mom?” I new it was bad to wish something like this on her, but why should I have to deal with it?! All I did was sleep with a teacher, I didn’t expect to be dragged into an extortion scandal.

“Arielle, Arielle.” He was laughing as he replied, really, what was funny? “You don’t get it do you? Your mother would never pay me. She may be having an affair” I noticed his eyes darted to the ground for a second around before he came back to me, “but she has morals. She would never condone extortion, I’m quite positive she would rather have herself exposed than cave to someone like me. You on the other hand, have very questionable morals, and were therefore the perfect target.” What a bastard! We were basically in this situation because I was a slut. This was all my fault, my moms career and family life was hanging on the line because I had sex with my teacher. If I’d just been good in the first place, I would never have even been in this situation!

“So, do you have the money?” Money, of course. I had my cheque book ready, but I couldn’t bring myself to get it. I was about to give away 10 million simoleans… how could I do it? Mom and dad had worked themselves to the bone to have this money available to me so I would never have to worry about anything, they had encouraged me to work, but of course they’d never let me go without. I realise the other half of my inheritance, which I would still have, was more than enough to live on. But I’d rather give 10 million to like, the Cats Rescue Shelter or something than to this sleaze bag.

I wrote the cheque with shaking hands… I was about to sign it,

“Arielle, can you come in here?” Howland looked visibly panicked. What was Leo doing? He convinced me to let him stay for my safety, but we agreed he would not speak!

“Someone else is here? I better not be getting set up, I have a contact ready to release the pictures as we speak.”

“You’re not. Just wait here.” I crossed the suite into the bedroom, quite glad of the little break from Howland, I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as him, I felt sick to my stomach, as if I was about to throw up, but anger was the main emotion I was feeling.

“Arielle, are you completely sure you want to do this? You realise he could still release the pictures? We’re not lawyers, we don’t have a confidentiality contract.”

“He promised to give me all the photos, why would he need them if he has the money?”

“Arielle, he’s extorting you, which just proves how bad he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he released them just to spite you.” Leo was totally right, of course. He could release them anyway, maybe I should have called mom from the beginning… No, Howland was right, she’d never condone an extortionist.

“That’s a risk I’m just going to have to take.”

“Listen, I can get him out of here, I’ll kick him out right now, just say the word.”

Gosh he was so great, but I had to do this for my mothers sake. “Okay, where was I?” I asked Howland as I re-entered the sitting room. He was looking extremely nervous and irritated, and was acting jumpy. Not surprising really, I could have like, 50 FBI lined up ready to take his sorry ass to prison. I wish. 

“You were about to write me a 10 million dollar cheque. Unless you want the evidence of your mothers infidelity to go to press.” Geez, what an absolute asshole! I had lost the last, unsigned cheque, so I began writing a new one, when the phone rang.

“Oh for God sake what is this?! Just write me the God damn cheque!!” Well I definitely wasn’t rushing now. I might want him out quickly, but it was kinda fun watching him totally squirm with nerves. Poor people, they could be such bastards.

“Hello, yeah, oh, hi.” It was my mom! Why would she decide to call now of all times? “Yeah, yeah, it’s going fine, I have some stuff to tell you actually. Yeah- yeah, yeah just about school.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch darling, I’ve been working on this new movie with Marlon and it’s just taken all my time and energy.” That must be how their romance rekindled, on location, long nights, late hours, lonely hearts away from their spouses… “There was one scene your father was cringing at when we watched the tape, his face was an absolute picture!”

“Oh- yeah, really what one?” I was barely listening, I was busy trying to think of her relationship with dad. Sure it had its rough patches, but they were closer than ever now….

“…And then me and Marlon were kissing and your father was acting so odd! He’s seen me in kissing scenes before, I honestly didn’t know what his problem was. Probably because I wanted to date Marlon when I was younger. Anyway darling I must go, I’ll speak to you lat-”

“- You kissed Marlon for this movie?!” She kissed Marlon? She kissed him… for the movie…

“Yes, I really have to go now. I love you.” She was gone. I rushed over to where I’d thrown down the envelope. The pictures definitely didn’t look like they had been taken by some sort of creeper from miles away, and why was my mom totally dressed up in diamonds? Why was there more than 1 angle? What was this writing about the top? KSCENE? … I’d been set up!

“YOU!!” I rounded on Howland, furious. He had clearly heard the whole conversation, and was now looking a lot less sinister. “How dare you try and set me up like that, the pictures are for a movie!”


“No, you know what I don’t even want to know. Leave now and never come back, and I won’t take this to court!” I was getting closer to him, and he was getting closer and closer to the door, “You’re clearly just an old man who can’t do anything, why don’t you try getting a job,” I gathered all the strength I could muster and pushed him straight through the doors onto the hard floor of the hallway,  “and not one where you screw the students!”