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Generation 3 – Chapter 10

As the limo weaved its way through the city I thought about the last year of my life. The parties, the travel, the social connections, it was everything I had hoped it would be. So why did I feel strangely unfulfilled?

Dimitri had been everything I had expected him to be. Caring, loving, charming, and always busy. He was hardly ever home, always at the office, most of the time not even in this country, the Athens office needed him more. Obviously there were perks to being Mrs. Stanislopolous which helped make up for his absence, but it was nice to have him with me, like he was now.

“Anyone home?” I shouted after I’d gave Peter, our doorman, a crisp 50 for his help in bringing up the cases. “Dimitri, where is everyone?” He shrugged his broad shoulders, pulling out his phone and reeling off a few emails instead of trying to help me find out. Of course.

The apartment was eerily quiet, but the fire was blazing and I knew Marie had been here, the coffee and fruit I had requested to be laid out on my return was waiting on the island. Where could Electra and Sebastian be? Now that Sebastian was growing up I was going to have to keep my eye on him, I couldn’t have him running around the city alone.

Picking up the house phone and my coffee I settled down at the dining table, 12 messages. Better get through them. The first was from Natasha asking me to a charity event on Thursday, the second was the Mayor gently asking when my campaign donation was coming in; I didn’t exactly agree with his policies but I knew he was going to win the upcoming election and have another term in office, and it was important to have powerful people dedicated to you. Sipping the coffee I listened to more messages which all went the same way, parties, charity events, money, lunch…

However the last message was not what I was expecting. ‘Mrs. Stanislopolous this is headmistress Robbins, we have to have urgent words about your daughter. There have been some issues of late, and as the letters I have been sending to your home seem to not be getting to you it is imperative that you call me immediately.’

What the hell could this be about? Was she okay? I hope she wasn’t being bullied, she was a sweet girl really, and kind. I knew I didn’t spend that much time with her but Marie told me all about her, how she loved to feed the ducks in the park and spend time with Sebastian. It was a shame that we weren’t closer, but I had things to do if I wanted to secure her future; social connections that had to be made in order for her to meet the right boy to marry; parties to attend in order to meet the professors and headmasters that would help get her into an Ivy League school; press contacts to befriend in case (god forbid) she was ever caught up in a scandal. I gazed out of the window as I thought about my daughter, I wanted the best for her; I wanted this city to be her oyster.

Sighing and moving away from the window I picked up the phone and dialed the number of her school.

“Headmistress Robbins please.” I said to the secretary who answered. She delicately told me the headmistress was unable to speak at the moment, I wasn’t having that. “This is Mrs. Stanislopolous, Electra Belgravia’s mother…” I waited a few seconds before the power of a good name got me straight through.

“Mrs. Stanislopolous, I presume you got my message, thank you for calling me back so soon.”

“Yes of course headmistress, now tell me what seems to be the problem?” I hoped it wasn’t serious, that school was the best in the city.

“It is apparent that your daughter and a small group of other girls have been bullying one of our scholarship students, almost to the point of a mental breakdown.”

“What?! There must be some mistake, Electra would never-” I was cut off by the headmistress,

“I know it’s hard to hear, but this type of behavior can absolutely not be tolerated, and my only option is to expel your daughter, immediately.

“You can’t be serious? Electra is a model student, she tells me her grades are wonderful.” I was perplexed. Bullying? Electra? I thought the worst scenario would be if she was being bullied, I never expected her to be the bully!

“Well it seems your daughter has also been lying to you recently. She was a model student, but over the last year things have took a turn for the worse. Her grades are borderline at best, and even those are gained by bullying students into doing her work for her.”

“What on earth?! I-” I was about to go on a rant, I could feel my anger at Electra bubbling over, but I couldn’t scream at the headmistress. What would she think of me if I did. I had to think, and fast. That school had everything she would ever need, the best teachers, the best campus, her classmates were the spawn of the rich, famous, or powerful, and successful graduation would ensure her admission to any of the Ivys. Then it hit me. What did schools always need? Money.

“Headmistress Robbins, I’m sure we can discuss this. Let me tell you what I propose…”

*       *       *

I laughed to myself all throughout the elevator ride. Angela definitely wouldn’t be coming back to school now. I couldn’t wait for the girls to get here in a few hours, we could talk all about our next target.

“Mother!?” I said in shock as I came out of the elevator. What was she doing here?! I thought she was in London for the week. Crap, I’d have to cancel the girls.

“Ah, Electra. Where have you been?” Mama put her book down and stood up, looking at me like she’d never looked at me before. She was really angry, crap!

“Um- fine. I thought you were in London.” I said, looking at her as I walked across the room, trying to edge towards my bedroom.

“Fine?! You got expelled. Expelled!” I didn’t know what to say to her, I just stood with my mouth open as she stared at me. “Well?! What have you got to say for yourself? Are you proud? Bullying a girl to the point of, in your headmistresses words, ‘a mental breakdown’. Electra how could you.” How did she know?!

“Mother I’m sorry, but it wasn’t just me…” She seemed much taller than she ever had in the past, stood with her arms folded, glaring at me.

“No it wasn’t was it, it was your little cronies too. Mrs Robbins told me all about your little gang, with you as the leader, which is why your punishment was so much harsher than the other girls.” No, no, no! I hadn’t meant to get expelled! I just wanted mama to notice me!

“Fortunately I found a way to handle the situation and headmistress Robbins is willing to turn your expulsion into a suspension.” I quietly asked what she was talking about, she had talked her way out of my expulsion? “I’ll be making a donation to the school in order to keep you in it.” So she paid for me to stay there? I guess she was right, money really does solve everything.

“I didn’t mean to mother! I just wanted you to notice me!!” I screamed before I could stop myself, at least now she’d know how I felt.

“Notice you?! Of course I notice you Electra! If you think I don’t care about it then your mind is as messed up as your outfit!” Trust mama to criticise my clothes while screaming at me for getting expelled.

“No you don’t! All you care about is what people think, putting on an act so you can win mom of the year when really you don’t know anything about us! Have you even seen Sebastian recently? I bet I know more about him than you!”

“HOW DARE YOU?!” She screamed at me as she crossed the room, crap, I had never seen her so angry.

“Go to your room right now Electra.” She sighed, her anger quickly simmering down and turning into frustration. She pinched her nose with her fingers as she spoke, as if battling a migraine, was I really that annoying? “And if you get in any more trouble at that school we’ll have big problems. Do you understand?” Okay, so it wasn’t nice what we did to Angela, and I really did feel bad about, in retrospect she didn’t deserve it… but I kind of had to stop myself from smiling, this was the most honest conversation I had ever had with mama.

*     *     *

There she was. Damn she was cute wasn’t she? I thought to myself as I looked across the quad to where Amber Lloyd was in a conversation with her friend Casey. Thomas had told me to ask her to be my girlfriend, but I didn’t know how to. What was I meant to say? ‘hey you’re cute – wanna go out with me?’ she’d think I was an idiot! C’mon Sebastian… pull it together.

Plucking up my courage I walked across the quad to where she was stood with her friend who stepped aside as I came over and stared at me with her eyebrows raised.

“Um- hi, I’m Sebastian…” I said awkwardly, staring at the ground. I glanced over at her friend who had her head down trying to stifle her laughter.

“I know. I’m Amber, nice to finally meet you.” She smiled up at me sweetly, her cheeks getting a little rosy either from nerves or the cold. Probably the cold, why would she be nervous around me?

“So erm, how are you? Want to do something?” I asked hopefully, I didn’t know how to go about being ‘coy’ or whatever, so I just asked.

I looked at her hopefully, willing her to say yes. I smiled slightly before my face set in an impassive line, watching her thinking about it. What was taking so long?! I could feel my face burning as I waited and I willed myself to calm down.

“No.” My face fell as she said the words, and I was about to slink away in shame before she spoke again, “Well yes, I do want to.” My face rose in hope. “I just can’t, there’s this um- dog that I feed every day after school, a stray. I can’t just leave him to go hungry today.” Yes! She did want to, and she was kind too, feeding a stray dog.

She looked at me as if it was her fault as she spoke, clearly regretting that she had to leave.

“How about if I come with you?” I asked hopefully, smiling at her. She didn’t miss a beat before she clapped her hands together and smiled.

“Oh would you? That would be so great, non of my other friends will come because the parks kind of far away and pretty rough.”

We ran out of the school straight away, both running past our awaiting limos and onto the backstreet behind the school. It took us a long time to reach the park, she was definitely right about both things: it was far away, and it was rough. I had lived in the city for years now, and although there were some rough parts I was usually in a car or if I had to go downtown mama sent a guard with me. I definitely needed one now, because as soon as we stepped in an awful looking man with cuts all over his face came running towards us.

“Kids!! Got any money for a man in hard times?” He asked in his raspy voice. Amber cowered behind me as he spoke, leering over us. I grabbed a 5 out of my pocket and shoved it into his hands before we quickly got away, best not to encourage him. We began to forget about him as we strolled through the park, fighting our way through the thick plants to where she assured me the dog would be, both looking around for signs of danger.

Battling the nettles and little creatures that ran beneath our feet caused us to bump into each other a few times, every time we did we’d look at each other and smile shyly. She definitely liked me, well I hoped she did. After about 20 minutes of walking we finally came to the clearing, where the sweetest little dog was sat, obviously waiting for Amber.

“Hello Dog, how’re you?” Amber asked, rushing over and stroking the little things brown back, it responded with a few barks. “Do you like her?” She looked up at me hopefully.

“She’s cool.” I replied, I thought she was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen, but I didn’t want to sound like a girl or something.

“Here’s what you have been waiting for!” Amber exclaimed, fishing a few treats out of her pocket and dropping them into the dogs mouth.

The dog barked its approval, eating treat after treat after treat as she emptied her pockets into the dogs mouth.

“I wish I could take her home with me but mother would never let me. She’s so cute isn’t she.” She smiled down at her after giving her the last treat, she clearly loved the little dog.

“What’s her name?” I asked as I looked down at her, wondering if I should stroke her. Would she bite me?

“Dog.” She laughed, “I didn’t know what to call her so it’s just Dog.” She turned away and let the dog have a good look at me, and before I knew it she was bounding towards me, I raised my arms in panic, ready to protect my face from the sharp teeth, but as I felt Dog collide with me I realised she wasn’t trying to bite me, just get into my arms.

“Ohh!” I said in shock, awkwardly holding the little thing before it got settled properly.

“She likes you!” Amber shouted happily from behind us as Dog started licking my face.

I could feel myself falling in love with the little dog just like Amber, too bad mama would be furious if I took her home, she said that a penthouse wasn’t the right environment for a pet when I’d asked her for a dog a few months ago. The three of us played for a while, passing Dog between us, stroking her belly and letting her sniff us before she jumped back into my arms, clearly she liked me. We were just about to leave when we heard a rustling through the trees, and the man from earlier burst out!!

“You rich kids!! Of course you have more money, I can tell by your uptown school uniforms, now gimmie some money!!” He yelled at us, brandishing his fists as he stumbled out of the bushes.

“Back off! We don’t have any more money!” I shouted at him, pushing Amber behind me for safety and clinging tightly onto Dog.

“You sayin’ I’m lying?! Why I oughta…” He narrowed his eyes at us, checking out the bulge of my wallet in my pocket.

As he moved towards us I panicked, what was I meant to do?! Just as I psyched myself up to fight him and protect Amber I felt Dog squirming in my arms, barking furiously as she had been since the man first came out of the bushes. Jumping out of my arms she stood in front of me and Amber, between us and the man, baring her teeth and growling at him.

“Stupid little dog! Move!” He aimed a kick at her, luckily missing and allowing Dog to run underneath him and bite at his exposed ankles. “Owwwch!!” He screamed, a pinch of blood on his leg.

“Yeah that’s it Dog, get him!!” I yelled from the sidelines as she ran around in circles biting his ankles.

“You kids are crazy! I’m outta here!” He screamed, running into the bushes with Dog hot on his heels.

We both sung our praises as Dog came back, picking her up, patting her belly and stroking behind her ears. She was a little thing but she was definitely brave.

“We can’t leave her here, what if that awful man comes back to get her…” Amber said anxiously, looking nervously around. She was obviously right, we had to get Dog (and ourselves) out of here before he came back.

“I have an idea.” I announced, picking up Dog and making my way through the bushes with Amber hot on my heels.

I tipped the taxi guy a ten (the guy from the park was right – I did have money, but I wasn’t giving it to someone so rude) as he dropped me off outside my building and waved goodbye to Amber as the taxi drove her to her building which was a few streets down.

“This is your new home.” I said to Dog, letting her look around for a while before carrying her through the lobby.

Luckily no one seemed to be home when we got back, mama and Electra had a big argument a few weeks ago and now both of them were barely home, I think mama was in Paris and Electra had flown to Martha’s Vineyard for a week with her friend, I wasn’t really sure. Me and Dog passed moms work in progress as we walked to the bedroom, a wall of family photos, which even included Dimitri – ugh! Maybe one day Dog could be up there, although mama would probably throw her out if she ever found her. I was going to have to be very sneaky.

Watching her jump onto my bed as we walked into my bedroom made me break out in a huge smile at the events of the day. I’d helped save Amber from an evil tramp, got myself a lovely pet, and I was getting closer to Amber than I ever expected. Not bad for a days work.

Generation 3 – Chapter 4

My heart ached as I typed ‘Belgravia’ into the search bar on Redcliffe’s leading gossip website, the host of entries that popped up made me want to break down and weep. The first one detailed the wedding of Kitty to someone named Laurence Williamson, whoever that was. I wish I could have been there for her, she must think I was the worst sister in the world. The next one told of the death of grandfather Chace, who died peacefully at the Chace Belgravia Wing of Redcliffe Memorial Hospital last Tuesday.

He joins his wife, celebrated actress Lily, who died 2 years ago.’ Lily and Chace were both dead?! Why wasn’t I there, I should have been there to comfort mom, who must have been crying her heart out. Ugh, I hated myself so much. More entries told me of the marriage of Oliver and Celeste, as well as the births of their children (I was an aunt now, what was I missing?!) and many posts showing Cora tearing up the Bridgeport nightlife scene after performing shows with her band. As bad as I felt, looking down at little Electra playing by my feet brought me back to reality.

I had to marry Max, it was the only way to ensure our financial security. And I would marry him, tomorrow. But first I had to get to Elphinstone Manor, where Elizabeth had set up a room for me, ready for the big day, such a hassle, but clearly a necessity with a pushy, traditional mother like Elizabeth. Throwing Electra into the baby seat of my new car (a gift from Max) I raced well over the speed limit through the winding streets until I saw the house looming over us in the distance, as imposing and overbearing as Max’s mother.

“Anyone home?” I shouted as my heels tapped on the marble floor.

“Darling, finally. You know how I simply hate to be kept waiting, get up here at once.” Elizabeth chided from her position on the upstairs landing, “and for goodness sake get rid of the child. Why do you think God invented nannies?” She said with a sigh, looking distastefully at Electra.

Hurriedly I handed Electra to one of the nannies and made my way upstairs, I thought I heard a little cry of ‘mommy’ from downstairs, but it was probably just my imagination.

After a restless nights sleep I sat in front of the mirror, trying to apply my makeup, but I was shaking so much it wasn’t going very well. Was I really doing the right thing, marrying this man? I barely knew anything about him, except that he was rich. We hadn’t even kissed yet, except for the peck I gave him when he proposed. Oh well, it was too late now.

He stood alone by the wooden arch decorated with flowers under which we were to married. Most of his friends lived in Europe, and he had told me he didn’t want to hassle them by asking them to fly out. So our wedding was a hassle was it? I didn’t mind, I had no one of my own to invite apart from Darcy, whom Elizabeth had promptly crossed off of the list for ‘being too common’. ‘She’d feel silly at such a formal wedding darling, better not to embarrass her.’ Elizabeth had told me. What a bitch, sat there in her white, didn’t she know only the bride was supposed to wear white?

I made my way nervously through the small crowd, feeling myself blushing as everyone stared at me. I felt fat and disgusting, I had thrown up last nights dinner but it hadn’t made a difference, I still felt ugly. Max smiled at me as I stood in front of him. I forced myself to smile back. As  he slipped the ring on my finger it became official, I was now part of the Elphinstone family, the biggest exporter of diamonds in the country.

Grabbing each others hands we smiled, and then he moved in for the kill. The big finish, the kiss. I felt sick as he moved towards me, as if the world itself was closing in on me, crushing my body. My breath was coming in short gasps, I wanted to push him away but I couldn’t make a scene. Then his lips were on mine, the gentle touch felt amplified fifty times over, it was Riley all over again, on top of me, ripping the dress of my body, forcing himself onto me. Hurriedly I backed off, and forgetting the crowd I ran to the wall, hoisted myself over, and ran.

The world seemed to melt away as I ran, I was back in Miami, running from that house, away from him. I ran and ran, right to the edge of the cliff, which overlooked a beautiful waterfall. This was all mine now, I was an Elphinstone, and as they owned all the land around here, it was mine. But not if I kept this up. I had to sleep with Max, or he’d be allowed to annul our marriage by law. But I couldn’t do it, it was too painful.

Surely Max would look after Electra if something happened to me? If I just happened to slip now, and crash onto the rocks below, she’d be well cared for, wouldn’t she? I didn’t want to leave her with no mother, but I’d rather have money than a dysfunctional mother like me. It was always an option. I must have sat by the cliffside for hours before I made my way back to the house. Sneaking into the bedroom, expecting Max to be fast asleep I was shocked to find him awake, laid on the bed, no doubt waiting for me.

“Thank God you’re alright.” He said as I came in, heaving himself up a little.

“I just couldn’t Max, it was too many memories, too much pressure.” I stuttered, looking down.

“Well you bloody well could have tried to make less a scene, people actually laughed you know!”

“I’m sorry.” Was all I could say. I looked down at the floor in shame, why was I such a screw up?

“It’s okay, I’m sorry.” He stood up, coming towards me as if to comfort me, but thinking against it he moved to the fireplace instead, poking the flames which were threatening to go out. “Why don’t we get away? We can take Electra, show her some culture, get a bit of relaxation. This could be our honeymoon.” He looked at me hopefully, god it was hard seeing him like this, he clearly liked me a lot more than I liked him.

“Okay.” I mumbled, still extremely embarrassed. A few hours later we were on the Elphinstone jet on our way to France.

*   *   *

After 10 hours in first class Max, Electra and I emerged into the heat of Saint-Sébastien in the Côte D’azur, or the French Rivera. I was awestruck by the beauty of the place as the limousine drove through the dense forest that kept the house secluded and down the huge tree lined driveway that led to the house. Electra loved the place, I’d sit outside, gazing out across the lake, occasionally catching glances of Electra screaming with joy as she ran around with her French au pair Marie.

The place was so peaceful, totally cut off from the outside world. Unlike Elphinstone Manor it was not grand and imposing, it was more of a farmhouse, although it was still huge. Smiling to myself I thought about how I could really get used to it here, it was much better than being back home, plagued with memories of Riley and of my wedding antics.

“Olivia? Olivia!” I could hear Max’s voice ringing through the house, he had started calling me Olivia recently, which infuriated me. My name was Olive. Okay so my given name was Olivia, but everyone called me Olive. “There you are.” He said as he came out onto the terrace.

“Aren’t you a little hot in that?” He asked as he sat down next to me.

“Aren’t you a little hot in that?” I chided back, fingering his thick jumper.

“Point taken.” the corners of his mouth raised fractionally. “Olivia, we need to talk about it you know.” I knew what he meant, the sex. I had been preparing myself for it since we had arrived 2 weeks ago, but  I was still weary, what if I couldn’t do it?

“I’m ready.” I smiled at him, trying to reassure him. He was sure to divorce me if we couldn’t have sex, it was always part of the equation for men.

“I really think I can do it Max. You know I love you.” We hadn’t said those words to each other yet, which was kind of odd I suppose, weren’t you supposed to be in love before you married? I didn’t know what love felt like, but I loved that Max could protect me and Electra with his millions, so I suppose that was a kind of love. The only kind that mattered was the monetary kind.

“I love you too sweetheart.” He said it with such conviction, his voice lowering and his hand touching his heart, I felt kind of bad that I didn’t love him back. Maybe I did love him, how was I supposed to know what love felt like?

“I’m ready Max, I swear.” I didn’t take my eyes off his as I spoke, when I read a murder mystery while pregnant with Electra it said the first sign of a liar was that they didn’t keep eye contact, so I forced myself to.

“Hmm.” He sighed, looking out to the gardens.

“Max what’s wrong?” I said, staring at his stoic profile.

“If you’re sure, I’ll be waiting upstairs.” With that he stood up and left, heading up to the bedroom. I waited a few minutes before I got up, it was too late to turn back now. We were man and wife, we had to have sex, it just wasn’t logical for us to not. He was fluffing up the pillows when I arrived, he hadn’t noticed me pad silently into the bedroom in my bare feet. He was handsome I suppose, at least I hadn’t had to marry someone ugly.

“I’ll take things slowly, I promise.” He told me as I joined him on the bed. I just tried to breath, I had been doing some research online, and it seemed like you just needed to relax. A lot of the websites I visited told me to call ‘Rape Victim Hotlines’, no thanks, I could barely think about the experience myself, never mind pour my heart out to a bunch of strangers. As his lips came towards mine I shut my eyes and tried to remind myself that this wasn’t Riley, it was my husband.

After a few minutes of kissing he broke away, waiting for my hysterics. They never came. The kissing was actually quite enjoyable, goodness why had I only just caught on?

“Are you okay?” He asked, his mouth agape a little.

“Max, I told you I’m fine. Let’s do this.” I said with a smile, throwing off my jumper and darting under the covers where our child was to be conceived. Part 1 of my plan: complete.

Generation 2 – Chapter 5 Pt. 2

“Well hello Arielle. You’re looking better than ever. A few hours in bed before we go our separate ways?” Ugh, I hated him. He was leaning against the doorway, just like he used to back at school. He was so arrogant, so… so… I don’t know, he was just disgusting! I still couldn’t believe he was doing this to me.

“I still don’t understand why I have to pay this. Why didn’t you take this to my mom?” I new it was bad to wish something like this on her, but why should I have to deal with it?! All I did was sleep with a teacher, I didn’t expect to be dragged into an extortion scandal.

“Arielle, Arielle.” He was laughing as he replied, really, what was funny? “You don’t get it do you? Your mother would never pay me. She may be having an affair” I noticed his eyes darted to the ground for a second around before he came back to me, “but she has morals. She would never condone extortion, I’m quite positive she would rather have herself exposed than cave to someone like me. You on the other hand, have very questionable morals, and were therefore the perfect target.” What a bastard! We were basically in this situation because I was a slut. This was all my fault, my moms career and family life was hanging on the line because I had sex with my teacher. If I’d just been good in the first place, I would never have even been in this situation!

“So, do you have the money?” Money, of course. I had my cheque book ready, but I couldn’t bring myself to get it. I was about to give away 10 million simoleans… how could I do it? Mom and dad had worked themselves to the bone to have this money available to me so I would never have to worry about anything, they had encouraged me to work, but of course they’d never let me go without. I realise the other half of my inheritance, which I would still have, was more than enough to live on. But I’d rather give 10 million to like, the Cats Rescue Shelter or something than to this sleaze bag.

I wrote the cheque with shaking hands… I was about to sign it,

“Arielle, can you come in here?” Howland looked visibly panicked. What was Leo doing? He convinced me to let him stay for my safety, but we agreed he would not speak!

“Someone else is here? I better not be getting set up, I have a contact ready to release the pictures as we speak.”

“You’re not. Just wait here.” I crossed the suite into the bedroom, quite glad of the little break from Howland, I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as him, I felt sick to my stomach, as if I was about to throw up, but anger was the main emotion I was feeling.

“Arielle, are you completely sure you want to do this? You realise he could still release the pictures? We’re not lawyers, we don’t have a confidentiality contract.”

“He promised to give me all the photos, why would he need them if he has the money?”

“Arielle, he’s extorting you, which just proves how bad he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he released them just to spite you.” Leo was totally right, of course. He could release them anyway, maybe I should have called mom from the beginning… No, Howland was right, she’d never condone an extortionist.

“That’s a risk I’m just going to have to take.”

“Listen, I can get him out of here, I’ll kick him out right now, just say the word.”

Gosh he was so great, but I had to do this for my mothers sake. “Okay, where was I?” I asked Howland as I re-entered the sitting room. He was looking extremely nervous and irritated, and was acting jumpy. Not surprising really, I could have like, 50 FBI lined up ready to take his sorry ass to prison. I wish. 

“You were about to write me a 10 million dollar cheque. Unless you want the evidence of your mothers infidelity to go to press.” Geez, what an absolute asshole! I had lost the last, unsigned cheque, so I began writing a new one, when the phone rang.

“Oh for God sake what is this?! Just write me the God damn cheque!!” Well I definitely wasn’t rushing now. I might want him out quickly, but it was kinda fun watching him totally squirm with nerves. Poor people, they could be such bastards.

“Hello, yeah, oh, hi.” It was my mom! Why would she decide to call now of all times? “Yeah, yeah, it’s going fine, I have some stuff to tell you actually. Yeah- yeah, yeah just about school.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch darling, I’ve been working on this new movie with Marlon and it’s just taken all my time and energy.” That must be how their romance rekindled, on location, long nights, late hours, lonely hearts away from their spouses… “There was one scene your father was cringing at when we watched the tape, his face was an absolute picture!”

“Oh- yeah, really what one?” I was barely listening, I was busy trying to think of her relationship with dad. Sure it had its rough patches, but they were closer than ever now….

“…And then me and Marlon were kissing and your father was acting so odd! He’s seen me in kissing scenes before, I honestly didn’t know what his problem was. Probably because I wanted to date Marlon when I was younger. Anyway darling I must go, I’ll speak to you lat-”

“- You kissed Marlon for this movie?!” She kissed Marlon? She kissed him… for the movie…

“Yes, I really have to go now. I love you.” She was gone. I rushed over to where I’d thrown down the envelope. The pictures definitely didn’t look like they had been taken by some sort of creeper from miles away, and why was my mom totally dressed up in diamonds? Why was there more than 1 angle? What was this writing about the top? KSCENE? … I’d been set up!

“YOU!!” I rounded on Howland, furious. He had clearly heard the whole conversation, and was now looking a lot less sinister. “How dare you try and set me up like that, the pictures are for a movie!”


“No, you know what I don’t even want to know. Leave now and never come back, and I won’t take this to court!” I was getting closer to him, and he was getting closer and closer to the door, “You’re clearly just an old man who can’t do anything, why don’t you try getting a job,” I gathered all the strength I could muster and pushed him straight through the doors onto the hard floor of the hallway,  “and not one where you screw the students!”