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Generation 2 – Chapter 3

The school was definitely big, that was for sure. I’d overheard some girls in the lower grade saying it used to be the family home of some hugely rich family, The Howland Family, and that was it’s namesake. I’d often creep around the hallways after dark, when I was supposed to be asleep. Lights out was at 10, I mean seriously, I wasn’t 5.

I could hear something from a distant part of the school… a tapping, like shoes. I’d never seen anyone else around this time, the teachers like, totally trusted us. Crap! It was totally Miss Brewster, and she’d definitely saw me. This was probably my worst nightmare, if she caught me out after dark mom and dad would have to be informed, and they’d recently emailed me telling me ‘how proud’ they were that I was doing well. I must be like, a genius or something, because I barely even try in the lessons yet I still get all A’s. No time to brood, I had to run before she caught me.

I was running through endless passages, all wood panelled, all looking the same. I thought I was on the second or third floor when I heard her behind me, how was she so fast?!

“Arielle Belgravia get here this instant! I do not have time for games of hide and seek! You are in big trouble young lady!!”

It was like something out of a horror film, the pilgrim witch reincarnated chases the gorgeous leading lady, probably some prom princess whose car broke down. Save me! I turned the corner of the hallway and was confronted with like, tonnes of doors. I darted inside the nearest one, which was a classroom, and locked it, hopefully she wouldn’t find me. Ew. It was totally dusty in here, and there were creepy old spiders crawling the ceiling, any minute I was going to be eaten alive. I had to get out of this place. Not just the room, the school. I needed a break!

Moving over to the window I had a look at my prospects. The window was tightly sealed, so climbing down the façade wasn’t an option, not that I’d ever risk damaging my beautiful body, no way!

The only option seemed to be like, going back the way I came and finding another exit route, God, was I just insanely beautiful girl trapped in a disgusting school or in a James Bond movie?! I quietly unlocked the heavy door and opened it just an inch, pressing my face close to the ground and peering around into the hallway. The first thing I saw was her! Her legs were totally on my eye level, I couldn’t look at that pilgrim dress!

At least she was facing away from me. Who knew how long she’d stay there, and I had to escape like yesterday. Slowly pushing open the door, I crept down the hallways before bursting into a full sprint.

After trying the front door, which was locked (why this was when we have huge gates I do not know!) I moved to the back of the house, and finally emerged into the garden after crawling through a small sash window. I better not have like, snagged my clothes on it. The garden was pretty much the same, all green, with some trees, the pool, and a small sitting area. But what really caught my attention was this like, totally overgrown area right in-between the huge walls and the east wing of the building.

The area was totally cute, and obviously unused, maybe I could like, hide out here during class and stuff.  OK scratch that. The area had an awful patch, Natasha. What the hell was she doing here?

Although I didn’t like her, she obviously wasn’t that bad if she was out after dark, it made her like, cool. And she was quite pretty, that was a plus. I still went and sat beside her, I wasn’t about to go back into the school straight from hell.

It was a little awkward at first, as we both mumbled ‘hey’ and just sat, staring ahead. I definitely had to get a conversation going, just to pass some time.

“So what are you doing like, here?” I was genuinely interested, I wanted to know how she even knew about this place.

“I always come here, to get away from the other girls in the dorm and have some alone time.” She didn’t look at me as she replied, maybe she had been fuelled by a bit to much juice that night we argued.

“I like, didn’t even know it was here, I just stumbled across it, it’s totally weird, but cute!” The conversation was basically going nowhere…

“Listen Arielle, there’s something I have to tell you. The reason I was so angry that night was because, well…”

“- You were drunk? I guessed as much.” I told her with a toss of my beautifully conditioned hair.

“No, no, nothing like that. Well, I was a little drunk and I was wanted an excuse to see you in your underwear because well, I saw you up there and I totally liked you straight away.”

“So you didn’t even care about the bed?” She was so dumb, it wasn’t as if I would care about her being a lesbian, she could look all she wanted. I might even let her touch, who knew. This was the twentieth century, and I was up for all experiences.

“Yeah…” I could see her hand coming towards me, she was getting closer. Woah woah woah, I might be up for it at one point, but that’s not to say right now, or with her. She wasn’t gonna live some lesbian boarding school fantasy through me. No way. Ew!

“Look Natasha, I don’t like you like that. We just became friends 5 seconds ago.” God, things definitely moved quickly around here. “I’ll tell you what, lets just like, erase this from our memory and go on. Shall we sneak out?” I didn’t wait for her answer, and ran through another gate which turned out to lead to the huge green expanse that was the front lawn. She turned out to be totally faster then me, and was waiting at the gates before I even got there!

We were about to haul ourselves over the top when…

“GIRLS! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” That was definitely not Miss Brewster, it was totally Mr Howland, yes! I was going to be let off the hook, I felt bad for Natasha but hey, I deserved it, after everything I did for Mr Howland the least he could do was write this one off. I could feel Natasha’s nerves as we headed back up the driveway, what a wimp.

“Arielle, go and wait in my office! I’ll deal with you after I deal with you after I deal with Miss Farington.” He seemed livid, but I didn’t miss the slight wink he shot me, before his face turned back to anger as he faced Natasha. Farington? What kind of bullshit name was that anyway.

He was laying into Natasha when I glanced back, I hoped she was getting it pretty bad, she totally deserved it, if she hadn’t been there I probably would have gotten out. Maybe a few hours with Sir would be more fun anyway.

A very nice sight had to be waiting when he got back if he was going to let me off the hook. He hadn’t actually shown me any professional favours yet, as I barely saw him in anything to do with official school business. Stripping off my uniform I laid down on the floor, ready for him. His face dropped as he walked in, clearly happy with what I had done. He should be, I was pretty cold down here.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” He leaned against the wall and let out a low whistle as he took in the full scene. Probably memorising it, after all I did look great.

“You have caused a lot of trouble tonight.” His trousers fell to the floor along with his shirt as he spoke. “The reputation of this school is of the highest calibre, and if anyone were to jeopardize that, well, lets just say there would be very serious consequences.” his underwear joined the rest of his clothes on the floor as he moved towards me. Definitely better than sneaking out for a few hours.

*  *  *

Overall I guess the school was… disappointing. I seriously didn’t know how I was passing the class, never mind getting A’s in every lesson. I’d opened my report card expecting to be mortified and planning my speech for mom and dad about how I was going to work harder, but it was all A’s! Usually during lessons I just caught up on the sleep that I was missing out on on the nights, if you know what I mean.

The girls were total trolls, I mean they’d sit around and discuss ‘boys’ when they should be looking for real men. My virginity was a completely fictitious subject, I told them I lost it at 14 with a boy back in Bridgeport when in actuality the man I lost it to was never more than a few rooms away, Howland.

I’ll always remember the night though, like how could I forget… After we’d had that first kiss in his office we moved through to his bedroom, and by now my heart was fluttering wildly. I knew I was about to lose my virginity, this relationship was definitely taboo, so why beat around the bush?!

It was actually kind of sweet, he pulled out some like, cute little pink flowers, a little too cutesy for me, but they were still a sweet gesture, flowers for my virginity huh.

His kisses were soft and tender, but they definitely had a harder edge, I’d kissed a few boys in school and stuff, but Howland put those to total shame! I felt like I was in a bad romance novel, things like this must never happen… I guess it was just because I was so beautiful, I was irresistible, obviously.

I loved how he took control of the situation, I was so used to being in control, always on top, always doing everything for my self ever since mom’s depression period when dad like, went missing (I still didn’t know what had been up with them then) and it was nice to just relax and let someone else do the work, even if it was just in the bedroom.

Geez, the people who said sex wasn’t important to a relationship were total liars, it had to be the best part! Noah didn’t know what he was missing… thinking back on it I had to laugh, I was obviously amazing in bed. His loss. I suppose I hadn’t really thought of him since I’d arrived, I mean he was definitely cute, and was my first choice to take my virginity. But out in the middle of the country, Howland was definitely a better option, he was experienced, and at least he wouldn’t go around telling everyone, he couldn’t – his career was on the line.

*   *   *

“How’s it going with that little slut?”  I narrowed my eyes, staring right at him, he better not be going off the plan.

“You really shouldn’t call her that, she’s just a lonely girl. Quite sweet actually.” Quite sweet? I don’t think so. She was a devil child, always messing up my lessons, falling asleep in the middle of Russian history and still managing to get decent marks.

“You’re not falling for her are you, it’s supposed to be purely sexual Howland.” He was squirming uncomfortably at my question. Men! They were all useless louts, I wish I could do the job myself.

“Do I need to find someone else?!”

“No, no, of course not. The plan is still going ahead, I actually think we’re a little ahead of schedule.”

“Of course we are. How on earth could she resist you…”

Generation 2 – Chapter 1

I couldn’t believe how beautiful his house was, it was totally modern but with like, an oriental twist or something, and I could see an amazing view of the city through the windows, which had a courtyard in the middle. I loved it! Walking through the large double doors I didn’t know what to expect, I had thought I might walk into some kind of seedy bachelor pad but it was soo grown up, I felt about 5 years old again!

As I followed him through to the kitchen, which was pretty cute, I couldn’t get over how like, totally great his house was! I was dying to know how he had so much money, but he’d probably think I was some sort of gold digging whore, which I so wasn’t. I may not want to work, but I had plenty of inheritance money.

I stepped outside as he struggled to work the coffee machine, he was so cute! The back yard area was really cool, I could definitely picture myself chilling out here in a tiny bikini with a Mexican maid bringing me endless glasses of nectar and feeding me strawberries.

My excitement at what was about to happen was so high that I had to run to the bottom of the pool area so he couldn’t see my squeals of joy!

The view was so incredible, it was one thing living in the city, but it was another thing altogether being able to see it from a distance. The sight of him sat calmly with his coffee, looking at me with like this look as if he was thinking she’s beautiful was so totally hot. Well, who could blame him for thinking I was beautiful.

‘So where’s the bedroom?’ I asked with a wink, although I don’t really think he caught onto my meaning.

‘Upstairs to the left, why?’

‘I want to see it.’ I felt totally saucy as I slunk off to the staircase, and I knew he was following me, probably totally excited for tonight.

There was a bathroom leading into his bedroom, and he went ahead while I checked myself in the mirror. I was about to lose my virginity, I didn’t want to look ugly!

Stepping into his bedroom after making sure I was completely primed for the night ahead I started to feel a little nervous, up until now it had been all like, excitement and stuff, now I was feeling butterfly’s of nerves, not excitement. He was already chilling out on the bed, fully clothed (which I was disappointed about!) just waiting for me.

I settled into the spot next to him and expected to like, get straight down to the business, but he just started talking, not even making a move on me. Maybe I’d picked the wrong guy, geez.

‘Look-‘ I intterupted him in the middle of some completely innane anecdote, ‘You know why I’m here, right?’

‘Well, because you like me, and I like you.” He replied, looking sweet, but a little confused,

‘Well yeah- are we ever gonna seal the deal?’ I must have sounded so impatient saying it, but that’s what I was!

‘Woah, woah woah! Ari, we’re not having sex tonight! We’ve only been out a few times, and you’re only just legal!’

‘Well why am I even here!’ I retorted, God, he had led me on soo much!

‘We’re just getting to know each other, now I’m going to sleep. You’re welcome to sleep with me, just not in that way, not tonight at least.’ He rolled over, the conversation was finished. Ew, maybe he wasn’t the guy I was looking for. But then again – maybe he was exactly the guy I needed, I was totally confused!

That night I was racked with dreams of Noah – Noah naked, Noah kissing me – Noah taking my virginity, Ew! I felt like a total dude having a wet dream or something!

I woke up super early, I couldn’t risk something slipping out in my sleep and Noah hearing – I had to play this relationship well if I wanted to keep him, life was about games, and I was the master. I slipped on a pair of black tracksuit bottoms that I found in a drawer and headed to the kitchen – on the upstairs landing I could see that fantastic view, and I was worried for a second, would mom and dad worry where I was? Hopefully no one had checked my room, and if they had they hopefully thought I slept out.

I was desperate to reach the kitchen – just like my mom, I needed coffee first thing on a morning or I could not function. I was a little taken aback as I headed towards the room that held my life force and saw a guy sat at the breakfast bar reading the paper, I should have realises he had room-mates, with a place this size he must need them!

Totally ignoring him I moved to the coffee maker – this damn thing was like something from the future, I was pretty sure we had the same one but I’d never made my own coffee, Rosa the maid did that. The guy was behind me now, and I could hear him chuckling as I struggled to work the piece of crap machine.

‘So you’re Noah’s latest conquest?’ Um, ew much? Who was this freak?

‘Ew. Who are you?’ I asked, pursing my lips, still not looking at him.

‘Noah’s room-mate, Tom. But back to you, come on, how was he?! Finally sealed the deal with you huh? He’s talked about you lots!’ He was visibly excited for his friend, but I didn’t care about that. Noah talked about me to his friends, wow, maybe he could be more than my virginity taker…

‘Me and Noah are waiting until we’re really comfortable together to have sex.’ I told Tom sanctimoniously, gosh I could be the next Mother Theresa or something… this was working out well. I sipped my coffee calmly and walked over to the breakfast bar, not at all bothered that I was only in my bra, I had a great body, might as well show it off.

I could feel him looking at me as I sipped my coffee, eyes closed, it was like God was coming down and waking me up, ahh coffee… the greatest invention ever. Was it an invention or was it grown? I didn’t know, or care for that matter.

After a while Tom slunk off to a distant part of the house and I sat there in silence for a while, preparing myself for the day ahead. I couldn’t believe me and Noah hadn’t done it, what would I tell Emily? Should I just lie and say I had done it? No, lying to your girlfriends about sex was unforgivable… if she ever found out she wouldn’t speak to me, not that I needed her or anything. I could hear my phone ringing, I always took it with me, I would never leave it unattended, the people in movies who left it lying around were so stupid.

‘Arielle, where on earth are you?! Get home right now!’ It was Chace, oh no, I’d forgotten all about running away from him!

‘Um – Dad I just slept at Emilys-‘ I told him, feeling a little guilty,

‘Well for a start that’s a lie, Emily just called by the house to see if you wanted to go shopping!-‘ Uh oh, Emily was a stupid bitch! How dare she do that without calling me first?! ‘-and another thing, how dare you run away from me last night? Did you sleep at that boy – or should I say man’s – house?!’

‘Look dad I did, but all we did was sleep, don’t worry-‘

‘I SHOULD THINK SO!’ He was really angry now, oh god! ‘You’re far too young to think of doing anything but sleeping at a boys house!’

‘Dad- seriously I’m not that young!’

‘I don’t want to hear another word about it Arielle, your antics are becoming too much to deal with, Mrs Preston called earlier, telling me you failed a history test! What game are you playing, how much trouble I can get myself into?’ Test? What test?… Oh, the Russian Revolution test, I’d spent the enitre time planning my outfit for prom.

‘Dad will you just calm down! You’re being a complete dork!’

‘Get home right now Arielle, your mother and I want to speak to you face to face.’ He hung up, leaving me with the dull tone ringing in my ear. I couldn’t even put the phone away I was so nervous, what were they going to do?!

I ran upstairs and quickly threw on my clothes, I had to get home before they got even madder! Oh no, there was Noah, all dressed and looking more handsome than ever in the light of day.

‘Everything okay? I heard a bit of your phone call when I went to get my clothes from the laundry room.’ He looked genuinely concerned, which was nice.

‘Yeah – well, not really. My dads being like, a total dork. He wants me to go home.’ Damn, I shouldn’t have mentioned parents!

‘Sure, I can understand that. But just know Ari, I won’t let your father scare me away, I really like you, and definitely want to see you again. Give me a call later.’ He embraced me in a hug, which I clung onto for a good few minutes. If this was the closest I was going to get to him till we got to know each other better then I was going to savour every moment of it.

The looks on my parents faces as I stepped out of the elevator chilled me to the bone, they looked furious!

They were both towering over me as I sat on a chair in the living room, I felt like I was in an intervention or something, geez it wasn’t as if I was a drug addict, I was just being a teenager!

Dad told me to stand up, I thought he was going to forgive me and hug me or something, but it was the complete opposite! He let rip just like he did on the phone, screaming at me about school, the club, Noah, and all my antics from my childhood, why was he doing this?!

‘Dad, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again!’

‘You’re completely right about that. You won’t be able to get into trouble like this where you’re going!’ Going? What was he talking about?!

‘I’m sorry sweetheart, but me and your father have discussed it, and we think it would be the best thing for you if we send you away to boarding school.’ Mom had come forward, trying to comfort me as she broke this news, what was this, good cop bad cop?! I was not going away! What about Noah?

‘No! You can’t do that, I have a whole life here!’ I was furious, how dare they do this? I may be young but I could make my own decisions, and I didn’t want to leave!!

‘I’m sorry, we just think it would be the best thing for you.’ Looking into her eyes I knew she was being genuine, they actually thought this was good for me, they had like, totally got it wrong!!

I had to accept it for now, there was no other choice. But I wasn’t going to stand for it, I would definitely get out of going to this school, I wouldn’t be going for a few weeks at least so I could work out a way to get out of it.

‘The car will be here soon, we’ve packed most of your things away. I’m going to miss you so much.’ She embraced me in a hug as I processed what she just said, the car was downstairs?! I had to go right now? No, no no!

Standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator 20 minutes later, surrounded by tonnes of bags, I still felt numb, I was gob-smacked, why was I being sent away? I had hardly done that many things wrong, there were like, much worse teenagers than me!

My family came over and said goodbye, it was so much more emotional than I thought, I didn’t know I felt this much for them! Ugh, why was I being sent away, I should have just been good, I didn’t even know where I was going, boarding school? EW! 

Watching my luggage being loaded into the limousine I felt the emotions bubbling to the surface, and had to wipe the tears away from my eyes. I wasn’t going to see Noah, thank God I had my phone and I could call him. Maybe boarding school would be easy to sneak out of, but then I could get into even more trouble!

I stared at the city as the limousine sped away from the curb, the place I had been born, the place I had grown up, my whole life was behind this glass, and I was leaving it! This was totally unfair! I didn’t know where I was going, just that it was a prestigious boarding school in the country, ew!

Generation 1 HEIR VOTE (CLOSED)

Who will you choose to continue the Belgravia name into the next generation?!

Will it be the wild child Arielle, who grew up with a distant mother and father to turn into a shallow and conceited girl. Can her new love interest Noah give her a new perspective on life, or is he just a guy looking to get lucky?

Or perhaps it will be the booksmart, shy, Alexandra. She grew up in the shadow of her twin sister Oriana, and found solace in the great authors that came before her. Obsessed with a boy from her school, she lays on the outs of the social scene, but has great potential if only she could be blessed with the powers of confidence.

Maybe your vote will go to Oriana. After searching for a passion which would hit her as hard as acting hit her mother, she finally discovered what she wanted to do in life – music. Will she find romance as well as a career with a Rock God from the office, or will she fail completely, and discover music was not her calling at all?

And the winner is…



Generation 1 – Chapter 15

My favourite part of the day was waking up. No one ever bothered me, I could do exactly as I pleased and no one would even try to speak to me until it was time to leave for school. As soon as I woke up I danced – my favourite thing to do.

The freedom of dancing was amazing, I just let loose, letting my body take over as I responded to the music. I, of course, had the best music system available, which drove Alex crazy, she was so much quieter than me. I still loved her, of course, but she was just… well… boring. After getting dressed I fed my fish, passed down to me by Arielle when she got bored of them, personally I loved them, but I definitely wanted bigger and better ones.

If I was bored I’d sometimes check what Alex was doing, maybe she was letting it all go, maybe she’d put some music on and took that awful pilgrim dress off (which she had tried to jazz up with a modern pattern but had failed) and was letting herself go. Alas, she never was. It was always the same, her hunched over that silly laptop typing away on her latest project, or scrolling through pages and pages of pointless information looking for the right information for her books. Who cared? Why didn’t she just wait for the movie?

I’d usually check in on Arielle too, she could be a lot of fun if she was in a good mood, but lately she was never home, ever. Word around school was that she had a boyfriend – a much older boyfriend. I had to talk to her about it.

School – I still didn’t know how I felt about it. It was okay I guess, my music teacher was totally cool, and my friends were great, but they all stayed back after for extra credit and stuff, so I was always left walking out alone.

Who needed extra credit? Certainly not me. I had read somewhere that the best education you can get is by going out and experiencing things. So that’s exactly what I planned to do. One day I went to the furthest point in Bridgeport, I didn’t know exactly what this road I was on was for, it led to nowhere, but it gave a nice view of the city at least.

I spent a while staring at the city, mulling over my thoughts. I needed to decide what I wanted to do with my life, Alex knew she wanted to become an author, but what did I want?

After a while a splashing noise reached my ears, it was really annoying, and as I looked out to sea I saw a huge fish jumping around in the water. Perhaps this could be the latest addition to my tank!

Voilà! The fish was mine! I stood waiting for the epiphany, the voice inside my head that told me I was to become a master fisher and translate those skills over to cooking or something… but it never came. Maybe fishing wasn’t my destiny, oh well. No great loss.

A few more weeks passed, and before I knew it my birthday was looming. I was about to enter a whole new stage of my life, geez, it was strange thinking about it, I hadn’t done much with myself yet, but this would open a whole new chapter for me!

“So are you having a totally great party for your birthday Oriana?” Cindy asked me as we hung out on the school field.

“Yeah, its got to be the party of the year, you know your sis’ won’t have anyone good there, we gotta’ make this party the place to be!” Erin chimed in, looking excited.

These were my two best friends, as we all had pretty similar tastes in music and movies, and although we didn’t really fit in with the popular crowd we were always invited to parties and stuff – partly because I was the daughter of a movie star and partly because people thought we were cool, I didn’t know why, but they did.

“Um – I’m having a party yeah, my moms turning the living room into a party room as we speak, I hope it’s gonna be fun though.” I was a little uneasy, the last party that had been at our house was still talked about today – my parents wedding reception. Apparently it had been the party of the century, with amazing effects, free flowing drink, gourmet food and the most famous sims in the city in attendance. That sure was something to live up to.

“Well, I gotta run- see you tonight dude.” Cindy said as she ran back to the school, where her bike was parked, closely followed by Erin. Mom usually sent a limousine to pick me up, but the whole thing was so pretentious I usually walked home, besides, I liked taking in the scenery.

That same night I was ready for the party. The place had been completely decked out, and a few of my moms friends all told me how great it looked. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, although most of the kids were bunched in the corner, too nervous to let loose. Me and Erin however had no such qualms, I could see her behind me, going as crazy as I was!

As I prepared to blow out my candles it was as if something went off in my head – that epiphany I had been expecting when I was out fishing.

I was going to become a musician! I didn’t know if I would go down the classical route, or the rock and roll route, but whichever it was I knew I would do well.

It was so great to see mom and dad happy again, I didn’t know what had been up with them before, but I think now they were around I was turning out much better than Arielle did. I loved my sister, but she was a bit of a wild one.

I couldn’t keep my hands off my favourite present – an electric guitar! The tunes that came out weren’t very good, but at least no one heard me, I locked the door every time until I got better. I may not be as conceited as Arielle, but I still didn’t want people to see me fail.

*  *  *

God Noah was hot. And when I say hot I mean HOT! He was a total catch – wealthy, handsome, and fun. I couldn’t resist calling him again for yet another night of dancing.

We chatted at the bar for a while, the club hadn’t started bouncing yet – probably because I had only just arrived, word still had to get around.

When we hit the dance floor people parted to let us through (of course) and we hit it harder than ever before. This was out fourth time dancing, and I knew I wanted tonight to be the night!

We ended up in some sort of glass cube – a showcase for everyone in the club, setting the standard of dancing, a very high standard. At first I didn’t realise it, but as I looked closer I saw him – Chace! What the hell was my dad doing here?! He thought I was sleeping at Emily’s! No, this could not be happening.

Of course it wasn’t long before he noticed me, I was dancing in a glass box after all! His fury was like, coming off him in waves or something, what a bore! He was going absolutely crazy, screaming about how I should be at Emily’s, not here, and about how much of a bad girl I was – ew, it sounded like something from a bad porno!

“And who is this?!” He shouted, just stopping himself from grabbing onto Noahs collar, who was stood there looking awkward.

“That’s for me to know and you to never find out! C’mon Noah!” I had to scream over the music, which had suddenly changed to some sort of heavy rap – ew! I felt so cool as I ran out arm and arm with Noah.

“Can I crash at your place?” I asked, smiling up at him. Tonight was the night, well, I hoped it would be. Was it possible he could reject me – no! I mean, look at me, I’m totally hot, as well as fun, rebellious, and flirty!

“Well I would really like to show you my house, it’s great.” He looked so genuine as he said it, as if he had no ulterior motive at all. Wow, this guy must be a great liar! Of course he only wanted to get me into bed.

After a short ride across the bridge into the hills we arrived at his gated home – wow, this guy was hooked up! The gates opened as he pressed a small button on his keys, and we strolled towards the modern home. I wondered if I was making the right decision, Emily was dating a new guy, and was planning on doing ‘it’ soon. I had to like, beat her, didn’t I? Mom once told me she lost her virginity at 16 – and regretted it every day since, because it wasn’t special enough… maybe… no, that’s just totally lame.

*  *  *

I knew Oriana was more popular than me but come on – I had something like 3 friends at the party and she had most of our class! I suppose I didn’t care that much, but it was a little disheartening to know I wasn’t the popular one.

Although writing was my passion I also had… another passion. I could barely even think it, it was so embarrassing. It’s name, was Jeremy. Jeremy King, considered by most people in the school to be a complete nerd – but to me he was perfect. I was like a crazy stalker girl, something from a nightmare. I would follow him around, spy on him in the park, hiding behind the fountain and watching from afar.

How did he not notice me? I had never even thought of my mothers acting credentials as a route to popularity, but if I ever needed them, it was now. He had to just look at me! It would be like one of those old movies, where the guy looks at the girl and his face lights up and they lived happily ever after. Ugh! I hated myself, I would follow him home, I had no idea where he lived, as I didn’t dare get on the subway and follow him – partly because he may catch me, and partly because I would never go down there.

Had he noticed me, and I just hadn’t noticed that he’d noticed me? Did he think I was ugly?! I hated myself for thinking like this! I was like one of those sad sex and the city girls who sat around all day thinking about men, it was even finding it’s way into my writing! As I inspected myself in the mirror I thought I looked pretty good, but who knew what he thought. Maybe he liked ethnic looking girls, with wild black hair and a beautiful skin tone, not plain blondes with milky white skin.

Ah, I had to talk to him! Maybe somewhere on my bookshelf was a self-help guide to relationships or something, or maybe I could ask Arielle… no! She’d tell me to jump on him or something, and I was not that kind of girl.

Generation 1 – Chapter 14

I had given up all hope. Chace wasn’t coming back, it had been to long. I didn’t know what they had done with him, but it was over. So, so over. I felt like the worst person in the world, but however much I tried, I simply couldn’t function without Chace. The girls all thought I was so dumb, but I knew everything they were up to, their exploits didn’t go unnoticed, just unpunished. I didn’t have any drive for such a thing. My life was probably going to become a tragic Bridgeport tale of the actress who goes off the rails. I threw myself on the floor in a heap, this couldn’t be happening to me!

I didn’t even look up when I heard footsteps running towards me, who would it be who I cared about? They were far to light to be one of my daughters. No one else mattered, I had put on a brave face for a while, but I couldn’t keep it up any longer.

As I looked up I thought it was a mirage, it was Chace… but it couldn’t be, he was gone, and we was never coming back! No… no, it was him, I could hear him, but it was as if he was screaming over a layer of white noise, I couldn’t really hear him. Then it was as if a metaphoric light bulb was turned on in my head, the world came into focus, and it was him! I jumped up quickly, my face turning from utter desolation to pure joy as I threw myself into his arms.

“I can’t believe it’s actually you, you came back!” I said joyfully, kissing him over and over again. The man I loved had returned, it was unbelievable. Any second I expected to wake up and be faced with the disaster that was my life. But the reality was so much better.

*  *  *

Local authorities are still investigating the mysterious fires that happened just under a week ago at two local vampire sights. One of which had remained hidden until very recently, after movie star Lily Belgravia claimed her husband was trapped there. The fires destroyed everything at the two sights, one of which was a Bridgeport landmark, stretching over 7 stories underground, more on that story after the weather. 

As I sipped a hot cup of coffee and listened to the news I realised how lucky I as to finally be home. I had a beautiful wife, three beautiful daughters, and an amazing home. Thank God I escaped from those bloodsuckers when I did. A small smile spread across my face when I heard the news story on the radio, I had paid a couple of men a lot of money for that job. No one knew if the vampires were dead or not, I don’t think many were aware they turned to ash when dead, but my guys had told me that no one escaped.

It was great to be back to some sense of normalcy. Although I had been gone an awfully long time, my job was still waiting for me, and after I explained that my car had broken down in the swiss alps, trapping me, they were more than understanding. It was amazing how much had changed since I left, all the girls had grown, and I cursed myself for missing those valuable moments of their life, although if I’m honest with myself, I was never really there for them before. I was determined to be a better father.

*   *   *

It was totally weird having Dad back. I thought he might have like, run away with some hooker tramp in 8 inch neon heels and never come back. I’d changed so much since he left, and he like, didn’t get me any more, though I had to give him a few points for trying. When I was little he never even spoke to me, I had faint memories of a totally seedy apartment and dad playing with me, but I probably just dreamt it. My therapist told me I had an over-active imagination, like he would know. Yeah anyway, dad, he’s totally trying much harder now, he comes to my room all the time and jokes around with me. Its kinda cute actually.

He was probably just doing it to make mom happy, though it didn’t seem that way. I would tell him all about my life when he came in, though there wasn’t much to tell. It was so boring. Well, the bits I could actually tell him about were boring.

I wished I could still skip school like I used to when I was little, but when dad came back mom had snapped out of her zombie-mom-who-doesn’t-care-about-anything stage and became like, a semi-real mom. She was still out a lot, winning awards for her cop show, which was on like, season 76 or something by now. Okay maybe like season 3, whatever. But that meant school was mandatory again, ew. When I stood outside the place I just felt like throwing myself under the school bus, death would probably be a release from this place!!

At least I had Michael and Emily, they were probably the most grown up kids in our class, like me. We were so much better than them freaks, I don’t wanna sound conceited but it was true, Michael and Emily’s mom was a big movie composer, and her dad was the director on my moms show, but the other kids at school had like… waiters and firemen as their parents, hello, get a good job please? Ew. It was totally like they were my slaves, Michael was a bit weird and stuff, but at least he was rich and popular, so I guess I could let him off.

The other kids stayed in like, every week night and did homework, ha! I’d rather throw myself out of my penthouse than stay in. One particular night we hit up the Banzai Club, which was a pretty decent place, but they left me waiting like, 12 years before they arrived. I was sat like some friendless freak, please!

I had to sit there like a total wiredo with my drink, just staring around the club at all the people talking and laughing, I wanted to die!

I wished I worn something different, it looked pretty good in the mirror but now I was out I realised I looked like a 95 year old grandma on her way to a cousins wedding, the long dress was gonna get on my nerves when he hit the floor too, ugh, I’m such a freak. Thank God and the baby Jesus above when they arrived and we could dance, I was about to pass out with boredom and embarrassment. Emily wasn’t that good of a dancer but I could definitely teach her a few moves, again, I don’t wanna be conceited, but I’m an amazing dancer.

We were totally the youngest people in there, but all the bartenders new me because of my mom, and always let me in. As I danced I noticed a potential across the room. ‘A potential’ is what me and Emily say when we see someone hot we could dance with and maybe, if we like them, hook up with them that night. This one was definitely a potential, and he was totally looking at me. Who could blame him.

After a little eyelash batting and a bit of smiling he worked his way across the floor to dance with me. Score!

“Hi, I’m Arielle” I told him, smiling.

“Noah.” He replied, moving down as he danced, so he was shorter than me and could look up at me, probably checking for a double chin, but he was definitely not going to find one, ew.

“You come here much?” He shouted over the music, giving me a huge smile. Gosh he was totally cute, this could be my best potential yet.

“Oh yeah all the time.” We couldn’t really talk in here, it was jam packed and the music was blasting. We just danced, it must have been at least 3 hours, and we didn’t take our eyes off each other the entire time!

When the club closed and we all piled into the elevators he kept looking over and grinning at me. I smiled back once, but I knew I had to play it cool. Leaving the lobby, I could feel him looking at me, probably checking out my great body.

I knew he was coming, I could hear the light panting and the quick step of shoes on the pavement, but I couldn’t turn around, I had to be cool. He was obviously older than me, and I didn’t want him thinking I was a little kid or something.

“Hey, Ari, wait up. We didn’t really get much chance to talk in there.” He was totally cute, I was right. Sometimes the club lights flattered people, but not this guy, he was even better.

“You’re not running away from me are you, we had a great night, right?” Uh oh, maybe I made the wrong move. At least if he went like psycho-killer-rapist on my ass I had Emily just behind me, we both had pepper spray and 200 simoleans worth of self defence classes. Rape was definitely not an option.

“Of course not. I just didn’t see you.” I gave him a big smile as I handed over my excuse. Hopefully it would work.

“Listen, I really want to see you again. Here’s my card.” He slipped me a shiny white card, but I knew it was like a social faux-pas to look at someone’s card in front of them, so I kept hold of it.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to keep this safe.” God, I better get going, it was getting light. If they knew how late I was out mom and dad would totally kill me. So he wasn’t our true definition of a potential, we never usually carried on a potential to a later date, but I was definitely making an exception for this guy.

“I’m afraid I gotta go, my friend seems really tired.” I pointed to Emily stood behind him, and he smiled at me understandingly.

“I hope I can see you again.” He whispered. God, was this guy cute or what?! I didn’t answer, I had his card and was definitely going to call him. I knew he was watching me again as me and Emily ran down the street.

I had wrote down his number on my hand and over the next week I considered when to call him, I totally didn’t want to appear desperate, but he was so cute. My answer came when me and Emily were skipping science one day. I was telling her all about him, and we were trying to figure out when I should call.

Suddenly we were faced with one of the school slackers, Isiah. His long mane of hair was the most striking thing about him, as well as his strange dress sense. No one really knew much about him, just that he came to school to socialise and was out partying every night of the week.

We didn’t really know why he was talking to us, probably trying to pick us up or something, ew, he was totally gross if you ask me. After a lot of boring conversation our ears perked up when he asked us,

“So, when did you guys do it?” He asked with a smile.

“Um, do what?” Emily replied, looking puzzled.

It!” He waited expectantly for out recognition, but it never came. “You know, sex!”

“We haven-” I cut quickly across Emily before she finished,

“Oh we both did it last year sometime, I don’t really member, its happened like soo many times since.”

“You guys are such dorks. I can tell you’re total virgins. So cute.” He put his hand on his heart patronisingly, what a freak!

“Let’s go. Quick!” Emily whispered in my ear. Thank God, I had to leave before I just died of embarrassment. I couldn’t be a virgin any longer, I had to lose it before I was faced with complete social rejection, and Noah was definitely the one I wanted to lose it to.

*  *  *

Oriana was so horrid. Why did she have to be so mean to me? She always left me out, running off with her friends to parks and things, to have fun. I was really disappointed with her. At least I had my books. Ah my books, not my only friends, I’m not that much of a loner, but still a big part of my life. They were so precious, and I loved nothing better than curling up in my bed with an amazing read.

I say Oriana was always with her friends, but the truth is I honestly did not know what she got up to. We were definitely not those twins who shared everything, we even insisted on our own bedrooms, she liked loud music, dark colours, television, dancing, and all that stuff. Whereas I preferred a lovely light room, full of books and comfortable chairs. One of my favourite places was the library. I sometimes ditched school (I knew it was wrong – but I learnt more from my books than those brain dead teachers!) and biked there (I didn’t want to ruin the environment with car journeys.)

Standing in front of the rows upon rows of fabulous books I realised that this is where I wanted to be. I wanted my words to give inspiration to people just like me, who found comfort among the pages of fantasy.

I had to hurry home, I had ideas that were threatening to burst out of my head and spill all over the sidewalk. Please let me remember these ideas, I could probably get published with the thoughts I was going to transfer to the page!

This had to be my destiny, now all I needed was to get the ideas down, and get someone to look at my work, I was going to get so much more out of life than silly old Oriana, who would probably end up participating in the old ‘drugged-up-movie-stars-daughter’ cliché.

Generation 1 – Chapter 13

I was starting to go crazy, trapped in my underground prison. It was a luxurious prison, but a prison non the less. My room was opulent, with a huge four poster, antique furniture, and a private garden (fake sunlight of course). The constant presence of the guard, who would come in and check on me regularly was unnerving, he would come in at any time of the day or night (I had lost track of the days by now) and simply stare at me, making sure I wasn’t doing anything I shouldn’t be.

I hated him! As much as I tried to ignore him, I couldn’t help staring at him, how could he be so stoic and cold?

One particular day, he told me to follow him, The Queen wanted to see me. I had finally wrapped my head around the fact that Carmen was not the Queen, this vampire was. It was all very confusing, Carmen had called herself a Queen as she led a coven, but she wasn’t really, and it turns out the actual Queen, the one who was holding me here, wasn’t a Queen as I knew it, she only had power over vampires in Bridgeport, and she reported an even higher figure. As I walked through the passageways of the underground mansion I knew I had to escape, if only I could formulate some sort of plan, but escape seemed impossible, I closed my eyes in despair at my situation.

I put my head down as the Queen talked to me, laughing as she told me about her plans for me, how I would be forever in her debt once she made me a vampire.

“It will not be long, Chace, until I open you up to more than you could ever imagine. The greatest gift of all… eternal life.” Greatest gift of all? Was she delusional? What kind of life was it, watching everyone I care about die, having to answer to such a disgusting woman, and never seeing sunlight again?

“Will someone activate the windows? I want to see my city.” Activate the windows? Well it must be night, but how could they be ‘activated’? I was amazed as I watched a guard press a tiny button on the opposite side of the room. Suddenly windows appeared through the previously blank wall, and the city, in all its glory, was revealed. I ran over to take a look at the place I missed so such.

I didn’t know how long it had been since I saw the city, it felt like years. Just behind these two layers of glass was my wife, my children, my life. I had to get back to them, or I would die trying, I could never live as an undead, walking through the night, a ghost who kills for fun. Such a life couldn’t even be called a life.

After some more ramblings about my new life I was deposited back in my room. I sat out in the garden and began to think. There must be some way I could escape. How about during the day? No, there was always someone around, I had peeked out of my room several times in what I thought would be daylight to find a guard, always watchful.

I just needed an idea that I could maybe pull off. I knew I would never have a fool-proof plan, after all I was in the vampire Queen of Bridgeport’s huge mansion surrounded by vampiric guards who could suck the life out of me in the blink of an eye. I had no idea how long it would be before my next run in with the Queen, hopefully not for a while.

Unfortunately my hopes of not seeing her again for a while were shattered, as a few hours later I was interrupted from my scheming by the guard, ready to escort me upstairs. I didn’t move for a few minutes, as if I was trying to cram in the last few seconds of planning. Nope, still nothing.

Arriving upstairs I was faced with the Queen going mad at Carmen, the shrill cries were hurting my ears, but the guard behind them was as stoic as ever. Carmen had definitely done something wrong, again, who knew why the Queen hated her so much.

“Chace, are you ready to begin your new life?” She asked, smiling wickedly at me as she raised herself off the sofa. No!! I wanted to scream, but I knew it would do no good.

“I want to be the one to turn him, I found him!” Carmen shouted at the Queen, also jumping up from the sofa. Fighting over who made me a monster? Why did they care?

Then it hit me. This was my chance. I could escape, and I knew exactly how to do it. Quickly scanning the room I noticed a definite lack of guards. I had worked out roughly that it must be daytime by now, so many of them were probably sleeping.  Carmen and the Queen didn’t even notice as I began to run to the opposite side of the room.

I was aware that at any moment they could be next to me, thanks to their super-speed. But I couldn’t think like that, it was now or never, my heart was pounding in my chest, threatening to burst through. I could run out of the door, but they might come back for me, I had to be rid of these awful creatures once and for all.

And then it was all over. My hand touched the small button on the wall, and I felt the sunlight burst into the room. I had to shield my eyes for a second, and when the dust cleared I looked across the pool at the shocked, horrified faces of my captors. Even the guard, who I had never seen to have any emotion, looked surprised.

It all happened so quickly, one minute they were there, the next they were gone. A few seconds of ear-splitting, gut-wrenching screams riccochead around the room as they realised what I had done, but the pain they were in stopped them from coming for me.

I clasped my hands to my heart in shock, I didn’t know what I had been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. This was so much better, revenge is sweet.

Before I knew it the Queen herself was disintegrating, her body turning to ash before my very eyes.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done, I had came up with the best plan imaginable, killing my captors, and now I was free. I knew no guards would be at the gates, they would have to stay inside during the day unless they wanted to end up like the Queen, Carmen, and the guard. I couldn’t help looking nervously back at the house as I ran across the drive, vampires were still inside, asleep, and it was pretty much obvious who did it. Hopefully the death of their Queen might free them or something, I didn’t really know. I just knew I had to get home to Lily and the girls. I was free.

Generation 1 – Chapter 12

If only Chace was around, the twins birthday would have been perfect. I still hadn’t told everyone his actual whereabouts, even though I didn’t know them myself, I knew he wasn’t away on business. Inside I was dying, but I put on a brave face as I let Oriana blow out the candles.

The awards I was winning for the cop TV show were nothing compared to the joy of seeing my girls happy. Arielle had been acting out a little lately, but at least she was mostly a good girl, always in school, always studying. The excitement of a full day all about them was coming through loud and clear on Oriana and Alexandra’s faces, they looked so happy, I had never seen them smile so much!

As they entered the next stage of their lives they became closer than ever, but very different in style. Alexandra preferred a classic style, which she jazzed up with girly patterns, whereas Oriana was a rough and ready, jeans and a T-Shirt kind of girl, with her wild hair finishing the look.

Now that they were the same age as Arielle (for a short while) the three often played together, all racing up and down the apartment, screaming and shouting as they played.

I didn’t mind what they did, they deserved to have fun and do what they wanted, if Chace wasn’t found soon I might have to tell them what had happened, but I still needed to know what had happened to him myself. Where was he?!

*  *  *

The car in question took us high into the hills of Bridgeport. Movie star territory, I knew Lily’s friend Marlon lived nearby, perhaps if I played my cards right I could escape and take refuge at his house. As I was dragged out of the car I looked at my surroundings, I could see a large house in the distance, windowless, draped in bare bricks, definitely a vampiric residence. Huge fences stood between our party of three and the house. Huge fences that were guarded by dangerous looking men in suits and dark glasses, God help me. I had to wait by the road as The Queen talked to a guard, I could hear snippets of the conversation,

“She is expecting me,” The Queen said, pulling her hands close to her chest with a smile “and my entourage.”

The guard seemed sceptical, and not at all fazed that he was talking to vampire. Probably one himself, those evil eyes hidden behind the thick lenses.

“You sure about that?” The guard asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course! Why would I lie?” The Queen replied, she was being coy, playing sweet, how I hated her.

“Fine. Go on through.” He told her grudgingly. As we walked down a large, stone path towards a guarded gate I turned my head and looked behind, it was identical to the gate we were headed to, and was also guarded. Escape from this place would be impossible.

Little of the house could be seen over the high fences covered by equally high hedges, this place brought a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘private residence’.

I was nervous as we walked up a long marble pathway, through grounds surrounded by fountains. Mary’s antagonism could be felt from miles away, it was as if she was radiating hatred, The Queen on the other hand seemed quite calm, but who knew what she was really feeling. I hated being around vampires, I had to get back to my family.

As I walked through the large oak door surrounded by marble my face dropped in shock.

The room I was entering was large, bright, and had an airy feeling with windows that framed a plain blue scene, did these face onto the city? How could they? No, it was dark out… it was a confusing scenario, nothing like drab underground prison I had been in before I came here, it did not seem like a very vampiric residence. A vampire clad in a nude bikini was sat on a chaise lounge on the opposite side of a dark blue pool, sipping a Plasma carton with her flaming red hair framing a dangerously beautiful face. I was glad Mary had given me a pair of denim shorts to go over my briefs.

“Carmen, what a surprise.” She said emotionlessly, as if it was not a surprise at all to her. As she stood up, she motioned for Carmen to come towards her, and motioned Mary to stay away. I could hear their conversation from my position on a comfortable sofa, with Mary standing watch behind me.

“What are you doing here Carmen? Did I not tell you to leave, or you simply as dense as you appear?” She asked with scorn.

“Excuse me your majesty, but it’s none of your business what I do with my time.” The Queen replied with a large, artificial smile and a laugh, which clearly irritated this woman. I was wondering why was Carmen, who I knew as ‘The Queen’ addressing this vampire as a Queen? Were there other Queens?

“That just shows exactly how little you know. It is most certainly my business what you do here, due to the fact that while in Brideport, you answer to me.

“I don’t answer to anyone!” The Queen screamed back at her, which elicited an eye roll from the woman, and caused her to bare her fangs in anger.

“You will leave Carmen, or I’ll have your fangs. Goodbye now.” I was beginning to like this woman, she was giving The Queen exactly what she deserved, yet I was worried, if The Queen was banished from Bridgeport, would I have to go with her?

“I am a Queen! You can’t banish me, please your majesty!”

“You are not a Queen, and representing yourself as such is a disgrace, I am a Queen, not you. You may be at the head of a coven, but do not bestow royal titles upon yourself when they have not been earned in any way, shape, or form!” The woman was extremely angry not, gesticulating wildly with her arms, baring her fangs and snarling at Carmen.

Carmen definitely seemed afraid, I had never seen her face like it was right then, this woman must definitely have sway over vampires. If she could control Carmen, then she must be able to control Carmen’s subjects, of which there were 5, who knew how many more vampires she controlled.

“Go downstairs. I’ll deal with you later.” She spat at Carmen, who sloped off to the opposite end of the room and vanished through an archway. The woman was still ranting and raving, muttering to herself about ‘subject defection’ and ‘unworthy graces’ as she paced up and down.

“And who do we have here?” She asked, peering over at me, sat on the couch nervously, and Mary, who was stood behind me, and was both angry that her master had left her up here alone, and afraid that Carmen wasn’t all powerful.

“I- My names Chace Belgravia.” I told her, tripping over my words due to my nerves.

“And I’m Mary Win-” Mary was cut short as the woman pushed her out of her way, depositing Mary onto the floor in a heap.

“So Chace,” she began, sitting down next to me, “tell me exactly what you are doing in the company of such second-class vampires, and exactly why you are in my home.” My gulp was something straight out of a TV show, what if she didn’t like my answers? Would she kill me?

“Well it all started out when I went in search of my wife, who had been kidnapped by these vampires and-”

“Can you cut what seems to be a very long story short? I may be immortal but my patience for such mundane tales is zero.”

“Well I freed my wife from these vampires and they captured me instead. Now I’m here after my wife tried to free me and the vampires fled.” Condensing my struggle into such few words made me uneasy, and made me question the vampires that had held me in the underground prison. How could they have let Lily escape, then come back, leave again, and return with police officers? Compared to this place teeming with guards the underground cell was nothing.

“Such silly little vampires, I am curious as to why Carmen brought you to me… perhaps she thought I might appreciate a strapping young man.” she told me with a smirk, did she want me to sleep with her?! God no!

“Come Chace, I’ll take you downstairs and we can talk about my plans for you.” She told me as she walked towards the same archway Carmen had exited through.

As we entered the elevator I was nervous, what if I was stuck here forever? Were we going up or down? I couldn’t deal with being trapped in another underground prison, no way.

I couldn’t tell if we were upstairs or downstairs as I left the elevator. Everywhere had the same fake windows as the pool room, facing onto blank backgrounds, this passageway was particularly deceiving as I could barely see the blank wall through the thick curtains, so it gave a feeling of being inside a real home, with the sun shining outside.

I was even more taken aback as we entered an ornate sitting room, which, as I sat down and waited for the woman as she changed, I noticed had a garden! I could tell it wasn’t a backdrop, there was a fountain and everything, this place was like something from a movie, who lived like this?!

“Chace please, move closer.” She pulled over a chair as she sat on the large couch, and motioned for me to join her.

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked straight away. I had to get it over with, no more of this trailing through her beautiful mansion, quaking with fear on the inside. If she was going to kill me I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I waited, staring at her, I just needed an answer.

“Why do you even need to ask? I am going to kill you, of course.” No, no! There must be a way to escape, but how could I face off against this woman, who was apparently the actual Queen, and all her guards, in a mansion full of vampires? “But you will not die, I am going to open up a whole new life for you. The life of the undead.” I squinted at her, confused. Undead? What was that?

“What do you mean… undead?”

“Why Chace,” she laughed at my confusion, “you are going to become a vampire of course!”

*  *  *

Should Chace embrace a new life as a creature of the night in his own spin off, or attempt to escape and return to Lily?!

Generation 1 – Chapter 11

Mom was acting so weird lately. When she went missing for all those days, probably busy filming and didn’t want me to feel like she’d abandoned me, which she had. As for Dad well, he’s even worse than her. Gone away on business without so much as a goodbye, what a great father. Not. Mom was acting strange though, always walking around in a  daze, always in black.

She never seemed to notice me, and when I shouted out to her she’d act like she had seen a freaking ghost. I come from a family of freaks!

She would usually see me off before I went to school though, watching as I ran off to the elevator. That was probably the most maternalistic thing she could do, it would literally be the apocalypse if she gave me a hug.

I loved having an elevator in my house, it gave me plenty of time to call my friends as I rode down, sometimes I would press every single floor just to burn some time, not that our elevator would ever stop, it was private. Who knew why it even had all these buttons.

Mom must have been dropped on her head as a baby, or lost a few thousand brain cells from to much champagne, because any real mother would know what I was up to. I hadn’t been to school in weeks. The school tried calling, but I disconnected the phone and she didn’t even notice. Score for me I guess. I would run straight past the school bus every day, all the kids stared at me in awe, they all wished they were as bad ass as me, ha!

The subway was my new route of transportation, even though it was a bit smelly and had some funny men on there who asked if I wanted to see their ‘sticks’, whatever they were, but I just ignored them, poor freaks.

I didn’t know where I would get off on each particular day, me and my friends always just met wherever the wind took us. One day I ended up on the outskirts of the city, the view was amazing, although I preferred being in the city to being outside and having a nice view of it.

Michael had told me to meet him at this little beach place I had never heard of. Really, what was outside of the city that mattered? It had everything you needed. Nature? Ew. I was cheered up as I approached this secluded place, which probably had kidnappers and hicks lying in wait, and saw Michael and his sister Emily running around, it did look quite fun.

We ended up playing at the beach all day. It wasn’t as backward as I thought, it had a nice (I guess) playground area, and good space to run around in, we even tried a little fishing, which was so not my sort of thing, I could have got my clothes wet!

By the time school ended, which was the time we all went home to keep up the lie, I was completely worn out. I hoped the maid was home to make me something to eat, but unfortunately she wasn’t. Actually Mom wasn’t home, and I was kind of freaked out, she’d just left Oriana and Alex on the floor, luckily they were having fun, playing with each other but still, definitely not mother of the year material.

Making my own dinner was hard enough, but washing up was even harder. I didn’t have a clue how to cook so I just made some sort of pasta/salad thing I found pre packaged in the fridge, but washing was just… ew. I hated it. Never. Ever again. Wasn’t this meant to be Mom’s job? Or at least a maids.

Luckily Michael and Emily were coming over, so I wouldn’t have to be alone. We all went to my room and I let them play with my stuff, they were actually quite jealous of all the things I had, and seemed to know what everything was, as if they had it on a wish list or something. Who knew, I just got it given to me, it was all junk anyway. I still played with them though, after all, they were my friends.

They could get a little annoying though, with all the sound effects they did when they played, God, how childish could they be? I still loved art, though not as much as I used to, and I would sometimes let them play as I painted. I wanted to be a good painter, but my paintings all seemed very child-like, and who wanted to be a little kid, I was so over it.

“Come on, lets go explore my Moms room.” I told Michael and Emily with a giggle later in the night, I knew they were desperate to see my famous Moms bedroom, Michael even rubbed his hands in glee as we entered, her room was boring if you ask me.

“Why’s your Mom’s room got plants in? Aren’t those types for the outside?” Michael asked as he sat on one of my Mom’s plush sofas. Emily was on the bed, gazing around, taking everything in.

“I dunno, the decorator said it brings the outside in. Who cares.” I stared out the window as I answered him, God sometimes he could be dull.

“Let’s go” I said as I walked over and pulled Emily up off the bed. I didn’t want Mom to catch me, she would probably go ballistic.

“Quick, she could be home any minute.” I told them, even though she had probably left the country or something. Oh no, guess not.

*  *  *

I could not believe that Lily had came back for me, it took me a long time to say the words she had been yearning to here but I finally did it, and my life was now in perspective. I loved Lily, and she loved me. I had to escape this prison so I could be with my family, with those who I loved. She would be back any minute. Just as soon as the cops arrived.

I just had to sit tight until she came back, but unfortunately my captors had… other plans.

“I can’t believe this, how did she get through the door, how did she find us?!” The red haired vampire said to the darker one,

“She was held captive here Mary, pull yourself together. We must move to the safe-rooms.” The darker one was definitely in charge, I had realised that since the first time I saw her, when she drained me within an inch of death. How I hated her.

“I have sent the others to the east wing, come, we go to the north.” Were they just going to leave me here? Hopefully. My mouth widened into a smile at the thought, if only they would leave me to be rescued, leave me to go back with my family.

However much I wished it, they definitely were not leaving me. As the red haired vampire unlocked my cell door I thought they were about to drag me out, that is until they both stepped in and locked the gate behind them. What the hell?

“Make it snappy Mary.” The leader commanded, make what snappy?

“Do not fret human boy, you will be safe with us, we have our… uses for you.” She told me with a smile, God what had I gotten myself into?

I was taken aback as the red head started to push against the wall, revealing some sort of hidden doorway. Had that been there the entire time? It must be some sort of escape route, but didn’t they say a ‘safe-room’? Couldn’t these vampires just kill any cops with a snap of their fangs? Not that I wanted them to!

“Come. Now.” said the red head, stepping aside so I could follow her leader down a passageway. When I turned around I was shocked to find the wall back in place, making this seem like a dead end, how would Lily ever find me now?!

The passageway we were in was long and cold, I wish they hadn’t taken my clothes off me, I felt so stupid and vulnerable standing here in my drawers. Such was my own self absorbation I didn’t notice another wall had been pushed aside, and the red head was once again stepping aside to let me through, how many of these doors were they? Lily was definitely not going to reach me.

“Welcome, Chace. Make yourself comfortable, who knows how long we’re going to be down here.” The red head said with a smirk as she planted herself on a luxurious chaise lounge.

I didn’t know how long we had been in these safe rooms. Four rooms linked together by archways, most of them looking exactly the same. I didn’t get it.

“Why are these rooms all the same?” I asked the red head. It was the first thing I had ever asked her that wasn’t related to her setting me free. But she didn’t answer, she didn’t have to. I heard the dark one calling me from another room, entering through the arch I was worried, was she going to question me, harass me, anything?

“Sit down Chace” She told me, gesturing to one of many stuffy armchairs. “What did you ask?”

“Um- I was just wondering why all these rooms look much the same.” I told her nervously.

“Why not?” She replied, looking at me from under her long lashes, her eyes seeming to look straight into me, “Decadence is a very strong trait among us vampires.”

“But they’re all the same. There’s no point.” I argued back,

“Why does everything need to have a point. The fucking point is I like them now shut up before I rip your throat out.” Her words were chilling, and I knew when to shut up. I just hope Lily could find some way to help me, but in some respects I didn’t, I had risked my life to set her free, and she better still have one by the time this is over.

“Mary. Your dinner is ready.” The dark haired one shouted, oh God, I was going to be drank again. I had had my fair share since I’d been here, so it was no longer as bad as before, but it was still extremely painful.

“It is clear. The others have left, and we must do the same before they return.” The red head, who’s name I had gathered was Mary, told her leader, who was known as ‘The Queen’ or any other royal titles such as ‘Ma’am’ ‘Your Highness’ and ‘Your Majesty’. Was I face to face with a real monarch? Could vampires be Queens? It was all so fascinating.

“Come Chace.” the Queen ordered as she disappeared through the secret door. Where now? Back to my cell? No, they had said they had to leave. Did this mean we were going outside? Hopefully I would have a chance for escape.

A dark and dingy set of stairs soon put us out in the dark woods. I could see the hut where I had came through to find Lily in the distance, police cars parked outside. Now what?

“The car is waiting over here.” Mary informed us as she took the lead. Vampires used cars? I thought they might just turn into bats or something, maybe ride in a horse drawn carriage. What on earth was going to happen to me now, how would I ever get back to Lily?!

Generation 1 – Chapter 10

I hardly remember how I escaped after I burst through that door into the sunshine, but as I laid in the crisp white hospital bed afterwards, I knew I had to return.

Chace must still be alive, he had to be. At noon I left the apartment and went back to the place of my nightmares. Standing and staring at the tiny building, I was amazed at the horrors it housed beneath.

Walking through the large wooden door I expected to be faced with something shocking, rows of skulls, vials of blood… anything. What the hell was this? Where were the stairs I remembered? The place was completely empty, like some sort of old storage building, with an ancient styled window letting thin strips of light through.

There had to be a way to get down! I got up, so there must be some sort of hole in the ground, a trap door, something! Racking my eyes across the bare space I realised there was nothing to go on, no rugs that could be hiding a secret entrance, no torches to be pulled down revealing a secret wall. Argh!! I threw myself against the wall in anger, and was shocked to hear a dull thud behind me. It was hollow! Turning around, I began to slide my hands over the cool stone, there was definitely a space behind this wall.

I had to find a way through, maybe I’d have to run home for a hammer or something, but I’d heard of walls like this, they could reveal a door of some sort. Scraping my fingers uncomfortably across each brick I felt a small groove, maybe this could be it.

Maybe if I just…

I was shocked when the wall seemed to peel away, as if it was shedding its skin, the brick fell away like it was paint to reveal a much brighter piece of wall, with a thick crack down the middle. A door?! I began to push as hard as I could and was amazed when the wall started to budge, this was like something from a movie! Except it wasn’t a movie… it was me entering a vampire coven to find my possibly dead husband, oh god help me.

It felt like hours before the wall had moved enough for me to fit through, pushing a little more I prepared to enter. I could see the hole in the floor where the stairs must be, I hadn’t thought this through. What if the vampires were awake? I had purposefully picked noon, when I reckoned they would be asleep… but who knew.

Making my way down the stairs I came to a long passageway. the same passageway in which I had run for my life to escape my captors, and watched in horror as Chace was bitten and possibly killed, oh please let him be alive.

I remembered where the cell was. How could I not, it had been the worst days of my life trapped in that cell, hopefully that wasn’t just one cell of many, or I may never find him. What if he wasn’t there? What if the vampires caught me again? There were so many ‘what ifs’ but I didn’t care, I had to rescue the man who loved me, the father of my children, my husband!

I picked up my pace, practically running as I opened the door to the cell where I was held. He had to be here, he had to.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw him. There he was, in the flesh, alive and kicking!!

“Chace!” I screamed as I ran over to him. I could tell he was shocked to see me, he probably thought all hope was lost.

“Oh my, thank God your alive, I knew you would be, you had to be!” I said as I pressed my face against the bars.

“I can’t believe you came back for me, your so stupid, but so brave, I love you so much.” Chace whispered as he grabbed my hands through the bars.

“Where are they?” I asked tentatively, as if a vampire would pop out from behind the bench behind me at any minute.

“I think they’re sleeping, please, you have to go get help, you can’t get me out of here alone.”

“No! I’m not leaving you!” I told him defiantly.

“Lily! You must!”


“Go! Get help, I’ll be waiting, I knew I can depend on you, now go, please, before they wake up!” I couldn’t believe what he was saying, how could I leave him so soon?

“I- I can’t leave you. I’ll phone the police, wait.” Pulling out my phone, I groaned as I saw the signal bar with an X straight through it. Damn, no signal underground.

“Don’t move, I’ll run up to the surface so I can get a signal, I’ll be right back as soon as they arrive, I promise.”

“Well I can’t go anywhere, I am in a cell you know!” He joked as I ran for the door, “No, Lily, not that one!” I heard him shout,

But he had shouted me too late, as the heavy door closed behind me I realised I had gone through the wrong door, my face dropped in horror as I realised where I was.

Were they… floating? Oh please, what was going on, these creatures were freaks, they were disgusting, I had to get Chace out of here!

Running quickly back to the surface I called the police captains direct line. We had crossed a few times at parties, and he was a friend of Marlons. After I quickly explainined the situation he promised to send a few officers over to see what was going on, he didn’t seem to be taking me very seriously though. I hadn’t told anyone about the vampiric kidnapping, I knew they wouldn’t believe me, I just faked sort term memory loss, and told everyone Chace was away on business.

It seemed like an eternity of waiting.  I was constantly pulling out my phone to check how long it had been since I rang the captain. Where they hell where they?

This place may have been off the beaten track but it wasn’t that far away, they had to get here soon, what if one of those vampires woke up?!  I was about to call him back when two squad cars pulled up and several officers began walking towards me.

“What seems to be the problem miss, what are you doing out by this old thing? It used to belong to a manor house here, but never got knocked down, its empty. Miss?” He was staring at me as if I was crazy, they must all think I had lost my mind, a woman calling for help from an abandoned storage building, I had to show them.

“Please, just follow me, you’ll see I really have a problem, this place is a vampire coven!” I shouted as I ran through the doors. I could almost feel their scepticism burning my back, but their faces all dropped as we entered the building and the open wall was revealed.

“Come on!” I shouted as I ran downstairs. Its the last door on the left, please, my husband is in their! I was behind them now as they had pushed me out of the way to surge ahead, a couple had even entered the cell, they probably had Chace out already, he was coming home!

“Chace!” I screamed as I ran through the doors, I hadn’t even stopped running when I realised he was gone. The officers were all stood around looking sheepish and embarrassed. Obviously they were intrigued to find themselves in an underground cell, but they probably thought I was hallucinating, oh Chace!

“Listen miss” said an officer as he pulled me to the side, probably trying to just get me out of the way. I had been standing stock still for over 10 minutes, Chace had been right in front of me less than  20 minutes ago, how could he be gone? Maybe I really had hallucinated it… “Miss!” He interrupted my thoughts, “This is a very strange find, I think it would be best if we handle it from here.”

“No! I have to stay, you have to go over every inch of this place, Chace could be here somewhere! What about all the vampires asleep in that room?!” I pointed to the door as I spoke, surely they would believe me when they saw 6 sleeping vampires.

“That door,” He said, looking over his shoulder, “Yes, it has signs of vampires, 6 coffins, but other than that it doesn’t look like it’s been touched in years, this could be a historical vampirical find, we really have to get experts in.”

“There were vampires here! I swear it! Why won’t you believe me?! What reason would I have to lie!!?” My voice was echoing off the stone walls now, I could feel the eyes of all the officers on me, why didn’t they believe me?!

“Miss, um- you seem to be going through something right now, I think we should get you home.” He told me slowly while another officer stood awkwardly behind him, clearly uncomfortable with my apparent madness.

“No! I’m not leaving until you can promise me there is no one else here!!” This was so frustrating, I should have just tried to break the cell lock myself, why was I so stupid?! Where was he?!!!

“This isn’t a request miss, now do you want me to walk you to the car and drive you home, or do you want me to drag you to the car in cuffs, and drive you to the station?” There was still a kindness to his voice, but it was bordering on pity. He must think I was some sort of mad woman, what was happening?! I looked away, nodding. Chace was gone, was he really here, or was I just going crazy?

Generation 1 – Chapter 9 Pt. 2

Gradually I began to wake up and take in my surroundings. What the hell had happened? A vampire? I couldn’t remember properly. Where was I? What the hell was going on?! I was in a cell of some sort, no windows, lit by torches. I don’t remember this in the Bridgeport brochure.

I didn’t know how long I was there. I kept drifting in and out of conciousness, how long had it been since I ate? 2 days… 2 weeks? Hearing a slam I quickly pulled myself off the rickety bed. The woman coming towards me was definitely a vampire, I could tell. Was she the one who had took me? I couldn’t remember.

“Please- Where am I? Who are you? Don’t hurt me!” My words were coming out quicker than ever, who was the woman? why was I here?! 

“Please! You must have the wrong person! Let me go, I have a family. I’ll pay you, anything you want please-”

“Shut up. We don’t want your money.” She hissed through the bars. we, so there was more than one, what did they want with me?

“Listen to me if you so much as touch me-”

“What! You dare to threaten me? What’s going to happen? There’s no one to protect you down here!”

“I- I didn’t mean to, please, I’m just scared.” I begged, I didn’t want her to hurt me! As she unlocked the gate of my cell I became nervous, was she coming in  or was she taking me somewhere?

“Now you’ll see what happens when you threaten me!” She screamed as she grabbed my arm,

“No, please!!”

Her teeth sinking into my arm, draining my plasma, was like nothing I had ever experienced. I had heard tales of vampires of course, but I didn’t think they were actually real! Now I was having my blood sucked! I screamed louder than I had ever before as I felt the plasma moving from me to her, it was excruciating.

After she left I slunk to the ground, defeated. I had threatened her, so she had sucked my plasma! What on earth was going on, what ever would they want with me?

I don’t know how long I had been in the cell, but however long it was, it passed in a blur. The same blonde vampire brought me food and water each day, never speaking, or even acknowledging me except for a few times when she stood staring down at me.

As time progressed, I came to understand that it was just me and the blonde here, but why did I feel she wasn’t the one who took me? Not seeing anyone else for my entire time here, I was surprised to be given my food from a new vampire one day. Jumping up, I inspected him quickly, he looked much rougher than the blonde, and extremely frightening.

“Hi, please, I need to speak to someone… I-” I was cut short as he lunged at the gates, thrashing his arms against the iron bars with an almighty roar.

“What are you doing?!!!” He ignored my question, bearing his fangs to me and snarling instead.

What was going on!? I now knew there was more than one of these vampires here, but how many altogether?  I had to formulate some sort of escape plan, but the bars were thick and the gate was locked at all times, the food slid under the door, and the drink popped through the bars. Collapsing onto a rickety stool I began crying in earnest, was no one wondering where I was? Chace, Marlon, Jared, Andrew? Could none of them help me?!

The next time my plate of barely edible food and practically septic water was passed through the cell it was by a new vampire. He seemed different from the others, something about his eyes… brighter and bluer than the other creatures who had frightened me so much, he seemed to have some human left in him. During my pregnancy with the twins I had read somewhere that if you were ever held captive you should try and develop communication with your captors, let them know that you are human, I didn’t know if it applied to vampires, but it was worth a shot.

“Hi, I’m Lily.” I said slowly,

“I know. I am Leonardo.” He told me from behind the bars.

“Please, I just need to know what you want with me. Whatever it is I’ll find a way to get it, I have connections.”

“We know you have connections, that is exactly why you are here.”

What? I was here because of my connections? It didn’t make sense.

“What do you mean that’s why I’m here?”

“I have already said to much, do not ask any more questions.” He said, backing away from the cell, clearly angry at himself for telling me why I was here.

“Don’t go!” I shouted, “I have children, I’m a wife, a mother, please help me!” I begged, for a second his face dropped in sadness, but before I knew it he had fled the room.

After Leonardo left I was visited only by the blonde vampire who bit me, and I was still extremely scared of her, the memory of her fangs tearing through my arm haunted me at night. Coming into the room she stood with he hand on her hip, and a sly smirk on her face.

“What?!” I snapped after a good 10 minutes of her staring at me. She didn’t reply, simply kept staring at me with that stupid smirk on her face until my frustration began pouring out,

“What do you want! Either get out or let me go, just leave me alone! I don’t even know why I’m here!”

“The queen wishes to see you.” She told me as she opened the heavy gate with a thick set of keys. Dragging me roughly out of the cell she marched me down a long, thin passageway and into another room. The room was definitely nothing like my cell. It was a huge space, with several pillars holding up the ceiling. Behind the pillars were many plush red sofas and chairs, on which various vampires were lounging, drinking plasma packs, staring at me, or simply staring into space. At the top of the room was a large sofa on which a deathly pale woman was sat, with two guards stood unobtrusively beside the pillars nearest to her. The blonde dragged me ahead of her and stepped back in silence.

I stood stock still, I didn’t know if I should speak first or wait, what were you meant to do when faced with a vampire queen? No one spoke for a long while, all eyes in the room were now on me, were they waiting for me?

“W- W- What do you want with me?” I stammered,

The Queen finally spoke, her voice was a mere whisper, I had to strain my ears to hear, but it was sinister, like a snake about to strike.

“That is nothing of your concern. What we do is our business, if we need you to know, we will tell you.” She looked away from me in disdain, why had I even been brought in here?

“Please!! Just let me go! I promise I won’t tell anyone!” I screamed at her, I couldn’t stay here any longer! What about the girls, what about Chase?!

“Oh, the darling wants to get home to her poor children.” She said mockingly as she rose from the sofa, throwing her hand across her head in mock dramatics.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” she screamed at me in a high, shrill, spine chilling voice. Suddenly she lunged at me, fangs bared.

I was in shock, she was so fast, I barely had time to be afraid. Just as I thought she was about to sink her teeth into my flesh she backed off and started to laugh, a high, shrill laugh that echoed around the cavernous room.

“You, my dear, are here because you are famous.” Famous? I suppose I was getting up there, but I certainly wasn’t as famous as Marlon or many other Bridgeport celebrities.

“We are a new coven, arriving in the city not long ago. We need fame to strike fear into the hearts of the people. You represent such fame.” I was outraged, my face contorting in fury as she explained. Couldn’t they have taken someone else? Why me?!

“Why you? Well, that was decided by one of my old contacts in the city. He said he met you in a bar, and you were quite succulent. His words were true.” The man from the bar! The one I thought was a wear wolf, he must have told them to choose me, I couldn’t see him here now though, which I was quite glad about. But how had she known what I was thinking? This was getting weirder by the second.

“You act as our ticket to notoriety, also… our supply of plasma till we find some worthy victims.”As I thought over what she had just told me, I was caught by surprise as she grabbed my arm and plunged her fangs into me.

She was holding onto me a lot longer than the blonde vampire had, she must have been hungry. The plasma leaving my body was making me weak, my face was contorting in pain as I lost to much plasma too quickly.

I could hear the blonde vampire cheering in the background, what a bitch.

I barely felt it as I crashed to the floor, my energy sapped. She had drained so much of my plasma I had blacked out, blacked out in a room full of hungry vampires. Oh god, help me.

I didn’t know how long I had been out, but a ruckus brought me back. Slowly opening my eyes, I could hear them talking amongst each other.

“How did he get here? How could he have found us?” Someone hissed,

“That is unimportant. We must find him. The passages go on for miles, so we shall split up.” The quiet, hissing voice of the queen was unmistakable.

“Leonardo. Stay and guard this one.” A voice I had never heard before ordered. Who was here? Was it someone looking for me? Finally, I had some hope! Standing up and looking to the door, all I saw was distorted flashes as the vampires ran out of the room, leaving Leonardo behind to watch me.

“Sit down, you need to regain your strength.” Leonardo told me as he pulled me up from the ground and set me down on a plush red chair. He was being compassionate, maybe he could help me…

“You should sit down too.” He looked uncomfortable for a while, standing over me, deciding what to do, but eventually he sat himself down opposite me. “Thank you for being so kind to me. Everyone else seems to think of me as a walking plasma bank.” I said dryly. He didn’t reply, but he seemed touched by what I said.

We sat for a long time in silence. I couldn’t hear anything through the thick door, and Leonardo obviously had something on his mind and wasn’t up to sharing it. I didn’t really expect my captors to converse with me though, so instead I dreamed of who could be outside. Chace, with an army of police? Marlon, with his CIA contacts? Andrew, going low key with his brother to save me? Or perhaps it wasn’t even anything to do with me, and I was going to be left here to die. Just as I was about to move onto the next scenario my thoughts were interrupted by Leonardo,

“Do you really have children and a husband who you love?” He blurted out.

“Yes I do.” I told him, the thought of Chace and my children bringing a smile to my face. I could feel his eyes on me, as if he was looking into my soul. Was he reading my mind like the Queen had done?

“You speak the truth.” He sighed, “I had a family once… long ago…” His eyes glazed over as he let his thoughts carry him away. I wondered what happened to his family, how old was he? Did vampires have a different lifespan to humans, I had heard they did, but who knew what was true and what was not? A bang on the door interrupted us both from our thoughts, as we both jumped up to see what was going on, the door burst open and a figure came running straight towards me, it was Chace!

“Chace!” I exclaimed. He had found me, he had actually found me! And now he was here, I couldn’t believe it! He ran straight towards me, gripping me in a tight, loving embrace.

“Oh Lily, I was so worried, I’m so sorry it took me so long to find you, and I’m so sorry it took me so long to say something that deep down I knew all along, but I was afraid to say it. I love you Lily.”

He loved me! I loved him! We loved each other, finally, we were the perfect family! He had just saved me from an evil vampire coven, and he loved me! I pulled him in for a long, passionate kiss, I couldn’t believe it, I was being rescued.

I wanted our kiss to last forever, to take him home and never let him out of my sight, oh how I loved him! Unfortunately, the air was wrenched by an ear splitting scream and we had to pull apart.

“I know that scream. It is the Queen, she must know you have reached the throne room, here, quickly, I will help you escape, love has warmed my heart. I had it long ago…” Leonardo began to trail off again, but quickly snapped out of it as the same scream wrenched the air, much closer this time. Pulling us out into the passageway I almost screamed with fright as several vampires ran towards us, we had to move!

“Follow me!” Leonardo shouted as he set off. He was obviously going slower than he could, as I looked behind I saw the distorted air signalling how fast the others vampires were going.

Leonardo told us to continue straight forward, and hurriedly wished us the best of luck as he darted through a side door.

“Follow the traitor, I will deal with the humans.” I heard the Queen scream to her subjects as she raced ahead after me and Chace. I was in the lead, Chace must have been tired trailing through the many twisting passageways looking for me, neither of us noticed the queen baring her fangs and claws behind him.

Before he knew it she had hurled herself over the top of him, and was grabbing onto his wrist, ready to take his plasma, no, she couldn’t, but what could I do?!

“Lily, go! I’ll make it out! Just go!!” He shouted at me as she sunk her fangs into him. What should I do?! I was no match for a vampire queen, I couldn’t even win a cat fight back in Twinbrook… Chace had came all this way to save me, the least I could do was not let his efforts go to waste, but I couldn’t leave him! She was sinking her fangs into his arm now, draining his precious plasma, already depleted from the various cuts on his body from running through the jagged passageways.

She backed away, cackling manically as Chase clutched his chest in pain, oh my god, something was definitely wrong.

“Chace…” I reached out to touch him, but he turned on me in fury, his eyes welling with tears.

“GO LILY!” He screamed with his last breath as he collapsed to the floor. I saw him mouth ‘I love you’ before his eyes closed and my legs carried themselves around the corner of the passage and up a stairwell. Bursting through a rickety wooden door into the sunlight, I suddenly realised what had happened. That…thing had drained Chace, my husband, the man I loved, the father of my children, she had taken his life as if it meant nothing and laughed as she did it. I had no energy, no strength, I couldn’t go any further. Hopefully I was safe in the sunlight, so Chace didn’t die in vain, but I simply could not move. Slumping to a heap on the floor, my tears fell thick and fast. How could I go on??