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Olive’s Sunset Valley House: Part 1

With all of her children and grandchildren now residing in Sunset Valley, Olive decided to build herself a home for when she was in town, so she didn’t have to stay at what she deigned ‘any of those low rent establishments’. Five hundred builders, seven architects, multiple contractor firms, an army of plumbers, electricians, and high tech security firms, as well as sixteen interior designers were thrown onto the empty lot at 15 Summer Hill Court to erect Olive’s mammoth summer home.

The first part has detailed most of the downstairs rooms, although there are still a few more to be photographed. Bedrooms and the upstairs in part 2!

Belgrave Ranch

After getting a few requests for the ranch house which was featured in the last chapter I decided to get  few pictures of it up for you guys to see. Hope you like it. 🙂

Suburbia Update


I moved the Belgravia’s to a new town so they could have both a 60×60 lot and exist in a suburban environment – plus I felt like a change of scenery from Bridgeport!

The new move meant having to completely redo the house (although I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible – just with a better layout) which was one of the reasons I didn’t update for so long.

I thought I would show you the improved home (many rooms have remained the same-ish) mainly because of Alexandra‘s request!

Living Area



Pantry/Laundry Room

Dining Room

TV Room

Noah’s Study

Upstairs Landing

Arielle & Noah’s Bedroom

Arielle & Noah’s Bathroom

Tommy’s Bedroom

Kitty’s Bedroom

Guest Bedroom