Generation 3 – Chapter 11

Walking through the apartment Electra let out a sigh of relief that her mother was nowhere in sight. She didn’t want to deal with Olive right now. Another letter from her headmistress was stowed in the inside pocket of her expensive private school blazer. She remembered a time, a few years ago, when her mother had bought her back into the school; it had since been followed with several more pay offs. The Belgravia-Stanislopolous wing of the library had been completed last year, the price of Electra’s continual failure on every single one of her tests. She didn’t want to think about it, as far as Electra was concerned school was an unnecessary burden, it wasn’t that she didn’t understand the value of education, just that she had no interest in it.

She admired the view of the city as she crossed her bedroom, the city was what she really loved. The summer they had spent in the south of France had been a drag, stuck in the country all day for six weeks had not been her idea of a good time. She loved the fact that the city on her doorstep was the elite, luxury world that so many yearned to be a part of, but just behind that was the down and dirty bars and clubs that she often frequented. You would never know that under the long shiny blonde curls, the impeccably cut and tailored school uniform, and the prerequisite good-girl white tights lay a girl who was always ready to party, and who was very much attracted to the rock and roll lifestyle of the lower city.

Peering over her shoulder as the winter sun set quickly behind her she was faced with her brother Sebastian, home late from school yet again.

“Where have you been?” Electra asked.

“Just getting rid of Tara, gee, she was a clinger.” He replied, referring to his latest (now ex) girlfriend.

Sebastian had been through many girls since he had finally plucked up the courage to ask Amber, his co conspirator in the rescue of Dog, out a few years back. He had stayed with her for three months, sharing a few kisses and many dates. Once puberty had hit him he changed in a big way. Dumping Amber (he gave her a diamond trinket from Tiffany as a parting gift) he proceeded to date anyone he chose. Girls fell at his feet, and he had no desire to turn them down. Although he had been out with most of the girls at his school he was becoming bored with the conservative, uptown females who were his usual dates. He wanted something different, and although his sister thought he knew nothing of her trips to the lower city he was infact very much aware of them, and planned on going with her. He needed to meet someone different. It was too fake for him uptown, just like his mother.

Flopping down on the bed Sebastian beckoned Electra, busy searching for imaginary blemishes in her perfect peaches-and-cream skin, to join him on the bed. Smiling at her reflection in the mirror she sat cross legged at his feet, wondering what he was going to ask.

“So, are you gonna take me downtown tonight?” He smiled at his sister as he spoke, wanting her to realise that he wasn’t about to tell Olive about her little trips.

“How did you know?” Electra asked, reciprocating the smile.

“I’m clever like that. So will you take me? I wanna meet a different girl, you know these girls from our school, they’re just not my scene anymore.” Electra suspected they ‘weren’t his scene anymore’ because he had gone out with so many of them.

“I dunno Sebastian, I’m not sure if this would be your scene either.” She was worried that her brother would be noticed at the bar, after all his out of school clothes usually consisted of a polo top and chinos, not exactly rock and roll. Although the bar she usually frequented didn’t seem at all Electra’s scene either the transformation she underwent before her outings was remarkable.

“C’mon sis, I’ll change, you can dress me in whatever. You probably have some guys clothes lying about right?” Another thing he knew that she thought she had kept secret – her boyfriends. Well, more male visitors than boyfriends, who she would sneak in under the cover of darkness; he rarely saw them, but if he took a peek out of his bedroom door (conveniently located directly opposite Electra’s) he could sometimes catch a glance of a shaggy haired rocker decked out in leathers or some other variation of the lower city music/art scene.

Electra continued to bite on her nails as she thought about Sebastians request, wondering if it would be a good idea for him to go down there.

“They can be pretty rough places you know…” She was cut off by her brothers angry interruption.

“I know how to handle myself sis, geez. I’m on the soccer team and the swim team, I’m not some kinda weakling who can’t put up a fight.” Electra knew Sebastian had never been in a fight in his life, the kids at their school just weren’t like that.

“C’mon Electra! I really wanna get out of this bubble, and we have to do it before mama gets back from Paris.” Growing up calling Olive ‘mama’ due to their French roots had stuck, the two were often mocked (in a friendly way of course) for it, and had been actively trying to call Olive ‘mother’ for the last few years.

“I dunno…” Electra bit her lip as she pushed her brother to the other side of the bed and lay down next to him, wondering if it would be the best idea. She certainly knew plenty of girls at the bar who’d love to try and get it on with her brother, but they had better keep their grubby little paws off of him. Most of the girls there were total tramps. He deserved someone worthy of him.

“Okay… lets do it.” Electra finally said after some consideration. She felt silly for taking so long to make up her mind, but she loved her brother, and never wanted to put him in a bad position. The bars she frequented were pretty rough, but if you knew how to handle yourself (which she thought she did) you’d be fine.

“Great! When shall we go?” He asked excitedly, jumping up from the bed and shredding his blazer, ready for whatever outfit Electra had for him.

“Tonight of course, why wait – life’s for living, right?”

*     *      *

Electra and Sebastian stood outside the run down barn which had been converted into the hottest new club on the downtown scene. The journey had taken them a while, leaving the twinkling lights of uptown behind to journey over the hill which separated the peasants from the kings.

“What do you think?” Electra asked.

“Looks like a dump.” Sebastian replied, kicking out at some old weeds by his feet and moving a little closer to his sister as three leather clad men walked past him. As they navigated their way through the sea of motorcycles to the doors he thought it might not have been such a good idea.

“Bev!” Electra shouted over the din, “can I get a drink over here? The usual. And get my brother here a triple vodka and lemonade.” Beverly, the barmaid and owner of the club, a former model and notorious party girl turned bar owner nodded her understanding and set out making the drinks. She knew fine well the little girl with the mass of blonde hair was underage, and the kid with her looked about 12, but what did she care? The girl always tipped well and never caused her any trouble.

“Here you go sweetie.” She slid Electra’s drink down the table and set about doing Sebastian’s as he surveyed the room. It wasn’t what he was expecting. He had thought he was going to the lowest of the low, but it was actually a decent place, clearly a more expensive establishment trying to retain the dive bar feel. Loud rock music belted from an state of the art stereo encased in a nickel and dime wooden case, and smoke filled the room from carefully placed fog machines. A few stragglers were jiving on the small dance floor, but most of the people were sitting around in the booths and socializing as best they could over the music.

“You sure you’re old enough for this kid?” Beverly asked in mock-seriousness as she passed Sebastian’s drink over.

“Um – of course I am.” Sebastian looked down uncomfortably, fiddling with the collar on the leather jacket his sister had given him, left behind by one of her visitors.

“Come on, lets dance.” Electra tried dragging Sebastian to the dance floor but he resisted, protesting that he wanted to stay back and check the place out first. She knew he was looking for a girl. Spotting a guy who had been chasing her for a while she elbowed her way through the crowds and set about dancing with him, always keeping one eye on her brother to make sure he was okay.

Now that he had managed to get his sister off his case Sebastian knew exactly what he wanted to do. He had spotted her as soon as he walked in, stood by the bar watching what was going on, just like he was doing. Downing the drink and slamming the empty glass down on the bar he walked over to her, just managing to keep his cool.

“Hey there. Can I buy you a drink? I’m Sebastian.” He gave her his killer smile as he spoke. This one would be easy.

“No.” She glanced at him for a second before turning away, radiating ‘back off!’.

He was taken aback. Girls usually fell at his feet.

“Hey listen, its just a drink, whats the hurt in that?” He knew he could get this girl if he just tried, from her outlandish outfit to her attitude she was so different from all the girls he knew. The girl didn’t feel up for anything, especially this loser with the lame lines. She had just been through a messy breakup with her boyfriend, a leather clad biker of 27 who had expected her to cook, clean, and wash his clothes, as well as servicing him in many sexual ways that she did not enjoy while promising to hook her up with a contact of his in the record business.

“Just leave me alone, yeah? I’m meeting someone.” Her unwillingness to even talked to him only made him more interested, this was new for Sebastian. Every girl at school knew who he was; son of the richest woman in town, newly divorced Olive Elphinstone-Stanislopolous; great-grandson of the legendary actress and world renowned movie star Lily Belgravia; he thought it was his looks and charm that got him the girls, and a few times that was true – but mainly those girls were interested in his family and his money. This girl didn’t have a clue who he was, nor did she care.

“Hey, c’mon, am I really that ugly?” He smiled at her, throwing his arms open in mock-exasperation. Self-deprecation always did the trick.

She couldn’t help but check him out after that remark, and was surprised to find that he was actually rather handsome. The guys with the lame come-ons were usually the ugly ones.

“I guess not.” A weak smiled escaped her lips and he knew she was warming to him.

“Come on, this may be my last day on earth, at least let me dance with a beautiful girl before I go.” She couldn’t help but smile, and he marveled at how her pouting, arrogant face changed, the smile lighting up her whole face.

“Well I guess I can’t deny a dying man his last wish.” She would never let on, but she was immensley flattered by his invitiation. The club was full of beautiful girls, and she was getting evils from a tall, skinny blonde decked in head to toe leather on the dancefloor who seemed very possessive of Sebastian, but she refused to let on that she was intimidated.

“What’s your name anyway?” Sebastian asked.

“Liberty.” She replied, “Liberty Valentine.” She had hated the name growing up, but now she kind of liked it, she thought it gave her an edge. The two smiled at each other, although the connection hadn’t been instant it was definitely there now.

“Nice to meet you Liberty.” He gave her a big smile as he spoke, just stopping himself from saying ‘you can be my valentine any day.’ another one of his corny lines which worked so well uptown; he knew he had to try harder with this girl.

The two hit the dancefloor like a storm. Liberty was a little put off by the evils she was getting from Electra; thinking it was one of Sebastian’s jealous ex girlfriends or something along those lines, not his fiercely protective sister. Although he wasn’t the best dancer Sebastian made the whole thing entertaining by turning it all into a joke, pulling classic old school moves for laughs, and darting around everywhere like a maniac.

Even though they had only known each other a few hours the two felt immediately connected. Sebastian didn’t know what it was about her, she was beautiful yes, but they had barely spoken. There was just something about her, something about the way she looked at him with those eyes as they stood at the bar getting drinks after a good hour of dancing. They mesmerised him.

He couldn’t help himself any longer. Just as the loud voice of Beverly rang through the bar pronouncing it was closing time and they all better clear out he leaned forward and kissed her. He just couldn’t help himself, she was just so tempting. Luckily for him she reciprocated; she had been wondering whether she should do the same thing all night, or if he would think she was too forward. They both let themselves drop out of reality for a moment as their lips collided, he thought it sounded dumb, but he could be in love with this girl.

*      *      *

Okay, so I finally have a new chapter! I’m going to try and read everyone elses blogs as soon possible, but it really is a daunting task – I’ve missed so much. 

I’m sorry this took so long and that its kind of lame, but I suppose its better than nothing, right? (hopeful)

Thank you guys for sticking by me, your words of support really helped me to get this chapter done, and I’m actually glad I did because I love the kids, and it’s gave me some ideas for the next generation, whoever that may be headed by. Who’s your favourite? Mine has to be Sebastian – but I do like Electra too, remember how she was raised guys!

Marissa x

23 responses to “Generation 3 – Chapter 11

  1. Yay your back!!
    I loved this chapter, it brought out the kids personalities a bit more.
    I love them both, but I like Sebastian a bit more 😀

  2. Yaaaaaay! New chapter! Glad to see you back. 🙂
    I LOVE the kids’ storylines! They’re more downtown, which I love.
    I have to say though, my favorite is Electra! I always go for the rebels….
    Great chapter, had me really intrigued! I want to learn more about Liberty!

    • Thankyou!! We’ve had a lot of uptown, these two want to break away. It will hopefully give me some interesting storylines too, walking the line between the uptown and downtown scenes.

      Glad you like the kids and Liberty, I have a few ideas planned for Electra which should be fun to write about. 😀

  3. I loved it! It wasnt boring at all! And I understand about catching up on legacies, that is a daunting task! I honestly dont know who my favorite is right now. Electra just seems so cool. She is fun, preppy, rocker, all of it! And Sebastian needs a little does of reality! He is not the cats pajama’s! haha. I love them both equally right now! Glad you are back!

    • I know it’s so hard! I love Electra almost as much as Sebastian, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and I love changing her from preppy uptown girl to the downtown rocker.
      Glad you enjoyed the chapter, I was worried about it.

  4. YAYYY! Belgravia’s!

    Oh SEBASTIAN! You should of stayed with Amber! But I do like Liberty….
    And why does everyone love Sebastian? He looks like an alien to me…

  5. Electra is by far my favorite! She’s so unique and rebellious, it’s really intriguing! I’m glad you’re finally back, and this chapter has gotten be excited for your next post!

    • Glad you like her, this chapters more focused on Sebastian so you should be learning more about Electra soon enough! It’s good to be back, I’m pleased you’re still enjoying the Belgravias 😀

  6. Hi hi, bit new to the scene (been lurking for a long time, though). Glad to see you back! I missed reading your story (so much that I maybe might have reread the first two generations >.>). But I think I like Electra more than Sebastian. Still on the fence, though! I love her looks too. She’s got a very strange attractiveness so I think I’m a bit biased xD

    • Hi! So glad you decided to comment! Haha its flattering that you like my blog so much 🙂
      I love both of them (of course, they’re my babies!) but I do like Sebastian a little more, probably because I haven’t gone deep into Electra’s life yet. Next chapter definitely!

  7. Great chapter and I’m happy your back!

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    Great update,


  9. Olive is divorced again O.o Aww Olive </3

    And both Electra and Seb seem great XD I was unsure about how much I would actually like them both, but they seem to be more wildchild then Olive was XD

    • I was waiting for someone to notice that, well done!
      I probably wouldn’t like those rich kids either, but when would they ever talk to peasents like us :p

  10. I actually like this chapter it’s really interesting and shows the kid’s personalities… and Olive divorced again??

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    The idea of shaggy haired rocker boys visiting Electra’s room in the dead of night makes me smile. 😀 I don’t know why.

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