Generation 3 – The Wedding

The wedding of Olive Elphinstone (nee Belgravia) to Greek shipping magnate Dimitri Stanislopolous was one which interested many of you readers. The society queen was wed on June 18th at the Redcliffe Botanical Garden, and gave us access to the exclusive pictures from the event. With two children from a previous marriage many of us were wondering how the kids would take to Dimitri, but Ms. Elphinstone assured us they adore him, ‘he’s such a good father – they couldn’t ask for anything more!’ she told us when we asked for a comment after taking these pictures of the happy family.

The engagement party was held at Olive’s penthouse and included most of the large Belgravia family, including her music mogul father Noah Belgravia, her journalist sister Kitty Williamson, and the new Duchess of Gloucestershire, Constance Cavendish, daughter of Olive’s brother Oliver and his wife The Hon. Celeste Belgravia.

The champagne flowed freely as guests mingled with the great and the good of Redcliffe society, limousines were parked back to back outside the building and paparazzi clamored for a chance to get pictures of the widely anticipated event. Toasts were followed by more toasts as the evening progressed, with the Mayor wishing the happy couple ‘all the best’ and Judge Peterson, whom Olive assures us is a good friend, said ‘there couldn’t be a more perfect couple.’

Dancing was a permanent fixture throughout the evening, while guests mingled on the outskirts of the room the center was consistently packed full of guests letting loose, including Electra Belgravia, Olive’s daughter, who eventually retired at 11PM, despite saying earlier in the evening she wanted to stay up all night, Olive herself assured us she was simply tired.

The actual ceremony the next day was a lavish affair, and although many guests were sporting dreadful hangovers from the night before everyone couldn’t help smiling as they saw the beautiful bride coming down the aisle, her father close by her side.

From left to right; Electra Belgravia (daughter of the bride), Cora Belgravia (sister of the bride,) Kitty Williamson (sister of the bride), Father Phil Morris (ceremony officiator), Dimitri Stanislopolous (groom), Adam Caravix (best man).

The ceremony was long drawn out with speeches of love and the sacred bond of marriage from the officiator, broken with tears from the mother-of-the-bride Arielle Belgravia, who sat in the front row with a huge smile on her face, despite the tears of joy that ruined her makeup. Guards patrolled the perimeter of the Botanical Garden as the ceremony continued, throwing out many intruding paparazzi, as well as a few crazed fans of the many high profile guests inside.

The first married kiss of the couple marked the end of the ceremony, and guests gathered around to throw confetti as the bride walked the aisle once more, this time on the arm of her new husband.

We managed to get more shot of the bride before she left for her honeymoon (a 3 month around the world trip with stops in New York, Bali, Paris, London, Rome, Fiji, Hong Kong, Thailand, Tokyo and finishing the trip off in Sydney) with her daughter, whom the new Mrs Stanislopolous gushed over, citing her fun nature as ‘the reason I love her the most.’ 

*      *       *

Hope you enjoyed the wedding! Real chapter coming soon.

Also I should note that this is written from the view of a journalist – Olive’s answers are suspect… you all know how much she loves to lie. 😉

 – Marissa x

25 responses to “Generation 3 – The Wedding

  1. Electra looks a little mad in some of the pictures. What a beautiful dress that Olive is wearing. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. I am in love with Olive’s blue dress from the engagement party. Nice article

  3. Sounds so phony! I can tell Electra was being flicked behind the ear by her oh so caring mother more than once to put on a smiley face!!
    Where on earth did Olive get such a twisted outlook on life? I feel for them kids. *rant over*
    Cool idea about that article. Sounds very much like something Olive would do. Getting a big spread in a society page.;)

    • Glad you understood that it’s phony, Electra was definitely forced to put a smile on for the pictures!
      Thanks, I couldn’t figure out how to have the wedding in the actual chapter, as the next one’s set a year or so from the last. 🙂

  4. Wow, what a pretty wedding — you’re making me want to have one of my Sims marry, haha.

    I loved the reference to Arielle — is she doin’ good?

    • Thanks! I loved all the greenery at the ceremony. 🙂 You should have Nait and Rowan marry of course!!

      Arielle’s doing fine, just living her life in the Belgravia mansion…probably having a bit of empty nest syndrome now that her 5 children have flown the coop…. but at least her and Noah can have uninterrupted fun 😉

  5. i’m in love with this couple! i’m so glad that olive was the heiress for this generation. i’m so anxious to see how her marriage with dmitiri progresses. dmitri seems like such the gentleman 🙂

  6. Wow, what a beautiful wedding. Olive sounded like a typical celebrity, giving fake answers! 😉 Poor Electra, I feel for her! 😦
    This was a really creative installment, and I liked how you made it like an article in People Magazine. 🙂

  7. BLAH. I hate all this stuffy, fake, pretentious celebrity stuff. Olive truly is terribly up herself and obviously cares about as much for Electra as she does her furniture.. perhaps a little more, because Electra can make her look good in front of the camera.
    I really, really hope Electra can break free from the Belgravia lifestyle!! She’s so sweet at the moment, and I feel like she’s joining me in rebelling against Olive^^
    Loved how you set out the chapter though – adding another layer to the thick phony surface of Olive’s character!! ^__^

    • Hahah sorry that you’re not enjoying this generation so much! Electra is just a little accessory for Olive, she can help her get in with the other high strung mothers that send their kids to the same school as Electra.
      She’s still young and innocent, although every day she becomes more and more corrupted by her mother!

      Glad you got the idea of adding another layer to Olive, enforcing her ‘socialite’ image and all that. 🙂

      • Oh I’m enjoying the story, trust me!! It’s very well written and carefully plotted out. I just reeeeally dislike people like Olive xD ♥

  8. haha she does lie 🙂

  9. Awww it was so adorable!!:) I love Electra. Shes so full of energy. Demetri is good for Olive but the lying Olive does isn’t going to lead to anything good!

    • A great wedding for a not so great couple!
      The lies aren’t going to take her anywhere good, but that’s not where she wants to go! She wants the fake lifestyle of money, power, and fame, and if she has to lie to get it that’s exactly what she’s gonna do!

  10. Wow, I read this whole legacy in like 2 days! I didnt want to comment until the end! First off, the picture from gen 1 when chase walked into the queens pool room! Did you make that from Trueblood? Loved! And I loved all the drama with Ariell and the bribery! And finally I hope Olive can be truely happy with Dimiti! 🙂
    Added you to my blogroll!

  11. Oooo, lying fake Olive. Poor little Electra. Is she going on the honeymoon?? I really hope Electra rebels, just not in the way Olive herself rebelled, haha. XD

    Really lovely wedding, though. ❤

    • Do you really think Olive would take her along? She’s leaving Marie in charge of Sebastian and Electra back at the penthouse while she goes and tours the world. 😛

  12. Finally all caught up! The wedding was beautiful by the way…Olive and Dimitri make a beautiful couple.

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