Generation 2 HEIR VOTE (CLOSED)

Who will you choose to continue the Belgravia name into the next generation?

And the winner is…


8 responses to “Generation 2 HEIR VOTE (CLOSED)

  1. Voted for Kitty! 😀 I know it’s weird that I just popped up with a comment! But I really am enjoying your legacy. 😀 Would you please check mine out? The website is:

  2. Yay you’re back!!
    I accidentely clicked on Cora though, I meant to vote for Olive!! Stupid laptop mouse pad…

  3. I decided on Tommy. 😀 Because I really like how you’re portraying his struggle with his sexuality. Though I’d be happy with any of them. ^^

  4. i voted for cora because i want to know more about her

  5. REALLY OLIVE?! 😀 I’m so happy! I was gone and my favorite still won! Mwuahahahah!! >:D

    • I knew you would have voted Olive! I was going to add another vote to her for you but she was the clear winner anyway, was quite close with Tommy though!

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