Suburbia Update (Yes… Another One)

Sorry for the mass amounts of updates on this house but I know how much people like it (and I really love showing it off) – so here you have it, another version of the house with a few key updates including: third floor, updated den, garage, first and second floor extension, sun room, Oliver’s bedroom, Olive’s bedroom, teen versions of Kitty and Tommy’s room, nursery, and gates to keep the paparazzi out (they were always outside the front door!)

Old pictures of the home all included in case you’re looking at it for the first time (I also think it’s better to have an overall picture.)

The home has been moved to a new neighbourhood yet again, credit to Callie for hooking me up with this amazing neighbourhood, Redcliffs.

Living Area

Den/Family Room


Pantry/Laundry Room

Sun Room/Art Studio

Dining Room

TV Room

Noah’s Study

Upstairs Landing

Arielle & Noah’s Bedroom

Arielle & Noah’s Bathroom

Tommy’s Bedroom

Kitty’s Bedroom

Kitty’s Bathroom

Olive’s Bedroom

Olive’s Bathroom

Oliver’s Bedroom

Nursery/Cora’s Bedroom

Guest Bedroom 


Comprehensive view of the house


6 responses to “Suburbia Update (Yes… Another One)

  1. Jeesh! That house is AMAZINGGG! :D<3

  2. It looks so awesome! 0.0

  3. This lot is so awesome! Love the playground and the sun room and Olive’s room and Kitty’s bathroom and- … Well, most of it, really. 🙂

  4. Wonderful update on the house! Loved all the detailed pictures you took, and it must have taken you so much time to first built the house, then go around taking pictures and uploading it! Everything is well done however, and I love your decorating skills!


  5. I’m going to download this house as soon as I figure out how to download the media files.
    Could you maybe put Lily and Chace’s penthhouse up aswell. I love that apartment XD


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