Belgravia Penthouse (Gen 1)

Belgravia Penthouse Generation 1 –

Residents (Past and Present) – Lily Belgravia, Chace Belgravia, Arielle Belgravia (past), Alexandra Belgravia (past), and Oriana Belgravia (past).

View of the home as you step out of the elevator.

The formal living space.


Dining space, follows from the kitchen.

Small sitting area behind the formal living space.

The less formal TV room.


Upstairs landing as you ascend the stairs.

Arielle’s bedroom.

Alexandra’s bedroom.

Oriana’s bedroom.

Lily and Chace’s master suite.

15 responses to “Belgravia Penthouse (Gen 1)

  1. The penthouse is beautiful! Where do you get the majority of the cc? You have a real talent, I hope you know that!

    • Thank you! Some of it’s from TSR but most of it I just get when I download houses from the sims3 website or from any other website, I download a lot of houses just so I can get the CC that’s inside x

  2. You do have a great talent ^_^ I’ve been told I do good too, but this is just impressive! 😀

  3. It’s a lovely place! i especially like the dining room, very classy. I do have to say I like the new house better, though, that is truly a masterpiece.

    • It’s been around since Generation 1, was always at the top under the ‘Homes’ tab but I’ve changed that to a full property list now.
      I definitely like the new home better too, this one feels like more of a show home – more Lily’s style!

  4. The dining space is lovely. That round table, love it! I’ve read all of your posts today, and I really like your legacy. Looking forward for more drama!

    • Yeah, it’s my favourite space in the house too, I loved it when I found it!
      Glad you like the legacy, should be anew chapter soon, I have 2 more written and ready to go, just waiting to post them! x

  5. I love that dining table. Wow!!!

  6. The penthouse is amazing! You decorated it so nicely! 😀

  7. Am I the only one who can’t see chapter twelve? Can’t find it. 😦

  8. You’re just awesome at building houses! I was wondering if you remembered where you got the stuff for the dining room, like the circular table and the plates and stuff!

  9. Is this house available for download? It’s really lovely! You have a great talent for making houses!

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