Suburbia Update


I moved the Belgravia’s to a new town so they could have both a 60×60 lot and exist in a suburban environment – plus I felt like a change of scenery from Bridgeport!

The new move meant having to completely redo the house (although I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible – just with a better layout) which was one of the reasons I didn’t update for so long.

I thought I would show you the improved home (many rooms have remained the same-ish) mainly because of Alexandra‘s request!

Living Area



Pantry/Laundry Room

Dining Room

TV Room

Noah’s Study

Upstairs Landing

Arielle & Noah’s Bedroom

Arielle & Noah’s Bathroom

Tommy’s Bedroom

Kitty’s Bedroom

Guest Bedroom


19 responses to “Suburbia Update

  1. Lilith Kawanami

    :O that’s amazing. You are AWESOME at building houses!!! Can you put it up for download??? Pretty pretty please??

  2. Yay, design inspiration! The house is gorgeous! I especially love the kitchen (it feels so big and roomy, unlike the tiny one I’m playing right now, argh!), and the TV-room (it’s just sooo cute). And the upstairs landing is so alluringly dark. I usually prefer light colors in my houses, but you really altered my opinion with that room!

    PS: New chapter out as of a few minutes ago… It’s a gloomy one. 😦

  3. Okay, I admit it, I came back to get another look. 😀 On my computer this time instead of my iPhone, and now I see more stuff that I want to comment on! 😛 I hope that’s okay.

    I love how much clutter you’ve put in the livingroom! I’m a clutter person too, I think it’s really adds that “lived in” feel. But I tend to put it in predictable places, and I definitely overuse plants and magazines sometimes.

    Also, that’s one heck of a dining room! Very classy.

    And there was something more… Oh, the bed in the guest room. Where’s it from? It’s really nice.

    • I love that you love the house so much, it took me hours!
      Haha, was that a backhanded criticism about my overuse of plants and magazines? I just love the rooms to be full – I’m definitely a clutter person, I spend hours downloading bric-a-brac and clutter!

      I really have no idea where the bed came from – I download many many houses from TSR and other websites just to get the custom content inside, I have no idea what content came with what house, I wish I could help! 😦

      I’m really glad you like it so much! I’ll definitely check out the rest of your chapters soon – I just have no time (however much I wish I did! 😦 ) x

      • Haha, no that wasn’t criticism, but I guess we kinda work the same, then. :p

        I can tell you put alot of time into it. I downloaded a three-room-apartment yesterday and decorating it took almost three hours. Can’t imagine building a house that big AND decorating it, that would take me days.

        And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get time to read it eventually, no rush. 🙂

  4. Oh wow! It’s beautiful! I love the wallpaper on the upstairs hallway! You’re really good at house building, my new house is taking weeks to build because I’m terrible at building.

    • Hey wordpress cut my comment off.
      I love how you make the house feel lived in with all the clutter. I try to clutter my houses when I build, clutter gives makes it more of a home then just a house.

    • Thanks so much, I love it, I’m so happy with the way it turned out.
      I’m sure you’re not terrible!
      And I love clutter too! It’s one of my favourite parts of building homes! x

  5. Wow, I’m so jealous of your house building skills! This looks amazing! ❤

  6. AMAZING as always! It’s beautiful! When I fix my laptop I will download this house! 🙂
    When is the next chapter out?? Thanks!

  7. That house is amazing. Very real life like. I feel inspired to re-do my house. Well, with a new family leader… perfect timing. 😀

    • Thanks so much, I wanted it to feel like people actually lived there, the penthouse from generation 1 was a little impersonal.
      Glad I’ve inspired you *blushing* I’m sure whatever you do will be fantastic, Sebie deserves an amazing home! x

  8. Oh lol, I just left a comment on the other house – anyway, this one is just as AMAZING! I’m downloading it 😀

  9. This house is AMAZING! I totally lovee it 🙂 where do you get your inspiration?? Oh, and I lovee your legacy. I’ve been reading it nonstop! Want to read mine?
    I just checked, and I linked your legacy awhile ago.
    Ally xx

  10. Oh, and I’m building my new house, hope you don’t mind that it’s going to take a few of your ideas 🙂
    Ally xx

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