The Queen Of The City Moves To The Suburbs


Residents (Past and Present) – Leo Belgravia (past), Arielle Belgravia, Noah Belgravia, Tommy Belgravia, Kitty Belgravia, Olive Belgravia, Oliver Belgravia, Cora Belgravia.

Can anyone guess what house on a popular TV show I based this on?! I hope you like it – Marissa x

9 responses to “The Queen Of The City Moves To The Suburbs

  1. I love it! ❤

  2. I don’t know what T.V show, but the house is amazing!! You built it and decorated?

  3. I looooooove it! It’s beautiful! You really have an talent for decorating and building! You must enjoy playing Sims with that house!
    I love the Giant poster! I love Liz Taylor! 😀

  4. Wow! What a beautiful house! I like it more then the apartment actually! It must have taken a heck of a lot of dedication but wow it’s just wow.

  5. Hahaha… that bed is so Ari! But I agree with the comment above, a very beautiful house. Darn those rich people! 😉

  6. goregous! i can’t imagine how long this took you, but your hard work has paid off 🙂 i don’t know what tv show you based this off of though :/ i don’t really watch a lot of tv…just the simpsons, burn notice and criminal minds 😛

  7. Wow, this is amazing! I LOVEEEE it! 🙂 I like it better than the apartment I think! 😀

  8. Amazing o_O speechless…

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