Generation 2 – Chapter 5 Pt. 2

“Well hello Arielle. You’re looking better than ever. A few hours in bed before we go our separate ways?” Ugh, I hated him. He was leaning against the doorway, just like he used to back at school. He was so arrogant, so… so… I don’t know, he was just disgusting! I still couldn’t believe he was doing this to me.

“I still don’t understand why I have to pay this. Why didn’t you take this to my mom?” I new it was bad to wish something like this on her, but why should I have to deal with it?! All I did was sleep with a teacher, I didn’t expect to be dragged into an extortion scandal.

“Arielle, Arielle.” He was laughing as he replied, really, what was funny? “You don’t get it do you? Your mother would never pay me. She may be having an affair” I noticed his eyes darted to the ground for a second around before he came back to me, “but she has morals. She would never condone extortion, I’m quite positive she would rather have herself exposed than cave to someone like me. You on the other hand, have very questionable morals, and were therefore the perfect target.” What a bastard! We were basically in this situation because I was a slut. This was all my fault, my moms career and family life was hanging on the line because I had sex with my teacher. If I’d just been good in the first place, I would never have even been in this situation!

“So, do you have the money?” Money, of course. I had my cheque book ready, but I couldn’t bring myself to get it. I was about to give away 10 million simoleans… how could I do it? Mom and dad had worked themselves to the bone to have this money available to me so I would never have to worry about anything, they had encouraged me to work, but of course they’d never let me go without. I realise the other half of my inheritance, which I would still have, was more than enough to live on. But I’d rather give 10 million to like, the Cats Rescue Shelter or something than to this sleaze bag.

I wrote the cheque with shaking hands… I was about to sign it,

“Arielle, can you come in here?” Howland looked visibly panicked. What was Leo doing? He convinced me to let him stay for my safety, but we agreed he would not speak!

“Someone else is here? I better not be getting set up, I have a contact ready to release the pictures as we speak.”

“You’re not. Just wait here.” I crossed the suite into the bedroom, quite glad of the little break from Howland, I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as him, I felt sick to my stomach, as if I was about to throw up, but anger was the main emotion I was feeling.

“Arielle, are you completely sure you want to do this? You realise he could still release the pictures? We’re not lawyers, we don’t have a confidentiality contract.”

“He promised to give me all the photos, why would he need them if he has the money?”

“Arielle, he’s extorting you, which just proves how bad he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he released them just to spite you.” Leo was totally right, of course. He could release them anyway, maybe I should have called mom from the beginning… No, Howland was right, she’d never condone an extortionist.

“That’s a risk I’m just going to have to take.”

“Listen, I can get him out of here, I’ll kick him out right now, just say the word.”

Gosh he was so great, but I had to do this for my mothers sake. “Okay, where was I?” I asked Howland as I re-entered the sitting room. He was looking extremely nervous and irritated, and was acting jumpy. Not surprising really, I could have like, 50 FBI lined up ready to take his sorry ass to prison. I wish. 

“You were about to write me a 10 million dollar cheque. Unless you want the evidence of your mothers infidelity to go to press.” Geez, what an absolute asshole! I had lost the last, unsigned cheque, so I began writing a new one, when the phone rang.

“Oh for God sake what is this?! Just write me the God damn cheque!!” Well I definitely wasn’t rushing now. I might want him out quickly, but it was kinda fun watching him totally squirm with nerves. Poor people, they could be such bastards.

“Hello, yeah, oh, hi.” It was my mom! Why would she decide to call now of all times? “Yeah, yeah, it’s going fine, I have some stuff to tell you actually. Yeah- yeah, yeah just about school.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch darling, I’ve been working on this new movie with Marlon and it’s just taken all my time and energy.” That must be how their romance rekindled, on location, long nights, late hours, lonely hearts away from their spouses… “There was one scene your father was cringing at when we watched the tape, his face was an absolute picture!”

“Oh- yeah, really what one?” I was barely listening, I was busy trying to think of her relationship with dad. Sure it had its rough patches, but they were closer than ever now….

“…And then me and Marlon were kissing and your father was acting so odd! He’s seen me in kissing scenes before, I honestly didn’t know what his problem was. Probably because I wanted to date Marlon when I was younger. Anyway darling I must go, I’ll speak to you lat-”

“- You kissed Marlon for this movie?!” She kissed Marlon? She kissed him… for the movie…

“Yes, I really have to go now. I love you.” She was gone. I rushed over to where I’d thrown down the envelope. The pictures definitely didn’t look like they had been taken by some sort of creeper from miles away, and why was my mom totally dressed up in diamonds? Why was there more than 1 angle? What was this writing about the top? KSCENE? … I’d been set up!

“YOU!!” I rounded on Howland, furious. He had clearly heard the whole conversation, and was now looking a lot less sinister. “How dare you try and set me up like that, the pictures are for a movie!”


“No, you know what I don’t even want to know. Leave now and never come back, and I won’t take this to court!” I was getting closer to him, and he was getting closer and closer to the door, “You’re clearly just an old man who can’t do anything, why don’t you try getting a job,” I gathered all the strength I could muster and pushed him straight through the doors onto the hard floor of the hallway,  “and not one where you screw the students!”

21 responses to “Generation 2 – Chapter 5 Pt. 2

  1. Yay Ari! Pretty silly of her to not notice the obviously fake pictures, but she won the battle in the end! And I’m sure this will make her see reason. One thing, though… Why did Howland have an affair with her? If he had the pics from the movie, why mess around with Ari when he already had that witch teacher lady? I love this plot, so intriguing!

    • Because the pictures from the movie aren’t ‘real’ – If Arielle had any sense she would have noticed they were fake, so he wanted to marry her and take half the money in a divorce, but that didn’t work, so onto plan B.
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying it! x

  2. Yay!! I loved the last shot of her shoving Howland out of the door. XD He deserved it. XD

    Thank goodness her mother called her. XD

    Great chapter! 😀

    • I know! If Lily hadn’t called at that exact time Arielle would be out of a whole lot of cash right now. Lily actually called her in game around the time I was taking the shots of Mort appearing the doorway, though I planned for her to call anyway haha. x

  3. Ahh, YES. I knew it!! Howland is still a dirty, messed-up, perv and I just LOVED the last shot 😀
    I LOVELOVELOVE your legacy by the way, I cannot stop reading it.

  4. Yeah! Arielle can live without fear now. I’m so glad that Mr. Howland will, hopefully, be out of her life for good! It was sweet that Leo was there to support her and I’m glad that he was understandable when he learned the truth. Mr. Howland was a weird pervert who just wanted money. Now Arielle can start her new life and maybe Leo will come with. I’m glad that Arielle has grown up and this experience has defiantly broke her of her old ways. Great chapter as usual!
    Keep Writing!

  5. Oh my God guys, I just viewed this on a different computer to the one I normally use, is Arielle always this pale and gothic looking? On my normal screen she looks positively glowing…

  6. WHOO! Go smart, stalling Leo and just in time phone call from mom! That was perfect! I’m so glad she didn’t sign that check, and give it to that sleezeball! GROSS!! I was hoping he would go to jail or something xD. He really needs too.

    Lovely chapters!

  7. Wow… Ari you actually needed your mom to noticed the film reel? And yes, you were in the situation because you desperately wanted to do the dirty dirty with Howland, or Noah, and prob Leo too. 😉 But I hope she will be smart enough now and get sleaze creep and his woman in jail. Hey, btw, when’s Noah coming back? Great resolve on the mystery.

    • She was stressed out! She has built up a bit (hmm) of a reputation as a slut hasn’t she… or at least she wants to be.
      For some reason I never knew I had these comments… but as you probably know Noah is now BACK and hopefully as a regular!

  8. Glad she figured it out in the end! It was lucky that Lily called up! Urgh, that Howland.

  9. Yay! Go Arielle!! 🙂
    I hate Howland. This was interesting chapter. I hope she will be happy now. And she is more mature now, as she’s growing.

  10. whoo hoo! you go girl! i’m so glad that she didn’t give him that check! 10 million dollars is a hell of a lot of money to lose whether she’s rich or not. i hope that howland is out of her life for good, but i have a feeling he’s going to stop at nothing to get that money 😦 what a jerk! great chapter btw! 🙂

  11. Yay Arielle! You get them girl!
    I’m really starting to like Arielle, she’s changed so much in a totally good mature way!
    I knew they were for a movie! Thank the Goddess that Lily called at that moment!
    Maybe Arielle and Leo can like actually offically get together now!!!
    Awesome chapter (as always) 😀

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