Generation 2 – Chapter 3

The school was definitely big, that was for sure. I’d overheard some girls in the lower grade saying it used to be the family home of some hugely rich family, The Howland Family, and that was it’s namesake. I’d often creep around the hallways after dark, when I was supposed to be asleep. Lights out was at 10, I mean seriously, I wasn’t 5.

I could hear something from a distant part of the school… a tapping, like shoes. I’d never seen anyone else around this time, the teachers like, totally trusted us. Crap! It was totally Miss Brewster, and she’d definitely saw me. This was probably my worst nightmare, if she caught me out after dark mom and dad would have to be informed, and they’d recently emailed me telling me ‘how proud’ they were that I was doing well. I must be like, a genius or something, because I barely even try in the lessons yet I still get all A’s. No time to brood, I had to run before she caught me.

I was running through endless passages, all wood panelled, all looking the same. I thought I was on the second or third floor when I heard her behind me, how was she so fast?!

“Arielle Belgravia get here this instant! I do not have time for games of hide and seek! You are in big trouble young lady!!”

It was like something out of a horror film, the pilgrim witch reincarnated chases the gorgeous leading lady, probably some prom princess whose car broke down. Save me! I turned the corner of the hallway and was confronted with like, tonnes of doors. I darted inside the nearest one, which was a classroom, and locked it, hopefully she wouldn’t find me. Ew. It was totally dusty in here, and there were creepy old spiders crawling the ceiling, any minute I was going to be eaten alive. I had to get out of this place. Not just the room, the school. I needed a break!

Moving over to the window I had a look at my prospects. The window was tightly sealed, so climbing down the façade wasn’t an option, not that I’d ever risk damaging my beautiful body, no way!

The only option seemed to be like, going back the way I came and finding another exit route, God, was I just insanely beautiful girl trapped in a disgusting school or in a James Bond movie?! I quietly unlocked the heavy door and opened it just an inch, pressing my face close to the ground and peering around into the hallway. The first thing I saw was her! Her legs were totally on my eye level, I couldn’t look at that pilgrim dress!

At least she was facing away from me. Who knew how long she’d stay there, and I had to escape like yesterday. Slowly pushing open the door, I crept down the hallways before bursting into a full sprint.

After trying the front door, which was locked (why this was when we have huge gates I do not know!) I moved to the back of the house, and finally emerged into the garden after crawling through a small sash window. I better not have like, snagged my clothes on it. The garden was pretty much the same, all green, with some trees, the pool, and a small sitting area. But what really caught my attention was this like, totally overgrown area right in-between the huge walls and the east wing of the building.

The area was totally cute, and obviously unused, maybe I could like, hide out here during class and stuff.  OK scratch that. The area had an awful patch, Natasha. What the hell was she doing here?

Although I didn’t like her, she obviously wasn’t that bad if she was out after dark, it made her like, cool. And she was quite pretty, that was a plus. I still went and sat beside her, I wasn’t about to go back into the school straight from hell.

It was a little awkward at first, as we both mumbled ‘hey’ and just sat, staring ahead. I definitely had to get a conversation going, just to pass some time.

“So what are you doing like, here?” I was genuinely interested, I wanted to know how she even knew about this place.

“I always come here, to get away from the other girls in the dorm and have some alone time.” She didn’t look at me as she replied, maybe she had been fuelled by a bit to much juice that night we argued.

“I like, didn’t even know it was here, I just stumbled across it, it’s totally weird, but cute!” The conversation was basically going nowhere…

“Listen Arielle, there’s something I have to tell you. The reason I was so angry that night was because, well…”

“- You were drunk? I guessed as much.” I told her with a toss of my beautifully conditioned hair.

“No, no, nothing like that. Well, I was a little drunk and I was wanted an excuse to see you in your underwear because well, I saw you up there and I totally liked you straight away.”

“So you didn’t even care about the bed?” She was so dumb, it wasn’t as if I would care about her being a lesbian, she could look all she wanted. I might even let her touch, who knew. This was the twentieth century, and I was up for all experiences.

“Yeah…” I could see her hand coming towards me, she was getting closer. Woah woah woah, I might be up for it at one point, but that’s not to say right now, or with her. She wasn’t gonna live some lesbian boarding school fantasy through me. No way. Ew!

“Look Natasha, I don’t like you like that. We just became friends 5 seconds ago.” God, things definitely moved quickly around here. “I’ll tell you what, lets just like, erase this from our memory and go on. Shall we sneak out?” I didn’t wait for her answer, and ran through another gate which turned out to lead to the huge green expanse that was the front lawn. She turned out to be totally faster then me, and was waiting at the gates before I even got there!

We were about to haul ourselves over the top when…

“GIRLS! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” That was definitely not Miss Brewster, it was totally Mr Howland, yes! I was going to be let off the hook, I felt bad for Natasha but hey, I deserved it, after everything I did for Mr Howland the least he could do was write this one off. I could feel Natasha’s nerves as we headed back up the driveway, what a wimp.

“Arielle, go and wait in my office! I’ll deal with you after I deal with you after I deal with Miss Farington.” He seemed livid, but I didn’t miss the slight wink he shot me, before his face turned back to anger as he faced Natasha. Farington? What kind of bullshit name was that anyway.

He was laying into Natasha when I glanced back, I hoped she was getting it pretty bad, she totally deserved it, if she hadn’t been there I probably would have gotten out. Maybe a few hours with Sir would be more fun anyway.

A very nice sight had to be waiting when he got back if he was going to let me off the hook. He hadn’t actually shown me any professional favours yet, as I barely saw him in anything to do with official school business. Stripping off my uniform I laid down on the floor, ready for him. His face dropped as he walked in, clearly happy with what I had done. He should be, I was pretty cold down here.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” He leaned against the wall and let out a low whistle as he took in the full scene. Probably memorising it, after all I did look great.

“You have caused a lot of trouble tonight.” His trousers fell to the floor along with his shirt as he spoke. “The reputation of this school is of the highest calibre, and if anyone were to jeopardize that, well, lets just say there would be very serious consequences.” his underwear joined the rest of his clothes on the floor as he moved towards me. Definitely better than sneaking out for a few hours.

*  *  *

Overall I guess the school was… disappointing. I seriously didn’t know how I was passing the class, never mind getting A’s in every lesson. I’d opened my report card expecting to be mortified and planning my speech for mom and dad about how I was going to work harder, but it was all A’s! Usually during lessons I just caught up on the sleep that I was missing out on on the nights, if you know what I mean.

The girls were total trolls, I mean they’d sit around and discuss ‘boys’ when they should be looking for real men. My virginity was a completely fictitious subject, I told them I lost it at 14 with a boy back in Bridgeport when in actuality the man I lost it to was never more than a few rooms away, Howland.

I’ll always remember the night though, like how could I forget… After we’d had that first kiss in his office we moved through to his bedroom, and by now my heart was fluttering wildly. I knew I was about to lose my virginity, this relationship was definitely taboo, so why beat around the bush?!

It was actually kind of sweet, he pulled out some like, cute little pink flowers, a little too cutesy for me, but they were still a sweet gesture, flowers for my virginity huh.

His kisses were soft and tender, but they definitely had a harder edge, I’d kissed a few boys in school and stuff, but Howland put those to total shame! I felt like I was in a bad romance novel, things like this must never happen… I guess it was just because I was so beautiful, I was irresistible, obviously.

I loved how he took control of the situation, I was so used to being in control, always on top, always doing everything for my self ever since mom’s depression period when dad like, went missing (I still didn’t know what had been up with them then) and it was nice to just relax and let someone else do the work, even if it was just in the bedroom.

Geez, the people who said sex wasn’t important to a relationship were total liars, it had to be the best part! Noah didn’t know what he was missing… thinking back on it I had to laugh, I was obviously amazing in bed. His loss. I suppose I hadn’t really thought of him since I’d arrived, I mean he was definitely cute, and was my first choice to take my virginity. But out in the middle of the country, Howland was definitely a better option, he was experienced, and at least he wouldn’t go around telling everyone, he couldn’t – his career was on the line.

*   *   *

“How’s it going with that little slut?”  I narrowed my eyes, staring right at him, he better not be going off the plan.

“You really shouldn’t call her that, she’s just a lonely girl. Quite sweet actually.” Quite sweet? I don’t think so. She was a devil child, always messing up my lessons, falling asleep in the middle of Russian history and still managing to get decent marks.

“You’re not falling for her are you, it’s supposed to be purely sexual Howland.” He was squirming uncomfortably at my question. Men! They were all useless louts, I wish I could do the job myself.

“Do I need to find someone else?!”

“No, no, of course not. The plan is still going ahead, I actually think we’re a little ahead of schedule.”

“Of course we are. How on earth could she resist you…”

10 responses to “Generation 2 – Chapter 3

  1. Ohhh… what a twist… I like it! Maybe because something not good will happen to Ari? Mhm… okay, I admit that too. She does gets on my nerves. Thinks she’s all that. Wait, I know! The teachers are going to ruin her reputation (like that’s even more possible) and thus trying to get to her parents… wait, wait, maybe they are some vampires in disguise trying to seek revenge on Chase… Natasha is very beautiful. More than Ari. But maybe that’s because of that oh so sweet personality of hers. o.O

  2. Exciting! And maybe a good wakeup call for Ari. Can’t figure out what their master plan might be, though…

  3. Well, that’s creepy. o_0

    On the other hand, Arielle needs a wake up call.

    But wow. o_0 Wasn’t expecting that. o_0

  4. Woah, I definatly didn’t see that one coming! What two sickos are these people? Why the hell would he want her to sleep with a 50 year old man?! Reputation? I highly doubt that! There is so sick motive behind all this! Poor Ari ❤
    Awww Natasha likes her, that's so sweet!

  5. Woah!!!
    Ari, what are you doing?!
    OMG, what will happen next??

  6. Errr…. that’s not good!

  7. Great chapter! I love her with Howland , how terrible of me

  8. That’s … disturbing? She’s sleeping with her head master. That’s mentally scared me, that guy is old!!!

    And it’s just creepy! Weird twisted plot – which me likes! Loved it

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