Hello everyone,

So sorry about the lack of chapters lately, I’ve had  few very tough exams in the past week or so, and I have a couple more upcoming.

After that I’ll be off to Glastonbury Festival for a few days (YES!), and then I’ll be free for the summer!

There should hopefully be a new chapter up sometime around the end of this month, I know it’s a while away but don’t give up on the Belgravia’s!

– Marissa x


Question: Which hair do you think Arielle should have? (Picture 1, 5, or 6?)

Snippets from the upcoming chapter…

8 responses to “UPDATE…

  1. 6 🙂 awesome story, can’t wait for the next chapter

  2. Ummm 1 🙂 And, awww a whole month 😦

    Oh well, I’ll be waiting when you get back! 😉

  3. Pic 5 if she’s still bratty, 6 if she’s trying to make a good impression and want to move up in the world. 😉

  4. 6 she looks less messy x

  5. 1 🙂

    And can’t wait for update, but don’t rush yourself! xxx

  6. Good luck in your exams – and enjoy Glastonbury =D

  7. I say 5! 😀

    Ooh, have fun at Glasto! (:

  8. 6, but I doubt that’s going to make any difference now. But i like 6 she looks more boarding school girl like

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