Generation 2 – Chapter 1

I couldn’t believe how beautiful his house was, it was totally modern but with like, an oriental twist or something, and I could see an amazing view of the city through the windows, which had a courtyard in the middle. I loved it! Walking through the large double doors I didn’t know what to expect, I had thought I might walk into some kind of seedy bachelor pad but it was soo grown up, I felt about 5 years old again!

As I followed him through to the kitchen, which was pretty cute, I couldn’t get over how like, totally great his house was! I was dying to know how he had so much money, but he’d probably think I was some sort of gold digging whore, which I so wasn’t. I may not want to work, but I had plenty of inheritance money.

I stepped outside as he struggled to work the coffee machine, he was so cute! The back yard area was really cool, I could definitely picture myself chilling out here in a tiny bikini with a Mexican maid bringing me endless glasses of nectar and feeding me strawberries.

My excitement at what was about to happen was so high that I had to run to the bottom of the pool area so he couldn’t see my squeals of joy!

The view was so incredible, it was one thing living in the city, but it was another thing altogether being able to see it from a distance. The sight of him sat calmly with his coffee, looking at me with like this look as if he was thinking she’s beautiful was so totally hot. Well, who could blame him for thinking I was beautiful.

‘So where’s the bedroom?’ I asked with a wink, although I don’t really think he caught onto my meaning.

‘Upstairs to the left, why?’

‘I want to see it.’ I felt totally saucy as I slunk off to the staircase, and I knew he was following me, probably totally excited for tonight.

There was a bathroom leading into his bedroom, and he went ahead while I checked myself in the mirror. I was about to lose my virginity, I didn’t want to look ugly!

Stepping into his bedroom after making sure I was completely primed for the night ahead I started to feel a little nervous, up until now it had been all like, excitement and stuff, now I was feeling butterfly’s of nerves, not excitement. He was already chilling out on the bed, fully clothed (which I was disappointed about!) just waiting for me.

I settled into the spot next to him and expected to like, get straight down to the business, but he just started talking, not even making a move on me. Maybe I’d picked the wrong guy, geez.

‘Look-‘ I intterupted him in the middle of some completely innane anecdote, ‘You know why I’m here, right?’

‘Well, because you like me, and I like you.” He replied, looking sweet, but a little confused,

‘Well yeah- are we ever gonna seal the deal?’ I must have sounded so impatient saying it, but that’s what I was!

‘Woah, woah woah! Ari, we’re not having sex tonight! We’ve only been out a few times, and you’re only just legal!’

‘Well why am I even here!’ I retorted, God, he had led me on soo much!

‘We’re just getting to know each other, now I’m going to sleep. You’re welcome to sleep with me, just not in that way, not tonight at least.’ He rolled over, the conversation was finished. Ew, maybe he wasn’t the guy I was looking for. But then again – maybe he was exactly the guy I needed, I was totally confused!

That night I was racked with dreams of Noah – Noah naked, Noah kissing me – Noah taking my virginity, Ew! I felt like a total dude having a wet dream or something!

I woke up super early, I couldn’t risk something slipping out in my sleep and Noah hearing – I had to play this relationship well if I wanted to keep him, life was about games, and I was the master. I slipped on a pair of black tracksuit bottoms that I found in a drawer and headed to the kitchen – on the upstairs landing I could see that fantastic view, and I was worried for a second, would mom and dad worry where I was? Hopefully no one had checked my room, and if they had they hopefully thought I slept out.

I was desperate to reach the kitchen – just like my mom, I needed coffee first thing on a morning or I could not function. I was a little taken aback as I headed towards the room that held my life force and saw a guy sat at the breakfast bar reading the paper, I should have realises he had room-mates, with a place this size he must need them!

Totally ignoring him I moved to the coffee maker – this damn thing was like something from the future, I was pretty sure we had the same one but I’d never made my own coffee, Rosa the maid did that. The guy was behind me now, and I could hear him chuckling as I struggled to work the piece of crap machine.

‘So you’re Noah’s latest conquest?’ Um, ew much? Who was this freak?

‘Ew. Who are you?’ I asked, pursing my lips, still not looking at him.

‘Noah’s room-mate, Tom. But back to you, come on, how was he?! Finally sealed the deal with you huh? He’s talked about you lots!’ He was visibly excited for his friend, but I didn’t care about that. Noah talked about me to his friends, wow, maybe he could be more than my virginity taker…

‘Me and Noah are waiting until we’re really comfortable together to have sex.’ I told Tom sanctimoniously, gosh I could be the next Mother Theresa or something… this was working out well. I sipped my coffee calmly and walked over to the breakfast bar, not at all bothered that I was only in my bra, I had a great body, might as well show it off.

I could feel him looking at me as I sipped my coffee, eyes closed, it was like God was coming down and waking me up, ahh coffee… the greatest invention ever. Was it an invention or was it grown? I didn’t know, or care for that matter.

After a while Tom slunk off to a distant part of the house and I sat there in silence for a while, preparing myself for the day ahead. I couldn’t believe me and Noah hadn’t done it, what would I tell Emily? Should I just lie and say I had done it? No, lying to your girlfriends about sex was unforgivable… if she ever found out she wouldn’t speak to me, not that I needed her or anything. I could hear my phone ringing, I always took it with me, I would never leave it unattended, the people in movies who left it lying around were so stupid.

‘Arielle, where on earth are you?! Get home right now!’ It was Chace, oh no, I’d forgotten all about running away from him!

‘Um – Dad I just slept at Emilys-‘ I told him, feeling a little guilty,

‘Well for a start that’s a lie, Emily just called by the house to see if you wanted to go shopping!-‘ Uh oh, Emily was a stupid bitch! How dare she do that without calling me first?! ‘-and another thing, how dare you run away from me last night? Did you sleep at that boy – or should I say man’s – house?!’

‘Look dad I did, but all we did was sleep, don’t worry-‘

‘I SHOULD THINK SO!’ He was really angry now, oh god! ‘You’re far too young to think of doing anything but sleeping at a boys house!’

‘Dad- seriously I’m not that young!’

‘I don’t want to hear another word about it Arielle, your antics are becoming too much to deal with, Mrs Preston called earlier, telling me you failed a history test! What game are you playing, how much trouble I can get myself into?’ Test? What test?… Oh, the Russian Revolution test, I’d spent the enitre time planning my outfit for prom.

‘Dad will you just calm down! You’re being a complete dork!’

‘Get home right now Arielle, your mother and I want to speak to you face to face.’ He hung up, leaving me with the dull tone ringing in my ear. I couldn’t even put the phone away I was so nervous, what were they going to do?!

I ran upstairs and quickly threw on my clothes, I had to get home before they got even madder! Oh no, there was Noah, all dressed and looking more handsome than ever in the light of day.

‘Everything okay? I heard a bit of your phone call when I went to get my clothes from the laundry room.’ He looked genuinely concerned, which was nice.

‘Yeah – well, not really. My dads being like, a total dork. He wants me to go home.’ Damn, I shouldn’t have mentioned parents!

‘Sure, I can understand that. But just know Ari, I won’t let your father scare me away, I really like you, and definitely want to see you again. Give me a call later.’ He embraced me in a hug, which I clung onto for a good few minutes. If this was the closest I was going to get to him till we got to know each other better then I was going to savour every moment of it.

The looks on my parents faces as I stepped out of the elevator chilled me to the bone, they looked furious!

They were both towering over me as I sat on a chair in the living room, I felt like I was in an intervention or something, geez it wasn’t as if I was a drug addict, I was just being a teenager!

Dad told me to stand up, I thought he was going to forgive me and hug me or something, but it was the complete opposite! He let rip just like he did on the phone, screaming at me about school, the club, Noah, and all my antics from my childhood, why was he doing this?!

‘Dad, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again!’

‘You’re completely right about that. You won’t be able to get into trouble like this where you’re going!’ Going? What was he talking about?!

‘I’m sorry sweetheart, but me and your father have discussed it, and we think it would be the best thing for you if we send you away to boarding school.’ Mom had come forward, trying to comfort me as she broke this news, what was this, good cop bad cop?! I was not going away! What about Noah?

‘No! You can’t do that, I have a whole life here!’ I was furious, how dare they do this? I may be young but I could make my own decisions, and I didn’t want to leave!!

‘I’m sorry, we just think it would be the best thing for you.’ Looking into her eyes I knew she was being genuine, they actually thought this was good for me, they had like, totally got it wrong!!

I had to accept it for now, there was no other choice. But I wasn’t going to stand for it, I would definitely get out of going to this school, I wouldn’t be going for a few weeks at least so I could work out a way to get out of it.

‘The car will be here soon, we’ve packed most of your things away. I’m going to miss you so much.’ She embraced me in a hug as I processed what she just said, the car was downstairs?! I had to go right now? No, no no!

Standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator 20 minutes later, surrounded by tonnes of bags, I still felt numb, I was gob-smacked, why was I being sent away? I had hardly done that many things wrong, there were like, much worse teenagers than me!

My family came over and said goodbye, it was so much more emotional than I thought, I didn’t know I felt this much for them! Ugh, why was I being sent away, I should have just been good, I didn’t even know where I was going, boarding school? EW! 

Watching my luggage being loaded into the limousine I felt the emotions bubbling to the surface, and had to wipe the tears away from my eyes. I wasn’t going to see Noah, thank God I had my phone and I could call him. Maybe boarding school would be easy to sneak out of, but then I could get into even more trouble!

I stared at the city as the limousine sped away from the curb, the place I had been born, the place I had grown up, my whole life was behind this glass, and I was leaving it! This was totally unfair! I didn’t know where I was going, just that it was a prestigious boarding school in the country, ew!

21 responses to “Generation 2 – Chapter 1

  1. Oh no!! :O still, I bet boarding school would be fun if she gave it a chance! 😀 x

  2. Ooh, this is a nice twist! Serves her right for being such a little b*tch! I hope the school helps Ari see reality, this girl is seriously deluded.

    Loved the chapter – so exciting to be on generation two!

    • I know! It’s amazing that I’m here, I didn’t know if I would ever reach it, generation 1 was planned for just 10 chapters, but I was having so much fun with it I had to continue it!

      P.S. Can’t wait to have Mort, I may use him in my story, a professor or something, I’m unsure (If that’s okay with you of course!) x

  3. Lmao, I laughed at many lines in this chapter. She’s so spoiled, I love it. Good for Noah turning her down! I really respect him for that. Boarding school? HER? LMAO! That should be interesting. That girl needs a boarding school! I seriously can’t wait to see what happens to her there. Maybe she’ll stop being such a brat… Bwuahha yea right. I love her SO much though, it’s not even funny. Her personality is unbelieveably awesome. It’s so different, and makes me think of some stuck up cheerleader, sterotype. Ahahah<3 Keep up the great work, Loved the chapter,


    • I wanted to Noah to be a good guy, I was thinking of just discarding him but I really like him and want him to stick around, so this respectable side of him came along with that 😉
      I’m glad you like Arielle, I absolutely love writing her, I’m laughing the entire time! x

  4. I only recently found your blog when I was looking for some more sims blog to read, guess it’s time for the first comment.
    Oh dear it’s not easy being a teenager and being sent away must feel like the end of the world, hopefully it won’t tear her and Noah apart.

    • I’m so glad you decided to comment and you’re enjoying my legacy- I have all these views and only a handful of comments, I guess there is quite a few readers like you out there x

  5. I have to be honest, I think Ari had that coming. She was so annoying, wanting to “seal the deal” but then being grossed out by Tom who talked about nothing else. Noah seemed like a real guy nothing taking advantage of a barely legal teen. Good for him. Maybe boarding school will drill some common sense into her so that she deserves a man like Noah. Despite my ranting, I love this. Your writing is really engaging. Whether one likes a character or not.

    • Thanks! There’s a sort of love/hate relationship that I have with Arielle, and I want the readers to have that too, she’s still my favourite child though. So fun to write! x

  6. I agree with Jedidiah, she definitely had that one coming! If I were Lily and Chace I wouldn’t have stood for a spoilt rotten daughter like that. =P (still sour that Alex didn’t win, heh!)

    This is intriguing though, I wonder how she’ll get on in the new environment. I hope it’s strict! XD

    • Aw, I loved Alexandra as well but I’m so glad Arielle won, she’s so much fun to write!

      You’ll find out everything to do with the school in the next chapter, although I don’t know when that will be as I have quite a few exams coming up, I should be revising and instead I’m reading sims legacies and replying to comments! x

  7. Aww, I like Noah. Seems like he’ll be good for her. And maybe boarding school will be too, haha.

    Good luck with your exams. ❤

  8. boarding school? oh no! poor girl, but maybe she’ll get her act straight? noah’s such a cutie, i can’t get over how cute he his 🙂 can’t wait to see what happens next!

  9. Noah is a cutie, I hope she changes her childish ways so they can be together!!! boarding school should be a fun chapter or few, cant wait to see it

  10. Can’t wait to see what you do with the boarding school x

  11. I just got caught up!! 😀

    I love love LOVE Arielle’s narration, she’slike a typical teenager with her “ew” and “like totally” Gah, I love that! 🙂 You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

  12. I’m so glad Arielle won. She’s gonna be a great heir. She has so many unlikable qualities, but that’s precisely why I voted for her… Sometimes the most interesting stories come from the characters you love to hate! 🙂

  13. Arielle is interesting. I think I do like her because I hate her. Which makes no sense. She’s so hateable but that makes you love her. She’ll make an interesting heir

  14. I don’t know about Arielle… It’s **itty that she was sent to boarding school, but then, maybe she’ll change that stuck-up attitude of being a rich bitch.
    Heh, I said I’ll go to sleep in my last comment but couldn’t stop reading this chapter… I’ll go to sleep now…

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