Generation 1 – Chapter 14

I had given up all hope. Chace wasn’t coming back, it had been to long. I didn’t know what they had done with him, but it was over. So, so over. I felt like the worst person in the world, but however much I tried, I simply couldn’t function without Chace. The girls all thought I was so dumb, but I knew everything they were up to, their exploits didn’t go unnoticed, just unpunished. I didn’t have any drive for such a thing. My life was probably going to become a tragic Bridgeport tale of the actress who goes off the rails. I threw myself on the floor in a heap, this couldn’t be happening to me!

I didn’t even look up when I heard footsteps running towards me, who would it be who I cared about? They were far to light to be one of my daughters. No one else mattered, I had put on a brave face for a while, but I couldn’t keep it up any longer.

As I looked up I thought it was a mirage, it was Chace… but it couldn’t be, he was gone, and we was never coming back! No… no, it was him, I could hear him, but it was as if he was screaming over a layer of white noise, I couldn’t really hear him. Then it was as if a metaphoric light bulb was turned on in my head, the world came into focus, and it was him! I jumped up quickly, my face turning from utter desolation to pure joy as I threw myself into his arms.

“I can’t believe it’s actually you, you came back!” I said joyfully, kissing him over and over again. The man I loved had returned, it was unbelievable. Any second I expected to wake up and be faced with the disaster that was my life. But the reality was so much better.

*  *  *

Local authorities are still investigating the mysterious fires that happened just under a week ago at two local vampire sights. One of which had remained hidden until very recently, after movie star Lily Belgravia claimed her husband was trapped there. The fires destroyed everything at the two sights, one of which was a Bridgeport landmark, stretching over 7 stories underground, more on that story after the weather. 

As I sipped a hot cup of coffee and listened to the news I realised how lucky I as to finally be home. I had a beautiful wife, three beautiful daughters, and an amazing home. Thank God I escaped from those bloodsuckers when I did. A small smile spread across my face when I heard the news story on the radio, I had paid a couple of men a lot of money for that job. No one knew if the vampires were dead or not, I don’t think many were aware they turned to ash when dead, but my guys had told me that no one escaped.

It was great to be back to some sense of normalcy. Although I had been gone an awfully long time, my job was still waiting for me, and after I explained that my car had broken down in the swiss alps, trapping me, they were more than understanding. It was amazing how much had changed since I left, all the girls had grown, and I cursed myself for missing those valuable moments of their life, although if I’m honest with myself, I was never really there for them before. I was determined to be a better father.

*   *   *

It was totally weird having Dad back. I thought he might have like, run away with some hooker tramp in 8 inch neon heels and never come back. I’d changed so much since he left, and he like, didn’t get me any more, though I had to give him a few points for trying. When I was little he never even spoke to me, I had faint memories of a totally seedy apartment and dad playing with me, but I probably just dreamt it. My therapist told me I had an over-active imagination, like he would know. Yeah anyway, dad, he’s totally trying much harder now, he comes to my room all the time and jokes around with me. Its kinda cute actually.

He was probably just doing it to make mom happy, though it didn’t seem that way. I would tell him all about my life when he came in, though there wasn’t much to tell. It was so boring. Well, the bits I could actually tell him about were boring.

I wished I could still skip school like I used to when I was little, but when dad came back mom had snapped out of her zombie-mom-who-doesn’t-care-about-anything stage and became like, a semi-real mom. She was still out a lot, winning awards for her cop show, which was on like, season 76 or something by now. Okay maybe like season 3, whatever. But that meant school was mandatory again, ew. When I stood outside the place I just felt like throwing myself under the school bus, death would probably be a release from this place!!

At least I had Michael and Emily, they were probably the most grown up kids in our class, like me. We were so much better than them freaks, I don’t wanna sound conceited but it was true, Michael and Emily’s mom was a big movie composer, and her dad was the director on my moms show, but the other kids at school had like… waiters and firemen as their parents, hello, get a good job please? Ew. It was totally like they were my slaves, Michael was a bit weird and stuff, but at least he was rich and popular, so I guess I could let him off.

The other kids stayed in like, every week night and did homework, ha! I’d rather throw myself out of my penthouse than stay in. One particular night we hit up the Banzai Club, which was a pretty decent place, but they left me waiting like, 12 years before they arrived. I was sat like some friendless freak, please!

I had to sit there like a total wiredo with my drink, just staring around the club at all the people talking and laughing, I wanted to die!

I wished I worn something different, it looked pretty good in the mirror but now I was out I realised I looked like a 95 year old grandma on her way to a cousins wedding, the long dress was gonna get on my nerves when he hit the floor too, ugh, I’m such a freak. Thank God and the baby Jesus above when they arrived and we could dance, I was about to pass out with boredom and embarrassment. Emily wasn’t that good of a dancer but I could definitely teach her a few moves, again, I don’t wanna be conceited, but I’m an amazing dancer.

We were totally the youngest people in there, but all the bartenders new me because of my mom, and always let me in. As I danced I noticed a potential across the room. ‘A potential’ is what me and Emily say when we see someone hot we could dance with and maybe, if we like them, hook up with them that night. This one was definitely a potential, and he was totally looking at me. Who could blame him.

After a little eyelash batting and a bit of smiling he worked his way across the floor to dance with me. Score!

“Hi, I’m Arielle” I told him, smiling.

“Noah.” He replied, moving down as he danced, so he was shorter than me and could look up at me, probably checking for a double chin, but he was definitely not going to find one, ew.

“You come here much?” He shouted over the music, giving me a huge smile. Gosh he was totally cute, this could be my best potential yet.

“Oh yeah all the time.” We couldn’t really talk in here, it was jam packed and the music was blasting. We just danced, it must have been at least 3 hours, and we didn’t take our eyes off each other the entire time!

When the club closed and we all piled into the elevators he kept looking over and grinning at me. I smiled back once, but I knew I had to play it cool. Leaving the lobby, I could feel him looking at me, probably checking out my great body.

I knew he was coming, I could hear the light panting and the quick step of shoes on the pavement, but I couldn’t turn around, I had to be cool. He was obviously older than me, and I didn’t want him thinking I was a little kid or something.

“Hey, Ari, wait up. We didn’t really get much chance to talk in there.” He was totally cute, I was right. Sometimes the club lights flattered people, but not this guy, he was even better.

“You’re not running away from me are you, we had a great night, right?” Uh oh, maybe I made the wrong move. At least if he went like psycho-killer-rapist on my ass I had Emily just behind me, we both had pepper spray and 200 simoleans worth of self defence classes. Rape was definitely not an option.

“Of course not. I just didn’t see you.” I gave him a big smile as I handed over my excuse. Hopefully it would work.

“Listen, I really want to see you again. Here’s my card.” He slipped me a shiny white card, but I knew it was like a social faux-pas to look at someone’s card in front of them, so I kept hold of it.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to keep this safe.” God, I better get going, it was getting light. If they knew how late I was out mom and dad would totally kill me. So he wasn’t our true definition of a potential, we never usually carried on a potential to a later date, but I was definitely making an exception for this guy.

“I’m afraid I gotta go, my friend seems really tired.” I pointed to Emily stood behind him, and he smiled at me understandingly.

“I hope I can see you again.” He whispered. God, was this guy cute or what?! I didn’t answer, I had his card and was definitely going to call him. I knew he was watching me again as me and Emily ran down the street.

I had wrote down his number on my hand and over the next week I considered when to call him, I totally didn’t want to appear desperate, but he was so cute. My answer came when me and Emily were skipping science one day. I was telling her all about him, and we were trying to figure out when I should call.

Suddenly we were faced with one of the school slackers, Isiah. His long mane of hair was the most striking thing about him, as well as his strange dress sense. No one really knew much about him, just that he came to school to socialise and was out partying every night of the week.

We didn’t really know why he was talking to us, probably trying to pick us up or something, ew, he was totally gross if you ask me. After a lot of boring conversation our ears perked up when he asked us,

“So, when did you guys do it?” He asked with a smile.

“Um, do what?” Emily replied, looking puzzled.

It!” He waited expectantly for out recognition, but it never came. “You know, sex!”

“We haven-” I cut quickly across Emily before she finished,

“Oh we both did it last year sometime, I don’t really member, its happened like soo many times since.”

“You guys are such dorks. I can tell you’re total virgins. So cute.” He put his hand on his heart patronisingly, what a freak!

“Let’s go. Quick!” Emily whispered in my ear. Thank God, I had to leave before I just died of embarrassment. I couldn’t be a virgin any longer, I had to lose it before I was faced with complete social rejection, and Noah was definitely the one I wanted to lose it to.

*  *  *

Oriana was so horrid. Why did she have to be so mean to me? She always left me out, running off with her friends to parks and things, to have fun. I was really disappointed with her. At least I had my books. Ah my books, not my only friends, I’m not that much of a loner, but still a big part of my life. They were so precious, and I loved nothing better than curling up in my bed with an amazing read.

I say Oriana was always with her friends, but the truth is I honestly did not know what she got up to. We were definitely not those twins who shared everything, we even insisted on our own bedrooms, she liked loud music, dark colours, television, dancing, and all that stuff. Whereas I preferred a lovely light room, full of books and comfortable chairs. One of my favourite places was the library. I sometimes ditched school (I knew it was wrong – but I learnt more from my books than those brain dead teachers!) and biked there (I didn’t want to ruin the environment with car journeys.)

Standing in front of the rows upon rows of fabulous books I realised that this is where I wanted to be. I wanted my words to give inspiration to people just like me, who found comfort among the pages of fantasy.

I had to hurry home, I had ideas that were threatening to burst out of my head and spill all over the sidewalk. Please let me remember these ideas, I could probably get published with the thoughts I was going to transfer to the page!

This had to be my destiny, now all I needed was to get the ideas down, and get someone to look at my work, I was going to get so much more out of life than silly old Oriana, who would probably end up participating in the old ‘drugged-up-movie-stars-daughter’ cliché.

18 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 14

  1. Lovely to start seeing a bit more of the girls! Arielle pisses me off big time, but it’s nice how you’ve really given her a unique voice!

  2. I love how Ari says “I’m not trying to be consited or anything but…” yet she is! She really is a snobby girl, isn’t she? I mean she keeps her head tied around what everyone else thinks, and so that makes her a total jerk. Some people just don’t have the smarts to go get a better job, or never had enough money for college. It’s not there fault… you can’t blame them, and make them outcast because of it! D: Arggg. I know Ari is stuck up, but I can’t help but like her. Is that werid? xD I just think she would make such an interesting storyline!

    Hah, twins who are nothing alike! I love it. 🙂 And I am so glad that husband and wife are re-united once again! Stupid vampires… didn’t even see it coming. 😉

    *long comment, lol*


    • Woahh, really long comment haha!
      I really like Ari too, even though she’s so stuck up, I just wanted to make her different from other sims. You can’t really blame her, growing up in a house with no rules, barely any affection, unlimited funds and friends leeching onto her because of her famous mother!

      • Yea. I don’t hate her, or blame her. It’s just… she is a snob! But your right, no love, and her mother is so famous people want to be her “friend” because of it. Some people often see characters in a story either, “I hate them” or “I love them.” This would be one of those I hate, but with me, I look past there differences, and see the great outcome 😉 I know she would make a fabulous heir someday. She has my vote so far.

        Well yea, I tend to give long comments, cause I love to type. (teehee)


      • I love that you give long comments!
        Working on Oriana and Alexandra now, going to get a new chapter up pretty soon – I’m ready to move onto the next generation. x

  3. Geesh, Ari, has high school social status mentality sunk so low that virginity is still considered a disease that needs to be done away with? *old man rant* 😉 I can see Ari sleeping with Noah (or any other guy) just to end up with a baby… But great family reunion! Happy that Chase is back.

  4. Valencour Legacy

    I actually love Arielle, I think her storyline will be so interesting, and that Noah is really good looking, hope the relationship turns out to be something more than just sex (even though we haven’t seen that yet!)

  5. Yay, I’m glad Chace is back.

    I can’t help but think his absence and Lily’s… well… non-attention has had a detrimental effect on Arielle, though. She’s one of the most shallow people I’ve heard from in a long time. *_* It’ll be interesting to see if she grows out of that. 🙂

    Great chapter! I loved the individual voices. 🙂

  6. Arielle is so shallow, it is just unbelievablee!! Noah is hot though I hope she ends up with him, but hes older than her, teen-young adult is soo much different from young adult-adult

  7. My favorite is definitely Alexandra, I love that she wishes to be an author, such a tough career, I hope she suceeds!
    Glad Chace and Lily are reunited, but intrigued to find out what will happen with Arielle and Noah (I love Arielle btw, even though she is so nasty and self centred she is so fun!)

  8. So happy Chace is back<3 I ah… kinda screamed a little, fangirlishly… (;
    Ari is cute, but so conceited :I Noah's HOT though. Oohlala, the slacker's really funny. I hope Arielle doesn't do anything she is going to regret…. I smell a teen pregnancy… *intuitive reader is intuitive* (;
    They're all so cute.
    Can't wait to see how the story develops further!!

  9. Wonderful to see Chase back, and how differently the girls are growing up. Although, the other two could probably do being a bit more like little Alexandra. I hope Ari doesn’t get herself into too much trouble acting out!

  10. Yay for Chace’s return! That was really well done, and soo cute ❤
    As for Isiah.. what a weirdo. And I can't believe he's pressured Ari so much (although with Noah around, it's not so hard to resist 😉 ) I hope she doesn’t get into trouble! She’s a very.. marmite character but I’m managing to stay neutral. She’s just so interesting (though sooo conceited :L) Great chapter! x

  11. Just read all of this; loving it so far! 😀 Urgh, Arielle is annoying… but she definitely has an interesting character! I like Alexandra. She values the right things in life, haha!

  12. Thank goodness Chace is back!!!!
    I love Arielle, shes so much fun, I think it would be interesting to see her story line, and Noah is gorgeous! x

  13. Yay for Chace! His return has kick-started Lily!
    But Arielle wow I mean I dunno what to say. I can’t tell if I hate her or like her. She’s just so well snobby. It’s fair to say that she has an interesting character but she annoys me a little bit. Especially with the whole I couldn’t be a virgin any longer thing. How stupid!
    It was nice to get to know the girls a little more though

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