Generation 1 – Chapter 11

Mom was acting so weird lately. When she went missing for all those days, probably busy filming and didn’t want me to feel like she’d abandoned me, which she had. As for Dad well, he’s even worse than her. Gone away on business without so much as a goodbye, what a great father. Not. Mom was acting strange though, always walking around in a  daze, always in black.

She never seemed to notice me, and when I shouted out to her she’d act like she had seen a freaking ghost. I come from a family of freaks!

She would usually see me off before I went to school though, watching as I ran off to the elevator. That was probably the most maternalistic thing she could do, it would literally be the apocalypse if she gave me a hug.

I loved having an elevator in my house, it gave me plenty of time to call my friends as I rode down, sometimes I would press every single floor just to burn some time, not that our elevator would ever stop, it was private. Who knew why it even had all these buttons.

Mom must have been dropped on her head as a baby, or lost a few thousand brain cells from to much champagne, because any real mother would know what I was up to. I hadn’t been to school in weeks. The school tried calling, but I disconnected the phone and she didn’t even notice. Score for me I guess. I would run straight past the school bus every day, all the kids stared at me in awe, they all wished they were as bad ass as me, ha!

The subway was my new route of transportation, even though it was a bit smelly and had some funny men on there who asked if I wanted to see their ‘sticks’, whatever they were, but I just ignored them, poor freaks.

I didn’t know where I would get off on each particular day, me and my friends always just met wherever the wind took us. One day I ended up on the outskirts of the city, the view was amazing, although I preferred being in the city to being outside and having a nice view of it.

Michael had told me to meet him at this little beach place I had never heard of. Really, what was outside of the city that mattered? It had everything you needed. Nature? Ew. I was cheered up as I approached this secluded place, which probably had kidnappers and hicks lying in wait, and saw Michael and his sister Emily running around, it did look quite fun.

We ended up playing at the beach all day. It wasn’t as backward as I thought, it had a nice (I guess) playground area, and good space to run around in, we even tried a little fishing, which was so not my sort of thing, I could have got my clothes wet!

By the time school ended, which was the time we all went home to keep up the lie, I was completely worn out. I hoped the maid was home to make me something to eat, but unfortunately she wasn’t. Actually Mom wasn’t home, and I was kind of freaked out, she’d just left Oriana and Alex on the floor, luckily they were having fun, playing with each other but still, definitely not mother of the year material.

Making my own dinner was hard enough, but washing up was even harder. I didn’t have a clue how to cook so I just made some sort of pasta/salad thing I found pre packaged in the fridge, but washing was just… ew. I hated it. Never. Ever again. Wasn’t this meant to be Mom’s job? Or at least a maids.

Luckily Michael and Emily were coming over, so I wouldn’t have to be alone. We all went to my room and I let them play with my stuff, they were actually quite jealous of all the things I had, and seemed to know what everything was, as if they had it on a wish list or something. Who knew, I just got it given to me, it was all junk anyway. I still played with them though, after all, they were my friends.

They could get a little annoying though, with all the sound effects they did when they played, God, how childish could they be? I still loved art, though not as much as I used to, and I would sometimes let them play as I painted. I wanted to be a good painter, but my paintings all seemed very child-like, and who wanted to be a little kid, I was so over it.

“Come on, lets go explore my Moms room.” I told Michael and Emily with a giggle later in the night, I knew they were desperate to see my famous Moms bedroom, Michael even rubbed his hands in glee as we entered, her room was boring if you ask me.

“Why’s your Mom’s room got plants in? Aren’t those types for the outside?” Michael asked as he sat on one of my Mom’s plush sofas. Emily was on the bed, gazing around, taking everything in.

“I dunno, the decorator said it brings the outside in. Who cares.” I stared out the window as I answered him, God sometimes he could be dull.

“Let’s go” I said as I walked over and pulled Emily up off the bed. I didn’t want Mom to catch me, she would probably go ballistic.

“Quick, she could be home any minute.” I told them, even though she had probably left the country or something. Oh no, guess not.

*  *  *

I could not believe that Lily had came back for me, it took me a long time to say the words she had been yearning to here but I finally did it, and my life was now in perspective. I loved Lily, and she loved me. I had to escape this prison so I could be with my family, with those who I loved. She would be back any minute. Just as soon as the cops arrived.

I just had to sit tight until she came back, but unfortunately my captors had… other plans.

“I can’t believe this, how did she get through the door, how did she find us?!” The red haired vampire said to the darker one,

“She was held captive here Mary, pull yourself together. We must move to the safe-rooms.” The darker one was definitely in charge, I had realised that since the first time I saw her, when she drained me within an inch of death. How I hated her.

“I have sent the others to the east wing, come, we go to the north.” Were they just going to leave me here? Hopefully. My mouth widened into a smile at the thought, if only they would leave me to be rescued, leave me to go back with my family.

However much I wished it, they definitely were not leaving me. As the red haired vampire unlocked my cell door I thought they were about to drag me out, that is until they both stepped in and locked the gate behind them. What the hell?

“Make it snappy Mary.” The leader commanded, make what snappy?

“Do not fret human boy, you will be safe with us, we have our… uses for you.” She told me with a smile, God what had I gotten myself into?

I was taken aback as the red head started to push against the wall, revealing some sort of hidden doorway. Had that been there the entire time? It must be some sort of escape route, but didn’t they say a ‘safe-room’? Couldn’t these vampires just kill any cops with a snap of their fangs? Not that I wanted them to!

“Come. Now.” said the red head, stepping aside so I could follow her leader down a passageway. When I turned around I was shocked to find the wall back in place, making this seem like a dead end, how would Lily ever find me now?!

The passageway we were in was long and cold, I wish they hadn’t taken my clothes off me, I felt so stupid and vulnerable standing here in my drawers. Such was my own self absorbation I didn’t notice another wall had been pushed aside, and the red head was once again stepping aside to let me through, how many of these doors were they? Lily was definitely not going to reach me.

“Welcome, Chace. Make yourself comfortable, who knows how long we’re going to be down here.” The red head said with a smirk as she planted herself on a luxurious chaise lounge.

I didn’t know how long we had been in these safe rooms. Four rooms linked together by archways, most of them looking exactly the same. I didn’t get it.

“Why are these rooms all the same?” I asked the red head. It was the first thing I had ever asked her that wasn’t related to her setting me free. But she didn’t answer, she didn’t have to. I heard the dark one calling me from another room, entering through the arch I was worried, was she going to question me, harass me, anything?

“Sit down Chace” She told me, gesturing to one of many stuffy armchairs. “What did you ask?”

“Um- I was just wondering why all these rooms look much the same.” I told her nervously.

“Why not?” She replied, looking at me from under her long lashes, her eyes seeming to look straight into me, “Decadence is a very strong trait among us vampires.”

“But they’re all the same. There’s no point.” I argued back,

“Why does everything need to have a point. The fucking point is I like them now shut up before I rip your throat out.” Her words were chilling, and I knew when to shut up. I just hope Lily could find some way to help me, but in some respects I didn’t, I had risked my life to set her free, and she better still have one by the time this is over.

“Mary. Your dinner is ready.” The dark haired one shouted, oh God, I was going to be drank again. I had had my fair share since I’d been here, so it was no longer as bad as before, but it was still extremely painful.

“It is clear. The others have left, and we must do the same before they return.” The red head, who’s name I had gathered was Mary, told her leader, who was known as ‘The Queen’ or any other royal titles such as ‘Ma’am’ ‘Your Highness’ and ‘Your Majesty’. Was I face to face with a real monarch? Could vampires be Queens? It was all so fascinating.

“Come Chace.” the Queen ordered as she disappeared through the secret door. Where now? Back to my cell? No, they had said they had to leave. Did this mean we were going outside? Hopefully I would have a chance for escape.

A dark and dingy set of stairs soon put us out in the dark woods. I could see the hut where I had came through to find Lily in the distance, police cars parked outside. Now what?

“The car is waiting over here.” Mary informed us as she took the lead. Vampires used cars? I thought they might just turn into bats or something, maybe ride in a horse drawn carriage. What on earth was going to happen to me now, how would I ever get back to Lily?!

8 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 11

  1. Ooh, this chapter gives a nice, new feeling, seeing through different peoples’ eyes. I love and hate that daughter of theirs – she’s so not lovable but so funny! :p

  2. I like that you changed the perceptive of things. It was awesome seeing things through Chase and Arielle’s eyes. The vampires are just so…creepy.

  3. Oh wow – life in the Belgravia household is so dramatic. I can’t believe she’s just bunking off school the whole time!!
    And poor Lily, and poor Chace. I hope he can escape from the vampires soon – they need to be reunited!!!! x

  4. Arielle’s mind is funny 🙂 she’s really a clever kid, but not really a likable one LOL 😉
    Chace</3 I so love him. I really really hope it will all work out for them!
    x carolina

  5. Arielle’s a little rebel. Even though she seems a bit liek a spoiled brat.. I still kind of like her. xD I need for Chace and Lily to get back to each other!

  6. Chaaaace. D:

    And wow, I love Arielle. She’s a strong little girl, isn’t she? Well, I love her in that love/hate way.

    Great chapter. 😀

  7. Oh poor Chace,
    And wow she’s not much of a Queen is she. I always thought Queen’s were sophisticated and considering. Not bitches. Then again she is a vampire.
    Heehee turn into bats. I was almost hoping they would… 😀

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