Generation 1 – Chapter 10

I hardly remember how I escaped after I burst through that door into the sunshine, but as I laid in the crisp white hospital bed afterwards, I knew I had to return.

Chace must still be alive, he had to be. At noon I left the apartment and went back to the place of my nightmares. Standing and staring at the tiny building, I was amazed at the horrors it housed beneath.

Walking through the large wooden door I expected to be faced with something shocking, rows of skulls, vials of blood… anything. What the hell was this? Where were the stairs I remembered? The place was completely empty, like some sort of old storage building, with an ancient styled window letting thin strips of light through.

There had to be a way to get down! I got up, so there must be some sort of hole in the ground, a trap door, something! Racking my eyes across the bare space I realised there was nothing to go on, no rugs that could be hiding a secret entrance, no torches to be pulled down revealing a secret wall. Argh!! I threw myself against the wall in anger, and was shocked to hear a dull thud behind me. It was hollow! Turning around, I began to slide my hands over the cool stone, there was definitely a space behind this wall.

I had to find a way through, maybe I’d have to run home for a hammer or something, but I’d heard of walls like this, they could reveal a door of some sort. Scraping my fingers uncomfortably across each brick I felt a small groove, maybe this could be it.

Maybe if I just…

I was shocked when the wall seemed to peel away, as if it was shedding its skin, the brick fell away like it was paint to reveal a much brighter piece of wall, with a thick crack down the middle. A door?! I began to push as hard as I could and was amazed when the wall started to budge, this was like something from a movie! Except it wasn’t a movie… it was me entering a vampire coven to find my possibly dead husband, oh god help me.

It felt like hours before the wall had moved enough for me to fit through, pushing a little more I prepared to enter. I could see the hole in the floor where the stairs must be, I hadn’t thought this through. What if the vampires were awake? I had purposefully picked noon, when I reckoned they would be asleep… but who knew.

Making my way down the stairs I came to a long passageway. the same passageway in which I had run for my life to escape my captors, and watched in horror as Chace was bitten and possibly killed, oh please let him be alive.

I remembered where the cell was. How could I not, it had been the worst days of my life trapped in that cell, hopefully that wasn’t just one cell of many, or I may never find him. What if he wasn’t there? What if the vampires caught me again? There were so many ‘what ifs’ but I didn’t care, I had to rescue the man who loved me, the father of my children, my husband!

I picked up my pace, practically running as I opened the door to the cell where I was held. He had to be here, he had to.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw him. There he was, in the flesh, alive and kicking!!

“Chace!” I screamed as I ran over to him. I could tell he was shocked to see me, he probably thought all hope was lost.

“Oh my, thank God your alive, I knew you would be, you had to be!” I said as I pressed my face against the bars.

“I can’t believe you came back for me, your so stupid, but so brave, I love you so much.” Chace whispered as he grabbed my hands through the bars.

“Where are they?” I asked tentatively, as if a vampire would pop out from behind the bench behind me at any minute.

“I think they’re sleeping, please, you have to go get help, you can’t get me out of here alone.”

“No! I’m not leaving you!” I told him defiantly.

“Lily! You must!”


“Go! Get help, I’ll be waiting, I knew I can depend on you, now go, please, before they wake up!” I couldn’t believe what he was saying, how could I leave him so soon?

“I- I can’t leave you. I’ll phone the police, wait.” Pulling out my phone, I groaned as I saw the signal bar with an X straight through it. Damn, no signal underground.

“Don’t move, I’ll run up to the surface so I can get a signal, I’ll be right back as soon as they arrive, I promise.”

“Well I can’t go anywhere, I am in a cell you know!” He joked as I ran for the door, “No, Lily, not that one!” I heard him shout,

But he had shouted me too late, as the heavy door closed behind me I realised I had gone through the wrong door, my face dropped in horror as I realised where I was.

Were they… floating? Oh please, what was going on, these creatures were freaks, they were disgusting, I had to get Chace out of here!

Running quickly back to the surface I called the police captains direct line. We had crossed a few times at parties, and he was a friend of Marlons. After I quickly explainined the situation he promised to send a few officers over to see what was going on, he didn’t seem to be taking me very seriously though. I hadn’t told anyone about the vampiric kidnapping, I knew they wouldn’t believe me, I just faked sort term memory loss, and told everyone Chace was away on business.

It seemed like an eternity of waiting.  I was constantly pulling out my phone to check how long it had been since I rang the captain. Where they hell where they?

This place may have been off the beaten track but it wasn’t that far away, they had to get here soon, what if one of those vampires woke up?!  I was about to call him back when two squad cars pulled up and several officers began walking towards me.

“What seems to be the problem miss, what are you doing out by this old thing? It used to belong to a manor house here, but never got knocked down, its empty. Miss?” He was staring at me as if I was crazy, they must all think I had lost my mind, a woman calling for help from an abandoned storage building, I had to show them.

“Please, just follow me, you’ll see I really have a problem, this place is a vampire coven!” I shouted as I ran through the doors. I could almost feel their scepticism burning my back, but their faces all dropped as we entered the building and the open wall was revealed.

“Come on!” I shouted as I ran downstairs. Its the last door on the left, please, my husband is in their! I was behind them now as they had pushed me out of the way to surge ahead, a couple had even entered the cell, they probably had Chace out already, he was coming home!

“Chace!” I screamed as I ran through the doors, I hadn’t even stopped running when I realised he was gone. The officers were all stood around looking sheepish and embarrassed. Obviously they were intrigued to find themselves in an underground cell, but they probably thought I was hallucinating, oh Chace!

“Listen miss” said an officer as he pulled me to the side, probably trying to just get me out of the way. I had been standing stock still for over 10 minutes, Chace had been right in front of me less than  20 minutes ago, how could he be gone? Maybe I really had hallucinated it… “Miss!” He interrupted my thoughts, “This is a very strange find, I think it would be best if we handle it from here.”

“No! I have to stay, you have to go over every inch of this place, Chace could be here somewhere! What about all the vampires asleep in that room?!” I pointed to the door as I spoke, surely they would believe me when they saw 6 sleeping vampires.

“That door,” He said, looking over his shoulder, “Yes, it has signs of vampires, 6 coffins, but other than that it doesn’t look like it’s been touched in years, this could be a historical vampirical find, we really have to get experts in.”

“There were vampires here! I swear it! Why won’t you believe me?! What reason would I have to lie!!?” My voice was echoing off the stone walls now, I could feel the eyes of all the officers on me, why didn’t they believe me?!

“Miss, um- you seem to be going through something right now, I think we should get you home.” He told me slowly while another officer stood awkwardly behind him, clearly uncomfortable with my apparent madness.

“No! I’m not leaving until you can promise me there is no one else here!!” This was so frustrating, I should have just tried to break the cell lock myself, why was I so stupid?! Where was he?!!!

“This isn’t a request miss, now do you want me to walk you to the car and drive you home, or do you want me to drag you to the car in cuffs, and drive you to the station?” There was still a kindness to his voice, but it was bordering on pity. He must think I was some sort of mad woman, what was happening?! I looked away, nodding. Chace was gone, was he really here, or was I just going crazy?

18 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 10

  1. Ohmygosh what happened to all the vampires ? Haha Can’t wait to see what happens

  2. Oh wow. You are an excellent writer. I just read every chapter 😀
    Where the HECK did all the vampires go?!?! How could they just disappear? And Chase, too…? Like whaaat..?

  3. Ooh, the plot thickens! Lovely! I do miss the babies though…

    And the text–picture-closeness looks fine on the iPhone at least. 🙂

  4. Lilith Kawanami

    Oh my! Your legacy is really good! I just caught up, but now I’m sad, because I will have to wait for the next chapter! 😦
    The dang Vamps!!! I hope she finds Chace, now that they are so close….
    About th text/picture closeness, that happened to me once, but it goes away with the next post. If you absolutely hate it, you can just use enter, although it might get a little tiering! 😀
    do you mind checking out my legacy?

  5. YAY! New chapter at last<3
    Oh my goodnesss.. That's crazy. I wonder where Chace is? I love him so much.

  6. Finally a new chapter! 😀 I don’t know if i’ve commented before.. Hm.. Oh well, you are great writer!
    I want to know what happens next >.<

  7. If you press enter on every single one it’ll probably sort it out… but it doesn’t look bad. At least Chace is still alive – although where’s he buggered off to now!!??? Poor Lily looking crazy in front of the policemen :L Can’t wait for the update! 🙂 x

  8. Valencour Legacy

    Oh no! She has to find him and rescue him! Love this vampire twist, it’s great, the shot of all the vampires sleeping was really creepy, and the close up on her face afterwards made it even better! Hopefully you will update us with a new chapter SOON!!
    Keep it up.

  9. oh no! what in the world is going on? :0 i hope that chace is okay. can’t wait for the net chapter so i can find out what happens! 🙂

  10. Ack! Where in the world has Chace gone?! D:

    I hope it all turns out okay! D:

    Poor Lily. 😦

    Loved this chapter. 🙂

  11. Curious to see where this leads, what a twist!

  12. I just had the chance to sit down and read through all your chapters and I love this legacy! You’re such an amazing writer. I can’t wait for the next chapter!! (:

  13. Aghhh , Why can’t the police believe Lily! I hope they free Chace fast, before it’s too late! I loved all the suspense and action that was portrayed throughout this whole chapter. Loving the vampire theme as well.

    New chapter posted up! Auburn Legacy

  14. But …. but they were right there! I saw them with my own eyes! (well kinda) Where the heck did they go!?!? How did they know?!?! Jeepers this is giving me the creeps! I want Chace back!!!!!!!! Goddess this is really intriguing!

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