Generation 1 – Chapter 9 Pt. 2

Gradually I began to wake up and take in my surroundings. What the hell had happened? A vampire? I couldn’t remember properly. Where was I? What the hell was going on?! I was in a cell of some sort, no windows, lit by torches. I don’t remember this in the Bridgeport brochure.

I didn’t know how long I was there. I kept drifting in and out of conciousness, how long had it been since I ate? 2 days… 2 weeks? Hearing a slam I quickly pulled myself off the rickety bed. The woman coming towards me was definitely a vampire, I could tell. Was she the one who had took me? I couldn’t remember.

“Please- Where am I? Who are you? Don’t hurt me!” My words were coming out quicker than ever, who was the woman? why was I here?! 

“Please! You must have the wrong person! Let me go, I have a family. I’ll pay you, anything you want please-”

“Shut up. We don’t want your money.” She hissed through the bars. we, so there was more than one, what did they want with me?

“Listen to me if you so much as touch me-”

“What! You dare to threaten me? What’s going to happen? There’s no one to protect you down here!”

“I- I didn’t mean to, please, I’m just scared.” I begged, I didn’t want her to hurt me! As she unlocked the gate of my cell I became nervous, was she coming in  or was she taking me somewhere?

“Now you’ll see what happens when you threaten me!” She screamed as she grabbed my arm,

“No, please!!”

Her teeth sinking into my arm, draining my plasma, was like nothing I had ever experienced. I had heard tales of vampires of course, but I didn’t think they were actually real! Now I was having my blood sucked! I screamed louder than I had ever before as I felt the plasma moving from me to her, it was excruciating.

After she left I slunk to the ground, defeated. I had threatened her, so she had sucked my plasma! What on earth was going on, what ever would they want with me?

I don’t know how long I had been in the cell, but however long it was, it passed in a blur. The same blonde vampire brought me food and water each day, never speaking, or even acknowledging me except for a few times when she stood staring down at me.

As time progressed, I came to understand that it was just me and the blonde here, but why did I feel she wasn’t the one who took me? Not seeing anyone else for my entire time here, I was surprised to be given my food from a new vampire one day. Jumping up, I inspected him quickly, he looked much rougher than the blonde, and extremely frightening.

“Hi, please, I need to speak to someone… I-” I was cut short as he lunged at the gates, thrashing his arms against the iron bars with an almighty roar.

“What are you doing?!!!” He ignored my question, bearing his fangs to me and snarling instead.

What was going on!? I now knew there was more than one of these vampires here, but how many altogether?  I had to formulate some sort of escape plan, but the bars were thick and the gate was locked at all times, the food slid under the door, and the drink popped through the bars. Collapsing onto a rickety stool I began crying in earnest, was no one wondering where I was? Chace, Marlon, Jared, Andrew? Could none of them help me?!

The next time my plate of barely edible food and practically septic water was passed through the cell it was by a new vampire. He seemed different from the others, something about his eyes… brighter and bluer than the other creatures who had frightened me so much, he seemed to have some human left in him. During my pregnancy with the twins I had read somewhere that if you were ever held captive you should try and develop communication with your captors, let them know that you are human, I didn’t know if it applied to vampires, but it was worth a shot.

“Hi, I’m Lily.” I said slowly,

“I know. I am Leonardo.” He told me from behind the bars.

“Please, I just need to know what you want with me. Whatever it is I’ll find a way to get it, I have connections.”

“We know you have connections, that is exactly why you are here.”

What? I was here because of my connections? It didn’t make sense.

“What do you mean that’s why I’m here?”

“I have already said to much, do not ask any more questions.” He said, backing away from the cell, clearly angry at himself for telling me why I was here.

“Don’t go!” I shouted, “I have children, I’m a wife, a mother, please help me!” I begged, for a second his face dropped in sadness, but before I knew it he had fled the room.

After Leonardo left I was visited only by the blonde vampire who bit me, and I was still extremely scared of her, the memory of her fangs tearing through my arm haunted me at night. Coming into the room she stood with he hand on her hip, and a sly smirk on her face.

“What?!” I snapped after a good 10 minutes of her staring at me. She didn’t reply, simply kept staring at me with that stupid smirk on her face until my frustration began pouring out,

“What do you want! Either get out or let me go, just leave me alone! I don’t even know why I’m here!”

“The queen wishes to see you.” She told me as she opened the heavy gate with a thick set of keys. Dragging me roughly out of the cell she marched me down a long, thin passageway and into another room. The room was definitely nothing like my cell. It was a huge space, with several pillars holding up the ceiling. Behind the pillars were many plush red sofas and chairs, on which various vampires were lounging, drinking plasma packs, staring at me, or simply staring into space. At the top of the room was a large sofa on which a deathly pale woman was sat, with two guards stood unobtrusively beside the pillars nearest to her. The blonde dragged me ahead of her and stepped back in silence.

I stood stock still, I didn’t know if I should speak first or wait, what were you meant to do when faced with a vampire queen? No one spoke for a long while, all eyes in the room were now on me, were they waiting for me?

“W- W- What do you want with me?” I stammered,

The Queen finally spoke, her voice was a mere whisper, I had to strain my ears to hear, but it was sinister, like a snake about to strike.

“That is nothing of your concern. What we do is our business, if we need you to know, we will tell you.” She looked away from me in disdain, why had I even been brought in here?

“Please!! Just let me go! I promise I won’t tell anyone!” I screamed at her, I couldn’t stay here any longer! What about the girls, what about Chase?!

“Oh, the darling wants to get home to her poor children.” She said mockingly as she rose from the sofa, throwing her hand across her head in mock dramatics.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” she screamed at me in a high, shrill, spine chilling voice. Suddenly she lunged at me, fangs bared.

I was in shock, she was so fast, I barely had time to be afraid. Just as I thought she was about to sink her teeth into my flesh she backed off and started to laugh, a high, shrill laugh that echoed around the cavernous room.

“You, my dear, are here because you are famous.” Famous? I suppose I was getting up there, but I certainly wasn’t as famous as Marlon or many other Bridgeport celebrities.

“We are a new coven, arriving in the city not long ago. We need fame to strike fear into the hearts of the people. You represent such fame.” I was outraged, my face contorting in fury as she explained. Couldn’t they have taken someone else? Why me?!

“Why you? Well, that was decided by one of my old contacts in the city. He said he met you in a bar, and you were quite succulent. His words were true.” The man from the bar! The one I thought was a wear wolf, he must have told them to choose me, I couldn’t see him here now though, which I was quite glad about. But how had she known what I was thinking? This was getting weirder by the second.

“You act as our ticket to notoriety, also… our supply of plasma till we find some worthy victims.”As I thought over what she had just told me, I was caught by surprise as she grabbed my arm and plunged her fangs into me.

She was holding onto me a lot longer than the blonde vampire had, she must have been hungry. The plasma leaving my body was making me weak, my face was contorting in pain as I lost to much plasma too quickly.

I could hear the blonde vampire cheering in the background, what a bitch.

I barely felt it as I crashed to the floor, my energy sapped. She had drained so much of my plasma I had blacked out, blacked out in a room full of hungry vampires. Oh god, help me.

I didn’t know how long I had been out, but a ruckus brought me back. Slowly opening my eyes, I could hear them talking amongst each other.

“How did he get here? How could he have found us?” Someone hissed,

“That is unimportant. We must find him. The passages go on for miles, so we shall split up.” The quiet, hissing voice of the queen was unmistakable.

“Leonardo. Stay and guard this one.” A voice I had never heard before ordered. Who was here? Was it someone looking for me? Finally, I had some hope! Standing up and looking to the door, all I saw was distorted flashes as the vampires ran out of the room, leaving Leonardo behind to watch me.

“Sit down, you need to regain your strength.” Leonardo told me as he pulled me up from the ground and set me down on a plush red chair. He was being compassionate, maybe he could help me…

“You should sit down too.” He looked uncomfortable for a while, standing over me, deciding what to do, but eventually he sat himself down opposite me. “Thank you for being so kind to me. Everyone else seems to think of me as a walking plasma bank.” I said dryly. He didn’t reply, but he seemed touched by what I said.

We sat for a long time in silence. I couldn’t hear anything through the thick door, and Leonardo obviously had something on his mind and wasn’t up to sharing it. I didn’t really expect my captors to converse with me though, so instead I dreamed of who could be outside. Chace, with an army of police? Marlon, with his CIA contacts? Andrew, going low key with his brother to save me? Or perhaps it wasn’t even anything to do with me, and I was going to be left here to die. Just as I was about to move onto the next scenario my thoughts were interrupted by Leonardo,

“Do you really have children and a husband who you love?” He blurted out.

“Yes I do.” I told him, the thought of Chace and my children bringing a smile to my face. I could feel his eyes on me, as if he was looking into my soul. Was he reading my mind like the Queen had done?

“You speak the truth.” He sighed, “I had a family once… long ago…” His eyes glazed over as he let his thoughts carry him away. I wondered what happened to his family, how old was he? Did vampires have a different lifespan to humans, I had heard they did, but who knew what was true and what was not? A bang on the door interrupted us both from our thoughts, as we both jumped up to see what was going on, the door burst open and a figure came running straight towards me, it was Chace!

“Chace!” I exclaimed. He had found me, he had actually found me! And now he was here, I couldn’t believe it! He ran straight towards me, gripping me in a tight, loving embrace.

“Oh Lily, I was so worried, I’m so sorry it took me so long to find you, and I’m so sorry it took me so long to say something that deep down I knew all along, but I was afraid to say it. I love you Lily.”

He loved me! I loved him! We loved each other, finally, we were the perfect family! He had just saved me from an evil vampire coven, and he loved me! I pulled him in for a long, passionate kiss, I couldn’t believe it, I was being rescued.

I wanted our kiss to last forever, to take him home and never let him out of my sight, oh how I loved him! Unfortunately, the air was wrenched by an ear splitting scream and we had to pull apart.

“I know that scream. It is the Queen, she must know you have reached the throne room, here, quickly, I will help you escape, love has warmed my heart. I had it long ago…” Leonardo began to trail off again, but quickly snapped out of it as the same scream wrenched the air, much closer this time. Pulling us out into the passageway I almost screamed with fright as several vampires ran towards us, we had to move!

“Follow me!” Leonardo shouted as he set off. He was obviously going slower than he could, as I looked behind I saw the distorted air signalling how fast the others vampires were going.

Leonardo told us to continue straight forward, and hurriedly wished us the best of luck as he darted through a side door.

“Follow the traitor, I will deal with the humans.” I heard the Queen scream to her subjects as she raced ahead after me and Chace. I was in the lead, Chace must have been tired trailing through the many twisting passageways looking for me, neither of us noticed the queen baring her fangs and claws behind him.

Before he knew it she had hurled herself over the top of him, and was grabbing onto his wrist, ready to take his plasma, no, she couldn’t, but what could I do?!

“Lily, go! I’ll make it out! Just go!!” He shouted at me as she sunk her fangs into him. What should I do?! I was no match for a vampire queen, I couldn’t even win a cat fight back in Twinbrook… Chace had came all this way to save me, the least I could do was not let his efforts go to waste, but I couldn’t leave him! She was sinking her fangs into his arm now, draining his precious plasma, already depleted from the various cuts on his body from running through the jagged passageways.

She backed away, cackling manically as Chase clutched his chest in pain, oh my god, something was definitely wrong.

“Chace…” I reached out to touch him, but he turned on me in fury, his eyes welling with tears.

“GO LILY!” He screamed with his last breath as he collapsed to the floor. I saw him mouth ‘I love you’ before his eyes closed and my legs carried themselves around the corner of the passage and up a stairwell. Bursting through a rickety wooden door into the sunlight, I suddenly realised what had happened. That…thing had drained Chace, my husband, the man I loved, the father of my children, she had taken his life as if it meant nothing and laughed as she did it. I had no energy, no strength, I couldn’t go any further. Hopefully I was safe in the sunlight, so Chace didn’t die in vain, but I simply could not move. Slumping to a heap on the floor, my tears fell thick and fast. How could I go on??

7 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 9 Pt. 2

  1. NONONONONO i refuse to believe it.
    He cannot be dead.
    He loves her!!!!!!
    How can you leave me hanging?

  2. OMGOMGOMG he LOVES her!!!!
    They need to have both made it out alive!! How can he… NO!! Just no. *fingers in ears* lalalalaa. HE’LL SURVIVE SOMEHOW.
    Update again soon! Soon soon! x

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! D: D: Chaaaaaace!!!! He can’t be dead, nooooo! D:

  4. oh no! 😥 this is so awful, i hope chase is going to be okay! 😮 great chapter, omg i was on the edge of my seat. i hope leonardo will be able to escape as well.

  5. Meh, I never liked Chase. Now she can go and be with Marlon who has waited for her all those years… But no, I don’t believe that Chase is really dead. Very exciting episode, though, captivity, fear, escape – dramatic in a good way, well done!

  6. Loved this! But nooooo Chace can’t be dead!


    On the other hand this chapter was A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!! Wait no
    L E G E N D A R Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suits it better!

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