Generation 1 – Chapter 9 Pt. 1

This pregnancy was twice as bad as my first. I couldn’t stop eating, all day every day I had to have food in front of me! Holing up in the penthouse, I devoured books, music, art, and of course, my hundreds of plates of food, until my screams pierced the sky.

The labour process was awful, it was 16 hours until me and Chace emerged, each with a child on our arm. Oriana and Alexandra were both absolutely beautiful, and Chace really proved himself by being their for the girls, much more so than he had during Arielle’s life. We were a team, teaching them to walk, talk, and everything else they needed.

I loved seeing Chace cradling Oriana, who was the spitting image of him with the same brown hair and bright green eyes, I wish he’d take such a vested intrest in Alexandra and Arielle, but at least he was trying.

With all our attentions on the twins, Arielle began to act up. She had always been quiet, preferring to paint in her bedroom, but we had always given her any spare attention we may have had after work, now she was getting less and less. One particular night she didn’t come home at curfew. Her going out was odd enough, she usually painted or talked to her friends via the phone or the internet, how could she be out so late?! I sat in the lounge for hours, waiting, waiting… Finally, at 5am I heard the ping of the elevator doors, and ran over to inspect.

I was furious as I rounded the corner and was greeted by a burly police man and a guilty looking Arielle.

Her face said it all.

Where have you been!” I screamed as she came towards me, “Do you know what time it is! I’ve been worried sick, you could have been dead!”

“Worried sick? Yeah I’m sure you have.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Of course I have! What are you playing at?!”

“Why don’t you just worry about your other daughters, it suits you every other day of the week!” She shouted back at me,

“Ah! Your being ridiculous!  I worry about all of you! I don’t know what to do with you!” I threw my hands in the air in exasperation, how could she be like this? Sure I’d been giving most of my attention to the twins, but it was obvious that I would, she was just being selfish!

Storming upstairs in a rage, she locked her door and wouldn’t let me in, God, no wonder I had been unsure about having children. To avoid the anger of Arielle I threw myself into the series. After being away for a few weeks short of a year, I was worried about my return to the show, but my return was greeted with both commercial and critical acclaim, I was even nominated for a ‘People’s Choice Award’! The night of the ceremony I spent hours getting ready, hoping I looked glamorous enough for such an event. I had never attended something like this, and I needed to be perfect.

I was flabbergasted when the speaker shouted my name, I won? I actually won!?

My dreams were coming true, all I needed now was the support of the critics. The people were important, but the critics could push my career into even higher realms. Unfortunately, my life was about to be shattered. Relaxing at home a few nights after the awards, I heard the familiar ping of the elevator doors and went to see who it was, but as I arrived I was overwhelmed with fear.

Who was she? I had no time to find out, or even react as she ran towards me with superhuman speed.

“HELP!!” I screamed as I tried to run,

But it was too late, she was already behind me, and before I knew it the world around me was swirling into darkness as I fell to the ground.

10 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 9 Pt. 1

  1. :O oh my god, no! This is such a shocking turn of events!! I was just getting quite settled with the family life (and the adorable little twins) when you threw that on us!!! AMAZING TWIST!!

  2. Oh my gosh! D: I hope Lily will be all right!! D: D:

    Finally caught up. 😀 Great legacy, I’m loving it. ^_^

  3. 😮 omg! that is definitely unexpected! i hope lily is going to be okay. i can’t beleive how much her life has changed since the first chaper; wife, mother of three, actress…and now it seems as though her life is going to be changed again!

    thanks for reading my legacy, btw. i’m loving yours 🙂 ❤

  4. oh my gosh!
    I’ve just caught up- this legacy is so awesome. I feel for poor Arielle 😦 and OMG about the crazy vamp!
    Im lovin it!
    x carolina

  5. Valencour Legacy

    Great chapter! Dora’s face when she was brought home was priceless! Can’t wait to see what happens next, I was thinking that you had dropped the whole vampire story line, great twist springing it on us now! Keep it up!

  6. I have just read the whole legacy it is beautiful! i love lily she is extremely attractive, especially in this chapter with the red lipstick and gown – beautiful! wonderful twist with the vampires coming for her- i hope she escapes, it will be interesting to see what happens

  7. Ohmygosh I hope Lily will be okay. And she looked gorgeous at her awards ceremony, I love the fern earrings.

  8. Wow! I so did not expect this! *eagerly clicks on next chapter*

    What! NO! Lily?!?!
    Awwww the twins are so adorable I love their names! And I wish Chace would spread his love a little. Poor Arielle must feel really rejected in everything that’s going on. Lily and Chace are trying! It must be really difficult balancing a child while you have two toddlers running around!

  10. OMG, the terminator :))
    Damn, Arielle is beautiful. Why are my children (in the Sims) so ugly?! :))

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