Generation 1 – Chapter 8

“Are you ever going to talk to me?”

“You know how I do hate you being dramatic, now come out and face me.”

“Good girl. Now M’lady, I must insist on telling you exactly how I feel for you.”

“Sire, please. You know I feel the same but the law… It forbids such behaviour.”

“Who do you think makes the laws? Now come here.”

“Ah, how I love to feel your body. I love you, I hope you know that.”

“I love you too, more than I could ever express in words. I love you, I love you, I love you!”

“Come to the bed. If the love we profess for each other is true, then we must consummate it.”

“I could never! My husband…”

“Do not fret. Your husband will be taken care of. Come”

“The charge of my hand on your skin is electric, you must feel it.”

“I… I do. I feel it. Kiss me, my lord.”

“Cut! Great work guys, Lily, you did great, come on over.” Thank God it was over, I was so nervous. I was testing with a popular TV actor who, although he had made me feel at ease, had made me very nervous, he had won several awards and although TV wasn’t in the movie leagues, he was still a huge star.

I wanted to talk to him about the scene but he got his mobile straight out and started talking animatedly.

As I walked towards the two directors who were judging my performance, I was full of doubt. I should have expressed more emotion, should have portrayed this woman as desperate for love but scared, argh!

“Lily, I gotta get to a meeting. But Andrew’s gonna take care of you. Great job.” said Mike Bergstein, shaking my hand as he left the set. The Bergstein brothers were two big names in the movie business. Directing a series of successful TV shows followed by 3 blockbuster movies, they were hot property, and everyone was desperate to work with them. Myself included.

“You did great, Lily, is it?” Said George, the actor who I was reading with, as he came over having finished his call.

“Yeah. Thanks, I thought I could have done better, I just hope Andrew and Mike liked it.” Noticing Andrew was behind me, I turned around and waited for the news.

“Hey Lily, yeah well, me and Mike have both decided your a great actor, dunno why you haven’t been picked up yet.” said Andrew,

“Really?!” I gushed, wow! They thought I was great, this was so amazing!

“We’re gonna hire you. We want you to be in the latest show we’re directing. I wrote it, and Mikes gonna take care of all the camera stuff. There’s a lead that would be just perfect for you.”

“Oh my God! Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me!!” I was ecstatic, I was going to be in a TV show!

“Yeah, yeah, thank me later. Look I gotta jet, give my assistant your number, we’ll be in touch.”

Finally! My dreams of being an actress were becoming a reality. Over the next few weeks Andrew came to the apartment a lot, outlining the plot and helping me with my character, a tough police woman.

I found it completely thrilling to finally be doing what I loved. The hours were long, but the experience was so amazing I didn’t care.

With my work life going so well, I knew I had to balance my home life. It was getting close to Arielle’s birthday but she was still goo-ing and crawling around, so I set out teaching her everything she needed to know.

It was lucky that I taught her when I did, as a few days later she entered the next stage of her life. She was so beautiful, I still couldn’t believe that I had made her, I so extremely proud of her and was already thinking about how her life would be. Nothing like my childhood, growing up in a trailer, this girl was growing up in the penthouse.

After Arielle, I had to deal with my impending marriage. The scene had all been laid out, on a cliff top overlooking the city. The night before the wedding I decided to go and check it out, I would have liked to have done it all myself but my schedule had been so hectic there was just no way I could of.

Arriving at the venue, I was pleased with how it had turned out. In just a few short hours I would be walking down this very aisle for real.

As I neared reached the top, the spot me and Chace were to be married in, I noticed someone stood there, looking out to the city. What the hell?

“Hello?” I shouted to the figure. As he turned around, I noticed who it was, Andrew! What on earth was he doing here?

“You!” He said, pointing at me,

“And you.” I replied, smiling slightly.

“A little early aren’t you?” He asked, laughing.

“I’m just checking the place out before the big day, and what are you doing here, at least I have a real reason!”

“I was just checking it out to. The show airs tonight, this place is gonna be crawling with paparazzi by tomorrow, especially with all the celebrities who are coming, just want to make sure our stars safe.” I was touched he felt protective of me, and we ended up talking for hours and hours, before it knew it the sun was rising. Wedding day.

“I have to go!” I shouted in alarm.

“What- don’t go.” He looked so happy before I said I had to go,

“In case you’ve forgotton Andrew, you’re my boss, and I’m getting married in exactly 5 hours. I’ll see you at the wedding.” With that I quickly ran away, leaving him at the alter. At least I wasn’t a runaway bride, I was running to my husband.

5 hours later I stood in the Bridal suite, looking at my beautiful dress hanging on the wall. Everything was so beautiful, this day was aesthetically perfect. So why didn’t it feel perfect inside?

After slipping the highly expensive dress on, I stood in front of the mirrors and examined myself. Was I making the right decision? Entering into a marriage where the other person didn’t love me? I was unsure. But I had to think of Arielle now, it wasn’t just me against the world any more.

“Mother, you look beautiful!” said Arielle as she entered the suite.

“Thank you sweetie, so do you. Are you ready?”

“Mom! It’s me who is supposed to be asking you that! Come on, everyone’s waiting.”

Standing in front of Chace at the alter, I knew I was doing the right thing. I loved him, and one day he would hopefully love me, he was Arielle’s father, who she deserved to have in her life, and he offered all the security and money I would ever need.

“Let’s really start our life together, my darling.” Chace whispered as he slipped the ring onto my finger,

“I love you Chace” I whispered back, hoping he would respond. Instead he kissed me, as our friends erupted in cheers.

Although the wedding was beautiful, I was much more excited for the reception. We were hosting it at our penthouse, which had been transformed into the ultimate party space. Going upstairs to change, when I emerged the party was already in full swing.

I noticed the woman from the club dancing around behind me, and I had never wanted to throw someone out so much, but I wasn’t going to cause a scene at my own reception.

As the night progressed the party really got into full swing, turning our penthouse into the hottest club in Bridgeport!

I was getting completely into the party, I hadn’t danced properly for weeks, and decided to completely let loose.

That night, me and Chace made love again for the first time in months, and I was so pleased that the angagonism was evaporating.

Making myself an espresso to try and rid the effects of to many simsopolitans last night, I reflected how perfect my life was. An amazing career, a beautiful daughter, a handsome, powerful husband, and a beautiful apartment. I had everything I ever wanted, except for love.

Was there anything else I really wanted? Well, I wanted to be more than just a TV actress, but with the critical acclaim for the pilot of my new series, that seemed to be checked off the list already. Did I want another child? I was unsure, Airelle barely got enough attention as it was, but at least she seemed happy.

A few weeks later, I realised Arielle would be getting even less attention. As I crossed the lobby to pay the bills, I was dismayed to find the only thing that fit me was my old maternity dress.

How would my career survive a 9 month hiatus?! I’d be forgotten! I did not want another child. But what could I do?…

15 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 8

  1. Oh my god… Just as her career was kicking off!! Dammit. And Arielle is a little cutiee, what a sweet bridesmaid! It was a nice wedding overall, in fact. The reception looked great fun – even if snooty bitch did turn up xD

  2. Loved the wedding, although I think that it should of been Andrew she was marrying!

    • Ha! I’m still unsure if I should develop Andrews character for a possible interest for Lily, to be honest I don’t know if I like how he looks.

  3. Love it. Love babies! Love the legacy! x

  4. Valencour Legacy

    Lily is so gorgeous! It’s a shame Chace doesn’t love her, but I hope that changes! The wedding was beautiful, loved her bridal suite! And the party looked great with all the fog and effects! Can’t wait to see the next baby, keep it up!

  5. I love Lily, her clothes are soo beautiful she looks great in everything!! I love Arielle (gorgeous name) also, seems like shes inherited her mothers pale skin and her father cheekbones, gorgeous! Wedding was in a beautiful setting btw, and you did the recpetion really well!

  6. Hopefully the time between the two now that Lily has to take a hiatus at work will help rekindle the love! Gorgeous wedding, the little touches you added were stunning.

    • Thanks, I wasn’t sure whether they’d just end up looking tacky but I think they turned out nice in the end, glad you feel the same! x

  7. Just caught up. love this legacy, the apartments beauuuiful! so is lily, chace is hot but i dont like him because he doesnt love her! the kid is lovely also!x

  8. Poor Lily. She really wants someone who loves her. 😦

    And looks like Andrew may have a Thing for her. 😉

  9. Another baby! Lily’s reaction 😦
    But then again maybe another baby will help rekindle their love. I hope so, Chace better learn to love her!
    And aww Arielle is so cute!
    I agree with Emy, I think Andrew does have a Thing for Lily.

    • She’s more into her career really, you’ll have to keep reading to find out if she ever warms to motherhood!
      So glad you like my legacy and took the time to comment x

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