Generation 1 – Chapter 7

“Hi Marlon, yeah- yeah, Arielle’s beautiful, anyway I was wondering what you were doing tonight? Your free? Perfect. Pick me up at 8.” I clicked off.

I couldn’t bear to be around Chace one second longer. The war of attrition had increased tension in the apartment to an all time high. He wouldn’t say he loved me, and I would barely speak to him until he did. I had to get out, and Marlon would be the perfect companion for the night.

“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” Chace fumed as I left the bedroom.

“Out.” I replied frostily, I felt a little like a teenager with an angst problem, but I didn’t care.

“Don’t you think you should cover up a little? Your a mother now, and with my promotion a scandal could be bad for my career.”

“For God sake Chace, I’m wearing a moderately low cut dress, not even PG-13,  what on earth has gotten into you?”

“The clothes you usually wear are a little higher than this dress, and it’s far to glamorous, you’re not an actress yet sweetie, why don’t you save it?”

“I’ll do what I like, besides, I need something glamorous, I’m going out with Marlon.” and with that I ran to the elevator before he could stop me, not that I was even sure he would try.

As I elevator closed, I felt my heart falter as I realised he wasn’t coming after me. Even though I wanted to get away, I still wanted to know he cared about me. Not just how I reflected on him.

As I crossed the newly-renovated lobby I felt like breaking down in tears, but I had to keep a strong face, there were people around. Rumours about me had already started to circle, one even said I was caught rooting through trash! Ew! 

Sitting down to wait for Marlon, I thought about what a lonely figure I must strike, all alone in the double height lobby.

I was glad to see Marlon, looking handsome as usual, and couldn’t wait for a night on the town.

On the way to the lounge in the limousine I spilled all the troubles with Chace to Marlon.

“Look, if you want to gain his acceptance – even though you shouldn’t have to-” he started, “Then tonight I’ll introduce you to some people who can give you the social status Chace seems to be craving.” Thinking about it, I decided I should probably meet them at least, I may even need the social status for myself, after all celebrity status was a vital part of an actors life.

As we entered the lounge I perked up considerably. I was glad to be out of the apartment so much, I hated being away from Arielle but Jared had promised to keep an eye on her in case Chace was distracted by business.

Marlon discussed my entry with the bouncer and we both sailed into the VIP room.

“These-” he said pointing to 3 impeccably groomed women, “Are the ladies who lunch. Or in tonight’s case sit around blowing bubbles and passing judgement on everyone here. Go over and introduce yourself, I’ll see you at the bar.”

I was nervous as I stood watching them. Walking over to what obviously seemed to be the woman in charge, I extended my hand,

“Hi, I’m Lily Belgravia, Marlon told me to come over and say hello” I said with a nervous smile.

She gave me a cold once over, then stood up and began talking,

“Lillian, is it? Belgravia… Ah yes, the woman who roots through trash bins and had a child while she wasn’t married.”

“I – Well yeah I do have a beautiful daughter with Chace, were currently engaged… Oh and the rumours of me going through trash are not true!” I was outraged, how dare she?

“Well, Lillian, I don’t think there is a place for you at this particular table, as you can see we are full, why don’t you try somewhere else, I think Waylons Haunt would be an excellent fit for someone of your.. status. And as I’ve heard you live with a room mate, I don’t think we’ll be coming over for lunch any time soon. Goodbye.” With those words her friend quickly scuttled out of the chair she had taken, and she gave me an icy glare as she planted down her expensive bottom. Thank God Marlon was on the way over, this night was not what I had in mind.

“Who are those bitches?” I asked as we stood at the downstairs bar a few minutes later.

“Those bitches,” he laughed, “Are who you need to charm if you ever want to enter the world of high society. They hold the keys tight and the only way in is through them.” Those women were at the top of society? They didn’t even seem to like each other.

“I’m confused, so you charmed those women and got into society?”

“No, no, no. I’m an actor, a celebrity in my own right. If you want to be a socialite who is famous for going to parties, those are your girls.”

“But I don’t want to be a socialite, so why bother telling me to go make a fool out of myself? Don’t you believe in me as an actress?” I was hurt, he must think less of me than I thought.

“Of course I do, I just though with you engaged to the Vice President of a major company, not showing up to work last week…”

“I’m having problems, like I’ve told you. And for your information I’ll be there on Monday. I can’t believe you don’t believe in me.” throwing back my simsopoliton, I left the bar quickly.

Chace didn’t love me. Marlon didn’t believe in me. Jared hated sharing the apartment with me. If only I could talk to Arielle, but she was just a child. I definitely needed some girlfriends to rant to, only problem was, every woman who I crossed paths with seemed to hate me on sight.

Over the next few weeks the antagonism between me and Chace lowered enough for us to have a decent conversation, although making love was definitely not on the cards. I wanted to as much as him, but neither of us would concede defeat.

I decided that marriage was best for the family, although my mother and father had been married, they had hated each other, but stayed together for me. I decided to follow my mothers footsteps to enter into not exactly a loveless marriage, as I did feel love for Chace, but, for now, a marriage of unrequited love.

“Chace, I’ve decided that yes, I will marry you, and I hope that one day you feel the same way about me as I do about you.” I told him with a light smile as I sat down on the sofa.

“That’s what I hoped to hear” He replied happily, “Look Lily I know that one day I’ll feel the same way about you as you do about me, but for now I just really, really like you.” I expected something along those lines, and at least he was open to loving me in the future.

“This is great timing, I’ve been talking to a work colleague and she’s planning on moving out of her apartment soon, so I said we’d take a look.”

“Ok, fine, yeah. I guess we do need to get out of Jared’s hair, and give Arielle a real bedroom and a real home.”

“OK, I’ll meet you there after work.” I was actually quite excited to have a look at this place, I wondered what it would be like. Chace was the Vice President of the company now, and thus had access to huge bonus’ and low interest company loans.

As my limousine pulled up outside the large glass building I thought how beautiful it was, the location also impressed me, being right in the centre of the city, sharing air space with the lounges and clubs as well as being close to Chace’s office.

The lobby was quaint but clean, and I thought I quite liked it as I pressed the buzzer marked ’12’.

The woman on the other end told me to come on up, but instead of going through the front elevator I heard the automatic lock on a door at the side of the room click signalling it was unlocked. I found another elevator inside, and was shocked when the doors opened straight onto the apartment.

This was no apartment, it was the penthouse! And a beautiful one at that. I couldn’t believe it was decorated so beautifully, it was exactly how I’d have done it myself. I let myself wonder over to the lounge area, and was shocked to find a staircase behind me, a double story penthouse! This was my dream apartment!

Exploring the kitchen, which was open onto the lounge, I appreciated the sea views shrouded by the curtains. Although I didn’t usually like curtains as they blocked views, I thought these were great for such a large, glass building, in the dense city. Without them neighbours would have been able to look in!

God it was beautiful, I was wondering round in a trance staring at the large open space, I so hope Chace managed to negotiate a decent price. I couldn’t imagine the cost, a 2 story apartment in the centre of the city? Had to be at least a few million simoleons.

When Chace arrived with Arielle in his arms, I ran around after him as he silently inspected the space.

“Chace its so beautiful, we have to make an offer. Please?” I practically begged. He still hadn’t spoken, so I stood behind him as he continued to take in the place, moving through all the different, empty rooms that remained on this floor.

“Chace?” I said,

“Yes, yes, sorry, I was just taking it all in. I think we should definitely make an offer, I’ll go speak to Kirsty, why don’t you check upstairs out?” He walked off to Kirsty’s office as I headed up the stairs.

Reaching the top of the staircase I found myself in a large hallway area, which led through to a very long passage with the others rooms branching off.

Inspecting them, none were decorated except for the bedroom, which had nice city views as well as a seating area.

Heading downstairs, I was determined to listen in on Chace and Kirsty’s conversation. I knew he wouldn’t want me in the room as he discussed the financial aspect of it all, he thought I was only interested in interior design, and he was probably right.

Leaning close to the door, their voices became clear.

“…well how about 1.25?” I heard Chace ask,

A laugh answered his question.

“1.25? I bought the place for 2. I want at least 3.” The woman’s voice sounded cool and calculated, she obviously knew what she was doing.

“Okay, okay, a compromise, I’ll give you 2.5. You know I need to take a loan to cover this anyway boss, come on, do me this favour and I promise you won’t regret it.”

Another laugh, “You drive a hard bargain Chace, I like that. I’ll sell.” Yes! We were getting the penthouse! I was going to live here! Hearing movement inside I quickly ran to the sofa and sat down.

“Good purchase Chace, and remember, you owe me.” I heard the voice of Kirsty coming through the open door.

Grabbing Arielle, Chace came out to tell me the good news.

“Welcome home sweetie!” He shouted as he came towards me with a huge smile on his face.

I had the perfect child and the perfect apartment. Both excellent things to have, now all I needed was the perfect husband (soon to be) and the perfect career, and I was determined to get them.

12 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 7

  1. Valencour Legacy

    Utterly gorgeous apartment! Is it by any chance based on the Van Der Woodsen apartment from Gossip Girl? It looks so much like it, especially with the art! Great job if it is, and great job regardless ha!
    Loved the ‘ladies who lunch’, such an unashamed bitch! Can’t wait to see what happens with those ladies.
    I still don’t think she should marry him, but it will be good to see how their relationship copes, and if he finally tells her he loves her!
    Great chapter, can’t wait for the next one, absolutely love this legacy!

    • Haha yeah it is, the arts the actually art from the show! Tried to get it pretty close but putting my own style to it too, I’m glad you pointed it out, proves to me I did a good job! So glad you like both the apartment and the legacy!

  2. Gorgeous apartments. And ouch, those ladies that woman was such a bitch.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. What a stunning apartment! 🙂 But I don’t think she should be striving for perfection so much – she’ll end up like the bitchy socialites if she has that kind of attitude!

  4. wow, Chace really knows nothing about love! Love the apatment be the way! I’m glad that they got it!

  5. Love it! still cant get over her gorgeous clothes, that striped dress and the sparkley party dress are gorgeous, she suits everything!

  6. Beautiful apartment!! Love it. 🙂

  7. I love the penthouse, and I can’t wait for them all to move in as a family 🙂 I hope she gets the perfect husband as she is wishing for.

    Auburn Legacy

  8. love the apartment where did you get the furniture

  9. Wow! I loved that apartment, it must have taken you hours to build! And I really hope Chace comes around to love her, I think Lily deserves something from him.

    • It was quite a struggle, for some reason sim’s just isn’t designed for duplex penthouses… every time I’d try adn play the game was just stuck on city view with no options, it was a real nightmare. I love how the apartment turned out though x

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