Generation 1 – Chapter 5

As I got better and better as a production manager I began growing in confidence. Chace had asked me on another date recently, and I wanted to look my best. I knew Jared usually worked out on the evenings, so I went into his room and sure enough, there he was, jumping up and down to the music.

I threw on a T-Shirt and comfortable bottoms and joined him in the gruelling star jumps.

I was exhausted by the end of it, but quickly perked up when I received a call from Chace telling me he was sending the company limo for me in an hour. I needed the perfect outfit. We were going to a  pool party in the Bridgeport Hills, so I wore a vibrant dress over my black one-piece.

As our separate limousines pulled up outside the house I thought that it didn’t seem like much of a party was going on, but what the hell, at least Chace was here.

Chace actually seemed a little creeped out as we walked towards the dark house, he was so cute!

Chace had gone to check outside when we arrived, and I looked around to see if anyone was actually here.

It turned out the house was empty, the party must have moved to the city, as I turned to leave I heard Chace calling me.

“Lily! Lily! Come on, we might as well take full advantage of this hot tub” He gave me a cheeky grin as we both pulled off our clothes, left standing in our swimsuits.

The tub was utter bliss, we laid practically in silence, so comfortable in each others company, and so relaxed in the hot bubbles of the water.

“Cm’here you” he reached out for me, pulling me into a deep kiss under the moonlight. His lips were pure heaven, my knees were trembling as he kissed me, I was transported to another world and back again as his lips lifted off mine.

“Get your dress on. It’s a shame to waste such a pretty thing, I’ll take you to the Prosper Room” The Prosper Room! I’d wanted to go there ever since I came here, how did Chace have access to all these huge perks if he was just a Corporate Drone? Company limousines, access to the hottest lounges? Who knew, but I wasn’t complaining.

The Prosper Room was pretty much empty when we arrived, as it looming to the time when everyone left to go clubbing. Watching the piano player, I decided I definitely wanted to start practising at home.

“This is getting a little boring now” I whispered to Chace as the pianist started on a long, slow piece.

“Lets make it more interesting then” and with that he swooped me into another passionate kiss, he was such a good kisser!

Heading to the bar, Chace paid for my drink, which made me giggly and excited, not to mention a little frisky.

“Come on” I said, pulling on the collar of his jacket, “I’ve got something really fun for us to do.”


“Race you to the lift!” He beat me to the lift, I think he knew what was coming.

As the lift doors closed, I knew this was what I wanted, Chace was amazing, I was definitely falling for him.

Taking a cab home, he walked me to the elevator,

“Well goodnight Chace” I said pecking him on the cheek and preparing to enter the elevator.

“Lily wait.” He softly took hold of my hands, “I really, really like you Lily, and- well… I was wondering if you’d agree to be my girlfriend?” He looked straight into my eyes as he said it, I liked his confidence.

“Oh Chace, I thought you’d never ask!” throwing myself into his arms once again we stood in the lobby kissing for hours, this was amazing! I had a boyfriend, a great apartment, and an amazing job. My life was perfect!

“Why don’t you come upstairs” I whispered as we embraced, “I want you to see the apartment… my bedroom has amazing sea views.” We kissed all the way up in the elevator, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, it was a good job Jared was out with one of his multiple girlfriends tonight.

I gazed at him as he checked out the apartment, he was so handsome.

“This is a great place, but I’m more interested in checking out the bedroom, come on, show me.” He smiled as he took hold of my hand and let me lead him to  my bedroom.

He was just as good as he was in the elevator, if not better. Wow, he was perfect! Laying in each others arms afterwards, I thought how great it would be to have him around the house, I might ask him to move in soon, I didn’t feel I could bear to be apart from him.

He ended up coming over most days and staying most nights over the next few weeks. His only bad quality was his workaholic tendencies, he was always loping off to the kitchen with his laptop to check some report, an email from an associate, or the latest company figures, but at least he actually had a work ethic, unlike some of the guys I had dated back in Twinbrook.

Starting to play the piano was a revelation, I loved it! It seemed like I was a natural, and the amazing view of the city in all its glory made me belt out tunes like I had never dreamed possible.

The one quality I never expected Chace to have was amazing cooking skills. He loved to cook, often whipping me up pancakes and other delicious meals which I was strangely craving recently.

Although the pancakes were delicious, I found myself feeling unusually sick after them, I had been honing my charismatic skills, planning on going to as many auditions during Pilot Season as possible, I wanted a step up.

I arrived in the bathroom in the nick of time, as soon as I arrived I threw up everywhere, barely making it to the toilet made me extremely nervous. What if I was sick during an audition?

It was probably just the pancakes, they tasted amazing but perhaps the food was bad. I didn’t tell Chace though, I couldn’t bear to hurt his feelings.

Over the next few days I began feeling worse and worse, what on earth was wrong with me? An actor at the studio put me in touch with her Doctor, whose offices were in a high rise, very expensive looking building, and were beautiful inside. I guess money bought you beautiful surroundings to get news in.

Entering her office just as she was sitting down, I thought how immaculately groomed she was, only her running shoes gave her away as an actual Doctor who had to cover a lot of ground.

“Well Miss Belgravia, your test results are in- don’t worry its nothing bad!” She said as she saw the look of horror on my face

“Tests have confirmed that you are in fact, pregnant! Congratulations!” She was smiling happily at me, I couldn’t believe it, no, no, no!!

“Me?!” I clasped my hand to my chest in horror.

“Um- I- Thank you Doctor that’s, that’s… very interesting to know.” She waved me off as I prepared to leave, I couldn’t believe I was pregnant.

Arriving home late that night, my face was impassive as I paced the apartment. The city out of those very windows was supposed to be mine. The next actress Bridgeport has ever seen, yeah right. How was I supposed to do that with a brat on my arm. I wasn’t married, and although Chace would be an amazing father, he was a serial workaholic, and I worked a lot too, how could we give  a child a normal upbringing? I put on my best dress (I guessed I wouldn’t be able to fit into it soon, eurgh) and waited for Chace to get home. He would help me get through this.

11 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 5

  1. great chapter! guess shes gona ned a new house with a baby, hope u make somewhere brilliant! chace is handsome, but what about marlon?? jared is cute as well…is he a love interest or just a character addition? havent seen much of him..cant wait for next update!

  2. Love it! Lily is so pretty! And your sets are beautiful! The view from the bedroom with the mirror… wow!!!

  3. Omg, awesome chapter.. yay for Chace, he seems wonderful. And yay for bebhs, too!<3

  4. amazing!!! Loooove the house, how did you do it?! I cant even change the windows :@ Chace is soo cute to, they wil have beautiful children !! Just hope Lily can still concentrate on her careerr! xxxxxxxxxxx

    Keep it up!!! Cant wait for the next update!!

  5. I hope Lily warms up to the idea of having a child, and that Chase is in it for the long haul! She’s a very determined woman, I’m sure she’ll manage to have her name in lights soon enough.

  6. Valencour Legacy

    Another fantastic chapter! Lily’s clothes are so beautiful, Chase is gorgeous, and the apartment is amazing! I wonder what she’s going to do with a new baby on the way! Can’t wait to find out how Chace feels about it all, keep up the great writing!

  7. Great chapter!

  8. Loved it. ❤ I hope Chace is going to be a good father and support her!

  9. May I asked where did you get that pencil drawing art work? I hope Lily will change her attitude when she has her baby.

  10. Well I guess she isn’t greatly enthuisatic about being a mother. I hope Chace will be a good dad, and I hope she’ll come around when she has her child.
    And yay for couples! Lily and Chace look so sweet together

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