Generation 1 – Chapter 4

Six days after I called him, Zacahry, Marlon’s buisness manager arrived. Two people trailed behind him, but I didn’t have a clue who they were.

After giving me a brusque once over, he marched straight past me into Marlons office,

“Stop! You can’t-” But he’d already slammed the door behind him. The two people who were following him took up positions on the sofa, both silent. After about 10 minutes the girl got up and started talking into her phone, throwing her arms in the air and screaming, it was actually quite unnerving.

After she’d left the room I began watching the guy. He must be about my age… An assistant? Quite handsome, hmm…

“Hey?” he said quizzically. He’d obviously noticed me watching, damn!

“Uh- yeah hi sorry, I’m Lily, nice to meet you” I shouted across the room. There was quite a large distance between us after all.

“I’m Chace, really nice to meet you”

He moved over the sofa closer to me, and we began talking. I learnt that he was what is commonly referred to as a ‘Corporate Drone’ at the local business offices, and was working with Zachary for a week to try and make a good impression and elicit a promotion.

“And your a personal assistant, but this isn’t your ultimate goal, right?” He looked at me, as if memorising my face.

“Yeah – No, I’m going to be an actress. Just watch.” I was confident, and he didn’t laugh like the others, or sneer, he just said that he hoped it worked out. He came closer to me and we both stood up.

“What do you reckon to going on a date with me tonight?” He asked, full of confidence. Why not? I might as well, he was cute, seemed nice, and had a decent job. It wasn’t as if Marlon was chasing after me.


“Good, I’ll pick you up at 8, text me your address.” He said as he slipped me his card. “It’s gonna be a great night” He continued with a smile.

We were brought back to earth by Zachary slamming his way out out of Marlon’s office.

“Chase, come, now!” He barked as he put his jacket on.

“Stop talking to the slutty secretary.” and with that they were both gone. Chase had looked at me apologetically before he disappeared behind the door, at least he apologised for his boss’ awful behaviour. As I ran to the subway later that day I got to thinking about what he said, slutty?! I don’t think so.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the date with Chace as I rushed around the tiny apartment trying to find the perfect outfit. I finally settled on a new, tight fitting jumpsuit that I’d picked up when I was getting my executive assistant clothes. Seeing him approaching in the lobby I felt my heart skip a beat, he was so handsome! Much younger than Marlon, maybe someone closer to my own age would be good, not that Marlon had made any kind of move on me.

He took me to The Grind, which was pretty empty but we forget everything as we danced the night away, looking into each others eyes whilst smiling and joking.

“Are you having a good time?” He shouted to me over the din,

“Of course I am, I’m with you!” I replied with a broad smile.

As the barman ushered us out of the club at 4AM we were both wide awake, totally caught up in each other. We stood talking for hours, joking with each other and learning more and more. Pulling me close to him, I felt lips lips close to me, he was going to kiss me! Did I want this to happen so quickly? What about Marlon? What about Marlon, he was obviously not into me.

I let his lips close over mine, feeling his arms wrapped around me felt great, I hadn’t realised how much I wanted to be close to someone before this.

Hopping in the elevator at Marlon’s house the next morning I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see him, I really liked Chace, but what about the feelings I had for Marlon? I still wondered why he hadn’t reciprocated, was it possible he just wasn’t that into me?

As soon as I arrived I heard him calling me into his office, his loud voice echoing round the office. As I entered I was still captivated by that beautiful view of the city, Marlon was so lucky to live here.

“Hey! I’ve got some good news for you!” He said as I sat down in front of his desk.

I waited expectantly as he smiled at me, following him to the window I was dying to know what the news was.

“You’re moving up Lily! You’ve been promoted!” He was smiling warmly at me as I said it, but my face was impassive. How had I been promoted so quickly? I’d only been here a couple of weeks.

“Well don’t act too excited! Look I made a call, I told them how great you were at handling my affairs, which everyone knows are very busy and they made you a production manager!” God he was so nice, I couldn’t believe he’d done that for me.

“Oh my god! Thank you SO much” I exclaimed as he enveloped me in a hug. I was rising quickly!

“I’m really going to miss you.” He said, staring at me.

“Um- me too…” I replied scratching my head.

“And look” He continued, “I know your living in some really crummy apartment, so, if you want, I have a 2 bed apartment in the city which is currently occupied by a young actor friend of mine, you could take the other room if you like?” He looked at me kindly as he finished. I couldn’t believe it, he was offering me a new place!

“Really? Wow, that would be great! Hows the rent?” God I hoped it wasn’t much, but with my new status as a production manager I guessed I could afford it.

“The rents great!” He replied throwing his hands in the air, “Especially seen as you’ll be splitting it.”

“I guess this is goodbye- for now.” He gave me another hug and handed me the adress of my new apartment, telling me that I might as well go straight over there, and he’d have someone pack up my clothes and send them over later tonight. This was so great! I rang Chace as soon as I left the office and shrieked down the phone about my amazing day.

As I reached the new apartment I was thrilled, and checking buzzer I leant I had quite a few famous neighbours!

Entering the apartment on the nineteenth floor my breath was taken away as I saw the amazing view!

I had to go to the window to take full advantage of it, I couldn’t believe it, this was exactly the type of place I’d been dreaming of living all my life.

The apartment was also beautiful, managing to be both modern but have a cosy feel with the dark brown sofas and wooden floor. Hearing a key turn in the door I spun around and met my new room-mate.

“Hey, so your my new roomie?” He said as came towards me.

“Yeah- Hi, I’m Lily, and you’re…?”

“I’m Jared! It’s good to meet you.”

Pretty soon after he retired to his room and told me to come see him once I’d got acquainted with the apartment. The sitting room was large and spacious, with a great fire and a grand piano, which I thought I might start playing. Although the kitchen was small it was modern, clean, and functional, and my bedroom was large but plain, and I couldn’t wait to give it a little more of ‘me’!

I went to see Jared soon after, who’s room was an eclectic mix with pictures of beautiful girls, a large flat screen television, and an odd sculpture. I joined him on the bed and we starting getting to know each other while watching the TV.

As the movie we were watching hit the half way point, I screamed as I noticed Jared! He was in the movie!

“Wow your in this?!” I was enthralled, he was in a movie!

“Yeah” He replied dismissively, he obviously didn’t think much of his role in the flick. I didn’t pry. Perhaps he could give me some coaching and help me refine my charisma. With a new found resolve I set about practising in the mirror, if I wanted to join Jared in the big leagues, I had to practice. So far I hadn’t done any actual acting, and I definitely needed to start.

I couldn’t wait to show them what I could do as a production manager, but I knew it was only a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I was going to be the greatest actress in the world, and no one was going to stop me!

9 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 4

  1. Oh my goodness! Awesome update!
    Lily’s having ALL the luck with men lately!
    There’s chase (look, just like my toddler <3) who's SUPERhotttt, and all businessy.
    There's marlon, who I still love.. even though he's 'clearly not interested' as lily said :I
    and there's Jared (just like my founder's hubby!!!!) who's a little chubby 😉 but still cute, and seems genuinely nice.

    Oohlala who to pick
    x carolina

  2. Chace is sooooooo hot! She should definitely get with him!!!
    Whats the deal with Marlon?! Why wont he make a move?!!

    Awsome chapter, cant waaaait to see what happens next, posting my first 1 soon btw so ill tell you when to check it out xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Aamzing update!!
    I soo hope she gets with Chace, hes cute!

    Dying to see the apartment, love the glass all around it, I cant figure out how to edit mine 😦 cant wait for the next chapter!!!

  4. Great chapter. I sense that Lily is going to be in a bit of a love triangle/square.

  5. Ooo, so many choices for men!! 🙂

  6. Wow, this really was an amazing chapter! I’m so happy that things are going good between Lily and Chace, but I hope that she won’t do something reckless with Jared to move up her acting career? Chace seems like a nice guy and I can’t wait to learn more about both of them! 🙂

    Great update! I’ll keep reading…
    Auburn Legacy

  7. Awwwww Lily has a guy well kinda. I really like Chace, he’s cute in a normal ‘I like you’ sort of way!
    But yowsers this girl has everything now! Well nearly… I love love love the apartment from what we’ve seen of it, it looks really pretty!

    • Ha, Marlon was going to be Lily’s partner but the game would just not have it, he refused all romantic interactions… I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

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