Generation 1 – Chapter 3

Hopping out of the elevator on the twelfth floor of the large, high rise apartment complex, I was excited, my apartment would be gorgeous, I was going to be living in the city, and I couldn’t wait! Unfortunately the reality did not live up to my expectations. Entering through a cheap looking brown door, I was greeted by Deborah Mendelson, the real estate agent.

“Look, I know it isn’t much, but it was all that was available in your price range” she explained as I looked around in despair.

“Lemme show you the bedroom” She continued, leading me through to a very bleak room with a cheap iron bed.

“Oh no! I can’t live here! I need a really fabulous place, I’m going to be a famous actress, how can I live somewhere like this?!” I moved over to the window as I continued on my rant, and my shoulders tensed as I was greeted by a series of ugly construction works.

Leading me through to the living room she turned to me,

“Look, this is it. There are a few other properties in your price range but they’re all similar to this. Take it, if your gonna be a famous actress, maybe you can afford something better later” She said with a weak smile.

“Ahh fine.” I signed the contract and she left. I felt so down over the whole incident, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. I was expecting something modest, yes, but couldn’t it be a little better decorated?

At least I had my clothes here, which my mom had sent over, I could finally get out of this dress. I changed my underwear and paraded round the apartment,checking myself out in front of the mirror I thought ‘at least I look good.’

The next few days followed a similar routine of me rushing out to work every morning, giving out flyers for the companies latest movie. It was tiring , trapsing round clubs handing out flyers, many of them being promptly shot on the floor, but I got to meet more people, and even a few celebrities!

As I headed back to the offices, I was called into my boss’ office, where she told me I’d been promoted to a personal assistant!

“Oh my god! Really, how! Wow, I mean- Thanks!” I stammered excitedly, I’d been in town only a few days and I was a personal assistant, ha! In your face Mr. Winnerton, I could do it on my own!

“You were requested personally, must have made an impression on someone” She said with disdain as she lit a cigarette. Everyone knew she hated the ones who rose fast.

As the car dropped me off at my new workplace, I didn’t recognise it at first.

As I headed into the kitchen I almost fainted in shock, it was Marlon’s house! Had he requested me as his assistant, oh no, what was he going to say? I could see him out my the pool, tanning his perfect body, and I went out to say hello.

As I approached he jumped up and began talking on the phone, so I hung back for a while, looking around at the patio I’d enjoyed a cup of coffee on just a few days earlier.

“Hi, welcome back!” He said as he finally came over to greet me. He had an amazing body, but I knew most celebrities did, had to look good.

“Did you request me as your assistant- I mean- I’m happy to do it, and thanks so much for the opportunity- but it’s weird, we met, you left- now I’m back” my words were tumbling over each other in my nerves as I gestured wildly

“Yeah I did, I now know your name at least- Hey, I just thought I could help you out, you seemed sad the other night, did you find a place to live?” He asked me, I could tell he hoped I hadn’t been sleeping on park benches.

“Yeah I did” I could feel myself blushing, “Thanks so much for letting me stay here- I have to admit I thought you were going to try something with me, so thanks for that to, oh and the waffles and coffee, and this job! Wow, you’ve been so nice to me. Why had he done all this for me?

“Look I’m just trying to help you out OK? No hidden motives” He grinned at me

He grabbed his clothes from beside his chair and threw them on,

“Come on, I’ll take you to your office.” He said as he led me upstairs, back through the modern, minimalist passageways, and into the same elevator we’d taken up a few nights earlier.

“So, this is where you’ll be working.” I looked around at the large room, but it was more like a reception than an office.

He noticed my puzzled expression then began to explain,

“Yeah, my office is just through that door, and one of your jobs is gonna be keeping the hoards of agents, fans, friends, and publicists out here until  I can escape” He said with a large grin. “I’m gonna head through and get some work done, why don’t you familiarise yourself with the computer and everything.” As he headed through to his own office, I began to get the hang of the computer system, and started looking over his schedules. God, he was extremely busy.

By the end of the day I was definitely ready for a good sleep. I’d been bombarded with endless calls requesting Marlon’s presence at parties, premières, and award shows, twice someone had dropped by to deliver a free gift, and I had to deal with it’s storage down in the basement till Marlon decided what  he wanted to do with it. Throwing my clothes down I decided to put on my sauciest underwear just for fun. Pulling on the garter belts and clipping them in place, I felt sexier than I had done in a while, If only Marlon could see me like this. The phone interrupted my daydream, it was Marlon.

“Get dressed, I’m picking you up in 5, we’re going out.”

“But I-” He’d hung up. Damn! What would happen if I blew it off? I couldn’t, he was my boss now after all. I frantically ran to the bedroom to pick out a dress.

As I wriggled into the thin baby doll dress and ran to the elevator, I was acutely aware of my garters coming into view as I ran.

As I jumped into the limo he informed me we were going to the party of a minor TV celebrity, but he didn’t sound very excited. Walking out of the elevator his face fell, it was in some awful flats that were more like a dorm, with ‘Young Bridegport’ running around vomiting, making out, and generally acting like teenagers.

“Shall we leave?” He asked me,

I didn’t know how to answer, maybe it was a test? He noticed my uncomfortable stance and quickly pulled me into the elevator.

“Come on, we’ll hit up the Brightmore.” Arriving at the Brightmore 20 minutes later, I sailed through into the VIP section as I was Marlon’s guest, I was ecstatic, me, in the celebrity section!

I quickly hit the dance floor, and could feel him watching me, looking glamourous in an all white ensemble.

After a few stiff drinks at the bar he joined me, and really let loose as he grooved to the music, showing moves I didn’t think he possessed, I was impressed.

By the end of the night I was infatuated with him, so handsome, muscular, and on top of it a genuinely nice guy, what more could a girl want? He told me I should sleep at his place, and I quickly agreed. The limo however, was nowhere in sight, and as we were both quite drunk we foolishly decided to walk home. Arriving back we were both exhausted. He went to the bathroom as I stepped out of my dress and looked at myself in the mirror, hoping I didn’t look tired.

A few minutes later I noticed him out of the corner of my eye, staring at me! Ah! I was only in my underwear! I’d wanted him to see me, but not straight away! Not now! Argh!

“What are you doing!” I screamed at him, “I’m not dressed! Get out!”

“This is my house” He said with a smile, then, looking me up and down added “And it’s not as if I haven’t seen it before.” It was then I noticed he was in his underwear too, and I didn’t feel as bad, but I’d practically see him naked in that speedo, so it didn’t count. “Anyway, I’m going to sleep, this time you can have the sofa.” I blinked a few times, he wasn’t making a move on me again?! When I next opened my eyes, he was crashed out on top of the sheets.

A series of parties followed in the next few weeks, with me being introduced to many celebrites, some of which actually became friends of mine! Other times the parties were very exclusive, and I was forced to go and stand by the pool as I had no one to talk to.

I’d usually leave the house around 6, get changed, and be back for 8, ready to go to whatever party it was that night.

Marlon would often disappear during the parties, leaving me to fend for myself, and offering no explanation as to where he’d been when he returned, even though I asked him, but then again it wasn’t as if he owed me an explanation, he was my boss. Not my lover. The paparazzi constantly followed him, snapping pictures while I was at the bar getting us both drinks.

After 2 weeks working for him I was settling into the routine nicely. He still hadn’t tried anything with me, and I was wondering why he didn’t ask me to stay any more… perhaps he though it was inappropriate.

He called me into his office one day, I had never been in yet, and was excited to see it properly as I tapped my mary janes across the floorboards.

I felt great in my new clothes that I had bought to look more like a personal assistant. The floral skirt and cardigan weren’t really cutting it.

He was working as I entered, and gestured for me to sit down.

He started talking about how well I was doing, and how he was going to recommend me for a promotion some time in the near future.

“I know its a strange set up- as we sort of double up as friends, and the work relationship makes that a little awkward” As he continued I couldn’t help being bemused at the whole situation. Marlon Samuels just described me as his friend, what on earth!? I was staring into space thinking about my past few weeks here, I must have been looking extremely bored.

“Lily- Lily!” I snapped out of my thoughts as he raised his voice.

“Sorry, sorry, what were you saying?”

“Just that I want you to get my buisness manager to come up to the house, sometime this week if possible, please get right on it.” He said with a smile.

“Sure thing I’ll do it right now” I smiled at him. I’d heard his business manager was quite attractive in an extremely powerful and influential sort of way, but I’d yet to meet this elusive character, and couldn’t wait to see what he was like.

12 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 3

  1. Valencour Legacy

    Again, I love the sets!
    Also I wonder what’s happening with Marlon hmm, why isn’t he hitting on her but letting her stay over and dancing with her?! Can’t wait to find out!

    Keep it up! x

  2. hahahah the way you do characters for everyone is so cool, even a real estate agent never seen that before, original! Keep it up =D xxxxxxxxx

    ps. whats up with Marlon! is he gona kiss her or what?!

  3. Oh golly I love her Mary Janes, where did you get them from if you dont mind me asking? 🙂 Also, brilliant legacy keep it up 🙂

  4. I KNEW he was coming back!
    Geez.. he seems like the perfect guy, does he have ANY flaws? 😉 yay for (hopefully) true love for lily!! have I mentioned that’s my sister’s name?
    x c

  5. this guy is TOO perfect, hmm something must be under the surface… cant wait to find out what it is though!

    Loved the real estate agent haha, Great legacyxx

  6. Glad you are working on the next chapter! I look forward to reading it!

  7. Come on, Marlon!! Be a man and make a move! 😀

  8. I’m a little confused with Marlon, maybe he just wants to be friends rather then lovers. It would crush Lily but we’ve all gotta take that fall.
    I really like this legacy.

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