Generation 1 – Chapter 2

After dancing at a rather exciting club, but one which was full of shady characters, I decided to put on something a little more fashionable and head to one of the cities better clubs. Slipping into my one dress in the toilets I folded up my everyday clothes and packed them into a small cupboard. I’d get them tomorrow. When I arrived at ‘The Brightmore’ I immediately noticed the celebrity outside! This town was full of them! I rushed over and quickly got his autograph before he walked inside.

I felt so good getting that autograph, and instead of running off like Lola Belle, he actually talked to me for a few minutes, I was convinced he was flirting with me at one point, maybe I should wear this dress more often!

When 4AM rolled around I was in dismay. I had nowhere to go, my mother had told me to get a cheap apartment as soon as I arrived, but being an excited idiot in a new city I had forgotten. I didn’t even have my clothes on me, what was I going to do! Leaving the club in the elevator I decided I better just go somewhere until morning.

I arrived at the Butterfly Esplanade just as the sun began to rise. I hadn’t banked on it taking me so long to get there, at least the subways ran all night, I was considering sleeping on one, but what if I woke up surrounded by morning commuters! Ew! So embarrassing! As I arrived I noticed an attractive man staring out to sea, I could only see half of his face but he looked extremely familiar.

I knew that he’d noticed me, after all it was 6AM and we were both here, me in a tiny dress and him looking like he was ready for a day at the beach. Two strange people to be visiting the Butterfly Esplanade so early. As I stared out into the window, trying to see through the thick glass of the dome which was, apparently, the best part of the place, I could hear someone coming up behind me.

“Hi” he murmured, “are you OK?” as I spun around to answer, my mouth fell open in shock. It was Marlon Samuels!! Marlon Samuels!!! He was  one of the most famous actors in the entire world, what was he doing here alone!?

Oh my God! Oh my GOD!” I screamed, “Marlon Samuels! What are you doing here, Ohmigod its such a pleasure to meet you, are you ok, what are you doing here?! Oh my GOD!” I was in ecstasy, I couldn’t believe I was meeting Marlon Samuels, he was one of my idols, one of the most respected actors in the world.

“Ehh- I was hoping you didn’t know who I was. I thought seen as you didn’t recognise me outside, maybe we could have had an ordinary conversation- I guess not” he said, gripping his head in his hands and smiling slightly.

I took a deep breath. He just wanted a normal conversation, if this was any stranger I probably would have told them all my woes, so I did it on him. I told him all about the casting couch, the creepy guy at the bar, and finally having no place to live so I had to come here.

I was suddenly overwhelmed with tiredness, I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, and paired with the drinking on an empty stomach and dancing for hours, I suddenly felt disgusting. Marlon noticed me yawning, and made a suggestion,

“Look, why don’t you come back and sleep at my place?” He looked at me closely, “Nothing like… well nothing like that” he said with a smile, noticing my discomfort. Why not? He was a world famous celebrity, so I doubted that he was going to chop me up into tiny pieces, he might try something, but I knew how to defend myself, besides, I was wrecked, and how often did you get to go home with a celebrity?

As we drove through the streets in his limo, on route to the hills of Bridgeport, I was both excited and nervous. I didn’t know what was going to happen, was I going to be another one of his conquests? Certainly not. I wasn’t going to sleep with him, I knew that for sure, I just really needed somewhere to sleep.

It was darker in the hills. The sun hadn’t yet risen from behind the tall buildings of the city, and it was quite spooky driving through the winding streets. His house was, predictably, very modern, and the front looked like a prison with the high fences and huge electric gates, which silently opened as Marlon pressed a small remote he had in his pocket.

“Wow your house is- erm- really nice” I said, blushing. I found it to be to modern and minimalistic. I liked modern style a lot, but with nothing to make it feel homely I felt it lacked in substance.

“Thanks” He smiled at me. “Lets go upstairs” He led me down a long passage, and I was shocked to find an elevator at the end! An elevator! How cool is that!

“Wow, you have an elevator! But, isn’t the house only two stories, do you really need it?” I asked

“Yep, and nope I don’t really need it, I just really wanted it” He said with a wink as we stepped out just seconds later onto the second floor.

His bedroom followed the same minimal feel, and I headed to the bathroom. Taking advantage of the shower, I quickly washed before slipping my dress back on and brushing my teeth. Well, I didn’t want my breath to smell if he tried to kiss me.

The two half empty wine glasses made me wonder if he had a girl round the night before… Oh god, if he tried to make a move and I rejected him I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep, for a second I considered sleeping in the bathtub, but it would look rather strange if he came in.

I was steeling myself to reject him as I entered the room, but found him asleep! I was happy, but also felt a little rejected, was I not good enough for him? He was crashed out on the sofa, fully clothed, so maybe he’d just not been able to stay up, after all I was in the bathroom a good 20 minutes.

I wriggled out of my dress and threw it to the side, hopefully he wouldn’t pull back the covers to find me in my birthday suit! I slept so well, I didn’t wake until well after 1PM.

When I awoke I found Marlon was gone, I’d probably never see him again, ah well. I was still confused as to why he let me stay here if he didn’t want anything from me… Pulling my dress up (I desperately needed my clothes back) I noticed a note stuck to the mirror.

Although I didn’t catch your name or even know you in the slightest your welcome to help yourself to breakfast when you wake up, make sure you shut the gate on the way out. Marlon. 

I was quite touched, perhaps he was just a genuinely nice guy. The clinking of my heels echoed round the house as I headed to the kitchen to make myself some waffles.

The kitchen was, like the rest of the house, very modern, and had a beautiful view of the pool and country. Pulling my waffles out of the oven, I noticed a small chair and table on the patio and decided, after I’d finished my waffles, I might enjoy some coffee out there.

The view was even better than I expected. Although the house faced the country, the east side faced the city, and the view of the city was breathtaking. As I sipped my ritual morning coffee, I reflected how lucky I was to be here. I was sat having coffee on one of the greatest actors of all time’s patio, gazing at a beautiful skyline. I wanted to live in one of them buildings. One day I was going to have an amazing apartment in the city, and I’d be so famous I could invite Marlon over without being embarrassed.

Leaving the house just after 3, I quickly grabbed a cab to the city, and set off to meet the realator I had called from Marlon’s home phone, God, I hoped she’d found me something good.

14 responses to “Generation 1 – Chapter 2

  1. Great first two chapters i’ll be looking out for more 😉

  2. Interesting. 🙂 Will be looking out for this one!

  3. Great writing style, can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!

  4. Valencour Legacy

    Love the way you write, and love all the different sets!

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    Marlon is supercute too! I have a good feeling he’ll pop back up<3

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